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  1. Katie Washburn says:

    Yay! How fun!

    Currently listening to Courageous Parenting podcast and reading Another Gospel. Also just finished M is for Mama- absolutely LOVED it!!!

    Transition: my first child (out of 4) is going into high school!😳 homeschool journey continues!! ❤️

    Continuing to have all this wonderful wisdom with parenting, while pointing us to Jesus! Good podcasts or Bible studies for teens. Maybe also a good apologetic curriculum for high school. Thanks for all you do! Love all your podcasts ❤️

    And I’m an email subscriber 🥰

  2. I’d answer no. 1, but there are too many books right now to list, so I’ll answer 2.
    No. 2 isn’t much easier to answer! 😆
    I’m pregnant with our 7th, due in August. We have 5 boys and 1 girl (daughter is 10 yrs.), and we’re having another girl! We’re so excited, but it feels strange after having had 3 boys since her.
    We’ll have a teenager and a newborn in the house at one time which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. (My oldest is 13.5)
    Very soon, we’ll be getting pigs for our homestead. We raised some last year for meat and will again this year, but we’re doing 8 instead of 2, and I just finished getting the new pen set up. We’re raising the extras for family and friends.
    There’s talk of getting a dairy cow in the next year, which means I need to do a whole bunch of learning between now and then, plus prep work.
    I’m currently trying to get my 8 and 6 year old involved in the daily homeschooling routine, but they’d rather be getting into mischief outdoors and most days I am too pregnant to argue.
    We’re also on our last month of babysitting for a friend. She’s trying to transition to working from home so she can be with her daughter full-time. She’s not quite ready to make the switch, but we’re on our last month of babysitting now as we transition to garden season and baby prep, and they prepare to buy their first house.
    All good things, but it’s certainly a challenge. But we’d never grow if God didn’t challenge us, right?

  3. Hi, Hannah. We actually purchased the complete series (9 seasons) from iTunes a couple of years ago. When we started watching it was free on Amazon Prime, but soon after it was removed—we were already hooked, though! So we purchased it.😊 I think it was about $60 for all 9 seasons (over 200 episodes); totally worth it! Although I think it may currently be available to stream on Peacock. Apparently there are 3 made-for-tv movies that finish up the series after season 9 ended. They’re not included with what we purchased, so a couple of weeks ago I was searching for where to watch them and saw that they are available on Peacock. Hope that helps!😊

  4. Hannah Yoder says:

    Hi Monica! I always get excited when I see an email from you land in my inbox. I am an email subscriber and it’s never a chore to read your emails. You’re like my far away, never met before, online mentor 😆

    Right now I’m reading Mother and Son by Emerson Eggerichs. It’s kinda blowing my mind and making me think differently about how I talk with my boys and how I need to show them respect. My boys and I have recently discovered the Average Boy podcast by Focus on the Family and it’s hilarious and has such a good message in each one. It’s about a typical middle school age “ish” boy who get into some sticky situations but works through it with Jesus’s help. Levi would probably love it. I think you’d find yourself laughing also. You guys may already be listening to it! Seems like something you’d be in the know about. My favorite podcast is called The Boy Mom podcast by Monica Swanson. Every heard of it? It’s my most favorite and I tell all my boy mom friends about it. Monica has a great book too that I recently gave to a boy mom friend. You aught to check it out 😆

    My oldest son is 11 ( I also have a 6 and almost 2 year old) and it’s been interesting, challenging, and fun watching him move into the pre teen stage and going into middle school next year 😱 With him being my oldest I pray for a little more grace over his life since I will babe to experience very thing in life with him first, and I trip allot 😆 🤦🏼‍♀️

    My husband is a worship leader and has been for the last 5 1/2 years. He’s taking a sabbatical for the month of May. He’s amazing at it, but just needs a break. We are excited to spend Sundays in church together (like all being in the same car and leaving at the same time 😆), resting at home, or going on an adventure. We are excited to see where this leads our family next.

