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  1. I have found time is an issue, but have recently joined a gym and go on my lunch break. That way, I don’t have to wake up at 4am. At that hour, it’s a workout to get out of bed! Going on my lunch break has been really good – not only do I get to exercise but I also force myself to step away from my desk and it has been a great stress reliever as well.

    1. Awesome Trisha!! I love this! Way to be creative and I agree, 4 AM is just TOO EARLY! 😉 Keep it up!

  2. I accidentally came across FitOn a free library of really good workouts for all levels. You pick how much time you have and your condition. These videos are great and fun.

    I also use C25K to help m e learn to run.

  3. Christina says:

    I love a good walk around the block with my kids or going to YouTube to find some trainer -lead workouts to switch it up. All free and can include the family!

  4. Yes! I wasn’t prioritizing exercise and self care, blaming my two young kids. Then I realized I need to make it a priority to be my best for them- more energy, feeling good about myself, and I need to be here for a long time for them! 😊 I wake up an hour early, workout with BeachBody videos, then take a shower and get my coffee. Starts the day with energy and working out in the morning helps me make better decisions throughout the day.