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  1. Tana Dinning says:

    Loved your Podcast “Intimacy in Marriage”! I am 52 and been married 25 years. Always struggled with sex after first few years of marriage. I also have 2 boys and didn’t talk about sex when they were little. They are 20 and 16 now! When I’ve tried to talk with them as a teen now they say they are uncomfortable. Is it too late? My 20 has already had 1 partner and it ended badly. He repented and opened up to me after they broke up. I really feel it’s important that I share my beliefs about waiting and the spirituality of sex with my 16 year old. Should I just tell them it is my duty that I teach them this and they need to listen? I also feel I need to apologize for not doing my job as a Mom in modeling a healthy sex life. Definitely going to get the book! Thank you! Praying for courage.

    1. Thank you so much for this honest comment. I am so glad this episode was helpful! I do encourage you to have an honest chat with your son. You can keep it light at first — just humbly tell him you wish you had done this sooner but you’d like to be able to be open about this potentially awkward topic. It will also be very helpful at his age for him to be connected with positive role models– if he has a youth group or Christian mentor in his life…or if his dad would be willing to chat. I’m proud of you for your willingness to push through this and do better. That’s all any of us can do! :). Praying for you now!

      1. Tana Dinning says:

        Thanks so much Monica! Yes, he does have a great Youth Pastor and he’s on a retreat this weekend. ❤️ I think my hubby has chatted with him as well, but he has a more “open way” he views sex than I do. All of their cousins are Christians in their 20’s and are sexually active, which upsets me. My husband always says I shouldn’t judge them and that they aren’t my kids. But I know they will influence my son. 😊 Thanks for prayers!!