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  1. Yes! Love this!!! Also fell out of it for almost a decade and only got back into it last year after being diagnosed with three auto immune conditions. Had to learn moderation with my ten year older and auto immune prone body but now I’m in the best shape of my entire life. Talk about counter intuitive?!…I never knew 7 minutes (check the ap store) or walking(!) could be so effective (14 if you do two reps). But who doesn’t have 7 mintes or 14 if you count a shower, right?!

    It was all about time, laundry and multi tasking for me, too. Two notes on laundry and workout clothes – and maybe I’m less worried about walking up to school with the same outfit as some 6th grader than I should be – but, try the largest sizes in the girls department at the stores you frequent the most! I found some super cute XLs that were half the price of the stuff in the women’s dept (double bullseye?). I never dry them so they only take up minimal room in a load…and I gave myself permission not to fold my workout clothes drawer. Okay, it took a while to commit to a drawer drawer for workout & swim, you can just drop them in a bin on the floor of your closet until there’s room in a drawer, right? Bargain shopping and a pass on folding are secret pleasures, yes, but, let’s be real, the shopping part and wearing all the cute bright shoes and leggings? It’s a motivator! I think it actually cheers me up in the morning before I get to the workout part. I mean, when you roll out of bed and put workout clothes on before making breakfast in the morning it cheers you up more than scrambling around to get ready before drop off.

    About drop off, too, I started walking my son to school. Well, he rides his bike with training wheels and I walk but it’s about a mile round trip and if I do both drop off and pick up that’s a minimal workout 5 days a week. Yes, it takes time (10 mins or less each way…but who’s counting). So, I set a pleasant alarm on my phone with emojis for 20mins before I need to be there, and I know I need to walk out the door when it comes back on after the first snooze. That way I get to finish up what I’m doing and don’t have the excuse to jump in the car every time. AND, the best part has been the conversations I’ve had with him!, with other parents, and starting the day with being outside! I know I might not last the winter, but, hey that’s just another shopping opportunity! 😜
    Lastly, (whoa I hate to write such a novel of a comment, but, oh well it just sort of happened) I love the “best ideas” part! In fact, sometimes I even have the experience of workouts leaving me feeling spiritually connected. Like maybe I don’t worship every week, maybe I don’t even identify with a religion in particular, but, getting outside or challenging myself or just moving my body in whatever way I can mange to motivate for (learned to hula hoop on YouTube all winter last year – Lol!) it can sometimes make me feel more connected to God/Source/The Universe/Higher Power and that is another huge benefit! Oh! And, add meditation?…the health/clarity/energetic/spiritual benefits only get better! Started with a 10 minute guided one last year and I can’t believe I never got into it before! But, I digress…

    Monica, you rock! I love you! Thanks for being someone who continually inspires us! Your example reminds me it’s ok to be me, to constantly look for new perspectives in daily life and that being at home can not only be fun and cool, but, even a rather prestigious career! You go girl!

    1. Jen — What a fun comment! I got all sorts of goodies out of that. Love it all. Way to go Way to overcome (or learn to live despite) autoimmune conditions. I say YOU ROCK! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and your energy is contagious! aloha-

  2. Can I add something? I get a ton of blog ideas in the shower after my workout! LOL Those endorphins are still kicking in I guess.

    1. yeah, me too! I love it. And then I take really long showers! 😉

  3. Great post!! I especially love #7, it cracked me up! I went for decades without exercising, but in the past 5 years I have turned it around, lost a lot of weight, and now i exercise regularly. I feel _so_ much better, and so many items in your post are true for me. Now i can do things i never thought i could! Yay for regular exercise!

    1. So true, Wendy. #7 is a good one. I just got up from the table and hobbled to the kitchen due to sore muscles. Love those sore muscles.

    2. I’m so proud of you Wendy! I love to hear from people who really kicked into gear with exercise as adults–Such an inspiration to so many people! Yay. Keep it up! aloha-