    You are always so intentional about the content you are creating! Your podcasts are amazing!
    I have a huge heart for homeschooling. Over the last few years I’ve had to give up the idea of homeschooling for our family. I’m confident that it’s not for us and it’s been a journey that God has had to lead me out of and guide me through. Thankfully we live in a small town in South Carolina where the public school system has allot of believers in it. It’s something I’m continuing to give to Jesus. I can still struggle with seeing other homeschool moms winning at homeschooling their children. Do you know anyone with a similar story of letting go of the idea of homeschooling and has found joy in there children being in school outside of the home? If you did, I’d love to hear their story on your podcast. Or maybe you can just share their name with me so I can read out to them 😊

    Thank you for sharing all that you do with us, and thanks for letting God lead your life so that others can learn form the wisdom that God has given you ♥️

    1. Hannah!! I love so much about this comment, I wish I could write a full reply. THANK YOU for being a part of my online community. You are amazing! You are not alone in the school journey at all – and I love the idea of that as a podcast topic. (*Stay tuned, I’ll see what I can do! 😉) Big hugs and God bless you!!

  5. Torie Grubb says:

    Hello Monica! I always love reading your coffee date posts, probably because I wish that I could know you in person!
    I’m currently reading “Gentle and Lowly: the heart of the Christ for sinners and sufferers” by Dane Ortlund. Oh my goodness it is SO good. Deep truth about Christ’s heart and humility, how he draws near to us in our darkest places. I highly recommend!
    We just went through a huge transition so I still feel like I’m reeling from that. We added our fourth son last October then we were able to purchase a house with some more farm land to add to our farm. So we fixed up the new house with paint and floors and light fixtures in January and February and moved over in March. We only moved 10 miles but it has been a huge transition for the family, and the farm, and probably the hardest on me as a mom!
    I just always enjoy podcasts in the north gritty of parenting young boys. Like how do k discipline them in the small ways and how do I build them up to be men and how do I keep from going crazy in the mess and the noise. I eat up anything related to young motherhood. I’m excited to hear from Kirsten Watson!
    Thank you for all you do.
    Hugs in Christ,

    1. Oh I love this comment so much. You are amazing. What a huge year you’ve had.
      Thank you for being a part of this community. So happy to see you here!

  6. Stephanie Swanson says:

    Hi Monica! I’m an email subscriber and we share the same last name, so I like to pretend that we are distant relatives! 🙂 I am reading Win the Day by Marc Batterson and Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Early (both books I heard about on your podcast!), and with our kids we are listening to The Green Ember on Audible. I transitioned from a part time to full time position at my church about a month ago, and I love my job at church, but it’s also been an exhausting month. I think that More than a Mom book about prioritizing wellness sounds amazing- you should bring Kari on the podcast!

    1. love this!! Good for you – change is hard but you’ll crush this new season. Kari will be on the podcast soon! yay! 🙂
      Big hugs

  7. First I just have to say that I LOVE your bathing suit! Me & my husband are reading a great parenting book by Phil & Diane Comer called Raising Passionate Jesus Followers! It is great

    1. Thank you Mandy! Love the title of that book! 🙂 Big hugs!

  8. Donna McCoy says:

    I am listening to Revive Our Hearts podcast with Nancy Lee Demoss…she is such a great bible teacher. I just read Stranger in the LifeBoat by Mitch Albom and it was so so good. Great read.

