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  1. My oldest is 4 and i am globing all of the things he is learning! He is always saying something new that makes laugh out loud or showing us something new he learned. I LOVE seeing his brain grow and develop. And I love the way he interacts with his 15 month old brother! The love they have for each other is just the sweetest.

  2. Marisa Halbur says:

    My son will be 1 on Saturday. I love getting to watch him learn. And I love to see him laugh or clap when he’s enjoying something. We worked for a longtime to get him to get down from a couch safely and it’s so fun to see him turn around and do it correctly. Some of the things we are teaching are starting to stick!

  3. Danielle McAdams says:

    My favorite stage of raising my boys was the preschool years, especially for my 2 oldest who are 2 years apart in age and made great playmates for each other. I was blessed to be able to be home with them and be apart of mom groups to make friends for them and me. I loved it at the age when they were cute and good listeners and fun to watch while they played. I loved taking them on adventures at that age when they went along and didn’t whine about going and always had fun.

  4. My favorite stage is the infant stage because they are just so little, so cuddly, and so sweet. They don’t talk back and they stay where you put them (until they become mobile)! You can carry them everywhere- strapped on you or in your arms. But honestly, I have loved every stage (and my oldest is almost 21 years old!).

  5. This conversation really resonated with me! As a boy mom of a 6 yo, 3yo, and 1yo, I loved everything about this episode. There are far too many days that I feel like a failure and think “all the other moms can do this, why am I having such a hard time?!” It really is a hard stage of mothering and it’s nice to know that even Bethany thinks so! Also, I had to laugh about your jogging stroller comment bc I’ve definitely been there, pushing my double Bob and snapping at my kids who just want to talk to me while I struggle to get my run in! I also loved how Bethany discussed the importance of nourishing our kids with healthy foods and bring role models in leading an active lifestyle. Overall, fabulous episode! ♥️

  6. Fallon Averette says:

    I love the early infant stage for the sweet baby snuggles and them being so portable and comfy in a baby carrier anywhere you go. However, my oldest is almost 6 and I’m enjoying his growing independence and maturity.

  7. Christina says:

    So far, really enjoying the elementary age! I love our conversations and listening to them talk about their hopes and dreams…so sweet at this age!