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  1. I also just got diagnosed with Celiac. I didn’t have a ton of symptoms, just some joint pain and rashes and some occasional random other issues. Some people do not show symptoms. A friend of mine encouraged me to get tested and it turned out positive! Then I also had my children and my dad tested. One of them has it as well as my dad! My dad was having some weird issues, too, and they only showed up a few years ago (he is now over 70)!

    So thank you for these recipes!

    1. Oh it is so interesting, Jamie! Thank you for sharing that. It is good to remember that you may not have symptoms. Hope you enjoy some of my GF recipes and keep taking good care of yourself and your family! xo

  2. Thanks for the recipes! This is very timely as my husband was very recently diagnosed with Celiac. So our two boys and I are basically gluten free too. My man will be so happy that he can eat muffins still!

  3. I was diagnosed with celiac in August 2014. I still deal with digestive issues but I’m finally absorbing vitamins and medications normally. So I’m very thankful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh wow Paige–I didn’t know. Does anyone else in your family have celiac? Glad you’re doing better, but that is definitely life-changing. I’m sure you’ve figured out some good GF options as well. 🙂