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  1. Teresa Eskew says:

    Oh yeah. Anything pumpkin, Bring it on!!!

  2. Jum jum,send some my way.

  3. Monica!!! Gorgeous pictures! I love pumpkin ice cream!! This is the best treat to finish of our awesome pumpkin week – I cannot wait to make it! Aloha!!!!!

  4. Monica…..I have been patiently waiting ALL WEEK for your pumpkin ice cream! One of my favorite ways to eat pumpkin. And this stuff looks luscious!!! And I see your kitty likes ice cream as much as mine do! I’m glad you got a taste of fall after all! : )

  5. Pumpkin Ice Cream is my absolute favorite. I have never tried making it at home, but it’s definitely going to be on my lists to try.

  6. MONICA. This is such a great fall treat! I think that what I especially loved is the fact that you combo-ed in some grahams and chocolate chips. For some reason, that just made all of it seem so much more cozy to me. I pinky promise swear that I will embrace fall to the fullest up here in MN. You just look after those lovely palm trees for the rest of us, kay? XOXO