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  1. Bookmarking this to read again & again I’m sure!! Thank you!

    1. Oh so glad Lydia! Thank you! Much aloha being sent your way. 🙂 XO

  2. Sar Mirtaheri says:

    Another great post. Love it all. I’m a child of God and yes he chose me. My faith is my confidence.

  3. When I read your blog about these things I just see wisdom. I also think about how you have had your boys their whole lives to teach them, love, learn with them and other things. Lots of times I wonder how some of this translates to taking on children later in life when you have never raised your own. Talk about wondering if you are doing it right… Lol. I learn something all the time from you and from your readers that comment. Each day certainly has it’s own issues. On top of it all I had no sister’s so raising girls… Whew. Thanks for always being willing to put it out there Monica.


    1. Aww, such kind words Kendall! Thank you so much. It really means a lot. And you…well you guys win the prize. Hopefully all of this translates to your role taking on girls later in life, though of course it is harder and different. Same rules apply. Stick to wisdom, love, and persevere. You’re doing amazing and i saw it first hand. Seriously, bless you and keep it up! Aloha–

  4. Love the first and last on this list especially. Avoiding the trends is hard, the cultural pull is strong! But you’re so right. And the fact we can improve, rather than giving into the unhealthy patterns we’ve created (or our parents parents created!) is so empowering. Tomorrow’s new mercies are there waiting for us… let let’s do something with them rather than try the same tiring sin-paterns day after day! Love these conversations on your Lanai!