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  1. Aloha Monica,
    Welcome back from your world travels! You’re a true blessing this holiday season, and we are thankful for your blogs, and podcasts.
    Happy Thanksgiving in Gig Harbor!
    As Ever, Penny

  2. Erin Booth says:

    What an adventure-filled fall you are having! We have not been in a season of travel here but we do have a bunch of my husband’s family from England in town so we are sightseeing and learning more about our very own city, San Diego. Then we are off to England for Christmas, which is a huge change for us. In the meantime, we have soccer tournaments for my son, circus classes for one of my daughters, and swim team and Red Cross leadership training for my oldest daughter who is away with the Red Cross this weekend at a leadership conference. Who knew (not me) that the Red Cross offered all of this to kids, they are seriously amazing. As for me, I am preparing for a full house as we introduce the Thanksgiving holiday to our English family❤️. Then rest. January will be for resting! Thank you for all of your posts, and I continue to gift your book to everyone I know who has boys 🙂

    1. Oh your season sounds dreamy as well. I love hosting and I bet Thanksgiving will be so much fun. And England to look ahead too? Amazing!! Thanks for commenting and truly thank you for sharing my book! xo

  3. My oldest is a freshman this year getting to play as a starter on his high school soccer team with almost all seniors. And today… they are playing in the WA state 2B championship game! What an incredible experience this has been for this 14-year old and his parents!
    With all this on top of club soccer, tennis, teaching and training with Bible Study Fellowship, and just life in general, this family’s life is fun but full! I keep stopping to say to my husband, in all this crazy, are we doing ok? Yup. Ok, back at it!

    1. Hey Katie– Wow, you have real athlete there– that is so exciting! Hope the weekend went well. 😉
      It is a crazy season but pretty sure we’ll all miss these days later! Much aloha and Happy Thanksgiving! xo