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  1. We love working in the garden in the weekend, especially since we built our home and so are creating gardens from scratch. This weekend we finally got some plants in we bought a while ago. I love watching the garden become more established. Weekends are also long run times, so 10 plus km as a rule. I really love my weekends and wish I had three days, not two!

  2. Renee Walton says:

    These are all great ideas for the weekends. I even bookmarked the post about laughter which is something I personally need to relearn I think. I take life too seriously at times.
    I do think that whoever stated that we should get up around the same time as we do the rest of the week, obviously sleeps well at night and/or doesn’t have to get their teenage daughter up before 5:30am and on the bus by 6:20 for school One of my goals on Saturdays is to sleep until at least 9-9:30. Sundays are for church & family but Saturday mornings mean extra pillow bonding for me.
    Have a great week & God Bless!

  3. Great ideas! I would add “unplugging” from social media, emails, texts, etc to the Rest Category for at least a few hours on the weekend. We try to “unplug” all afternoon on Sundays and it has made a huge difference in our rest and relaxation time! 🙂

    1. Oh I love that Nancy! Great way to do it too–Everyone unplug at once for Sunday afternoons! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kevin Opheim says:

    Thank you for this weeks post. I just finished a two week vacation (yay me). Now I must pace myself week to week while working and going to school. I must remember to set aside time for myself and the Lord, but as you mentioned in the seven things, take time for one project. My stress is created when I try to get too much done in a weekend. I walk away thinking I did not accomplish much. Fact is doing one thing (and saving time for the other 6 things) keeps a person from over doing it. Everything in moderation, right?

    1. Amen Kevin! Yes to all of that! Thanks so much for commenting. And hope you have a great end of the weekend and week ahead! Aloha-

  5. I think my biggest challenge is to be intentional about relaxing and having fun. I’m a single mom and work full time and am very active at church. So I feel like every extra minute I use to clean house and do laundry. You would think my house is clean but it’s not, and feel so inadequate and frustrated with myself. I very seldom plan to have fun. I know how important it is for me to have fun with my so . But it rarely happens.

  6. One thing, one important thing I usually forget to do is find time for ‘self-care’. Giving myself just a few hours to lay about, take a long bath, give myself a facial, do my nails or watch a romantic movie. I attempt to do it weekly, but only have been able to squeeze it in once every other month or so.