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  1. Anything with coconut is good for me.

  2. Looks yummy, thank you! Tommy and I picked up the ingredients at the grocery store today! I love rice _and_ pasta, guess I am a Carbs Girl! I love sushi rice–sweet and sticky! And pasta–salted, with olive oil drizzled on top and some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top!

  3. Melissa K says:

    I just printed this recipe. Looks amazing. I love that you put pistachios in there. I LOVE pistachios. Great idea. I’ll let you know how it goes when I make it. (Jasmine rice…yum!)

    Being Italian, I am probably more of a pasta person. But I really do enjoy the versatility of rice too. Sometimes I’ll even add some leftover rice to my salad!

  4. Um, yes please! I am obsessed with coconut anything. We don’t eat a lot of rice or pasta so it’s hard for me to choose one. I grew up eating rice all the time though nothing nearly as exotic as this. Pinned and definitely making it soon!

  5. MelissaMame says:

    Would this work with mango instead of papaya? Any papaya I’ve gotten here in New York does NOT taste good!

    1. yes! Mango would be perfect. In fact, mango is often firmer, so it would in some cases be even better! Try it. 🙂