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  1. What a sweet video! Nice that you have your own personal videographer/techie in the house. I hope that you get to do the coconut video at some point in the future–it sounds fascinating and so different that what my boys experience here Up North.

  2. Awesome Monica what great helper Dave and you have,can not wait to see all you have done on tour property. We are heading on the Disney cruze Thursday so lexiting time for us all,Hugs to you all.

  3. I loved it too. Great to hear you and really enjoyed seeing more of your place. Looking forward to more! I love seeing Levi getting involved with helping and family activities too. He is so cute and he seems into really similar things to my son Ollie who is also a real boy boy and into everything! He is 19 months old. Helping his daddy in the garden is one of his favourite activities. And tractors/power tools! Great post as always. Thanks!

  4. Love the video, you’re a natural on front of the camera! Hola from Mexico!

  5. Melissa Kootsikas says:

    I loved seeing you!! More please. That was fun.


  6. Great job on the Vlog!!!! The music was perfect, keep doing it 🙂 And “aloha Eli!” I love him, he moved my avocado tree 🙂

  7. I love the idea of a vlog. Mostly cause I miss your face and I miss hearing you. And I miss seeing the wind blow through the trees, I have wind and trees, but as you know, it moves differently.

  8. Great Job Monica!! The music really made the video fun to watch in addition to the star performer. Great job Josiah on the production end.

  9. I LOVE love love the video and am so excited to see more – your property in Hawaii is awesome!! You are a natural on camera too. Love the editing and the music! And of course I love that you have so many coconut trees – just don’t stand under them! Happy Aloha Friday!!!

  10. GREAT Vlog! Love it. And nice work Josiah on the end credits – love that one of the sunset coming into focus!

    Looks like a big job on the backyard. Dave looks as happy as a pig in mud! 🙂


    1. bahaha…a pig in mud. That sounds a little too appropriate! 🙂
      LOVED meeting Marika BTW–what a sweet girl. I could hang with her a whole lot more! 🙂 aloha