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  1. Dawn Mansour says:

    Hi Monica, I’m speechless! You have raised the most amazing son and I hope you feel proud of a job exceptionally well done! I’ve listened to this episode and all three of Jonah’s podcasts. I am so excited to have my kids listen to his podcast. Kids need a voice and advocate like his more than ever and I am grateful it comes from a male voice. My daughter gets lifted and connected in multiple ways but my son rarely hears someone who’s “risen above” and speaks proudly of his faith in Jesus Christ. My daughter will listen to a boy or a girl but my son feels much more connection listening to a male voice. Thank you, Monica (and husband) and thank you, Jonah for speaking so openly about your journey and faith and encouraging kids to be an individual of faith and strong character. God bless your family❣️

    1. Dawn, thank you so so much! What kind words!! Jonah loved reading your comment as well. Sending hugs and Aloha

  2. I feel like we’re having to start over and work on everything around our house. LOL! The months spent in lockdown during Covid wore me out, and I let a lot slide now that summer’s here. Trying to get more consistency and accountability back with meals, chores, screens, etc., but its a challenge.

    1. Yes, it’s been a crazy season. But there is always GRACE. 🙂 Keep pressing on! Much love to you!

  3. Christina says:

    Three young boys here…working on self control and delayed gratification.

  4. Heather Tosh says:

    Luv your podcast, I’m a mom of 3 boys, 25,21 and 12, I still feel over whelmed at times.

  5. We are working on expressing emotions and feelings rather than just burying them

  6. We are working on gratitude and accepting things that can’t be changed.

  7. Carrie Smaligo says:

    We are working on being KIND and doing things out of the goodness of your heart – WITHOUT being asked! Last night, my 4 year old put the vacuum away for me, without anyone asking him to do it. It made me realize that he’s not too young to start learning these important heart issues!

  8. There are always so many things to work on! But our focus lately is on having more spiritual discussions with our children/as a family. It’s wonderful to read Bible stories or a devotional and to teach character lessons, but now that our children are getting older we really desire to engage with them on a deeper level spiritually. We want to have more discussions and ask tough questions. We want to challenge them to learn to think for themselves and to be confident in expressing their thoughts, beliefs, ideas, questions, and doubts. Our deepest hope is for their faith to truly be their own—not an extension of ours. For their spirituality to be rooted in a personal, intimate, true relationship with Jesus that nobody could ever talk them out of.
    Excited for my 15 and 12 year-olds to listen to Jonah’s podcast!

  9. I am trying to get my boys to go on daily dog walks with me. This gives us 15-20 minutes away from screens, walking at a slow pace (our Australian Shepherd is 15 years old), and the time gives us a chance just to talk and be together. My 9 year old likes to ride his scooter and my 11 year old will stay right by my side. XO

    1. We are working on speaking kindly to each other! So many times I catch myself getting angry and yelling at my kids. I am working on being calm and whispering to my children when I am correcting their behavior. I notice I feel calmer and also my kids are intently listening to my quiet voice speaking truth in love to them. My kids Are following example by working on being kind to one another. It is always better when we can lead by example. Thank you Monica for sharing the wisdom you have gained through your many years of walking with Christ and following His example!

  10. Over here we are working on recognizing tone of voice and how it changes your message with one kiddo and doing a job to the best of your ability the first time with the other. Even great kids need to grow and develop!