  9. 1. I am currently reading “When strivings cease” by Ruth Chou Simons. It is like hitting a refresh and restart button for a true Gospel mind set.
    We just started “The Biggest Storybook Bible” by Kevin DeYoung with our family as a nightly reading (4 kids – 8,7,5&3 so there is a ton of giggles and oohing and aahing at the art work) and a lot of Thomas the train to appease my youngest sons enjoyment of trains.
    2. Transitions – we are currently walking through a year and a half long transition of the retirement of our Senior pastor (end of June) and our new lead pastor. It has been draining as my husband is the Associate (do everything else) Pastor and the only other pastor on staff currently. Also I am in a current struggle over the best schooling choice for our 4 kids (homeschooled 2020-2021 and then older girls returned to their Catholic school this fall).
    3. I am an email subscriber and I enjoy the content you send.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Brandy. Busy season for you and your husband. I’ll pray for your school choices! big hugs

  10. Hi Monica!

    I’m currently reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes And Emotionally Heathy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero – though the amount of time I actually get to put into them is not a lot! 😅

    I would love to here more from your husband Dave and some of his journey as a boy dad, resources he has used, wisdom to share, etc. I would love to be able to find more for my husband to encourage him in his walk.

    1. Thank you Katie. Thanks for sharing books! And — Good ideas for my husband to share on. I hope it helps that his voice will be in my next book as well. (just a few months to wait for that one! :)) big hugs

  11. 2. We are transitioning into the start of youth sports with our 2nd. (1st is already in sports). I’m wondering if you can share some words of wisdom on how to navigate 2 sports plus a 3rd toddler boy at home while also prioritizing family time. (Did I mention my husband travels for work every other week too 😳😬)
    I love the stage of life we’re entering but also so scared to lose our family time.

  12. 1. My husband and I are watching Moon Knight but have yet to catch up on Ep3, which I hear has all kinds of surprising elements!
    2. I am transitioning into more responsibilities at work and got a raise with it! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Definitely realizing my need for God’s wisdom and knowledge as it is a new subject for me. Spreadsheets and numbers are the other side of the brain from my design skills.
    3. Love all of it – keep it up!

    1. thank you so much Trisha! And congrats on job transition! xo

  13. My husband and I just started inventing Anna on Netflix. It’s 6 episodes about a con artist. If you ever saw the fyre festival one, it’s similar. So good and interesting. Also, love the raising boys and girls podcast and Jennie Allen!

    You mentioned the Bible recap. I’ve been intrigued about this. I wanted to go deeper in the Bible and have heard great things about it. What do you like about it?

    We are in the thick of learning about anxiety with our second boy (8) and it’s been a lot these last couple of months. God has been growing my husband and I in this process as well. Our oldest is transitioning to middle school next year. It’s brought about some fears I didn’t know I had and learning how to give those to the Lord.

    I guess I’d say how to navigate the waters of adolescence and specifically technology but any and all advice and thoughts are welcome. This is new territory for me. It’s hard to let go or know where to let go and allow more freedoms.

    Thanks for all you share and your wisdom. ❤️

    1. thank you for all of this, Lori. I’ve been curious about that series on Netflix! Big stuff with your kids, and I am sure you are navigating well. David Thomas has a new book coming out that should be really good for you. He’ll be on my podcast in June, but keep an eye out for “Raising Emotionally Strong boys”. big hugs

  14. Colleen Bourgeois says:

    1. What are you reading (or watching? — I could use a good Netflix series!) or listening to? (Podcast or audiobooks?…)
    “With Love from London” by Sarah Jio (Seattle author and one of my favorites)

    2. What transitions are happening in your life or family in this season?
    Daughter finishing freshman year of college

    3. Requests or suggestions for how I might serve you better: Topics for the podcast? What else would you like more of from me?
    Loved your recent podcast with Kate Swenson. I don’t have a kid with autism, I used to work in a speech office where autism was common.

  15. My family has been watching our way through the entire Little House on the Prairie television series for the past two years. It is such a wholesome, family-oriented show overflowing with good values – we just love it! All 4 of our kids (girls and boys, ages 9-16) look forward to family “Little House” time. We’re sad we only have about 10 episodes to go!
    (I am an email subscriber)

    1. What streaming channel are you watching them on Rebecca?

    2. Oh I love that you’re going through the Little House series. Great idea! I wonder if I could convince my Levi to do that… 🤔 Blessings to you!

  16. Just finished reading The Power of When by Michael Breus. SO fascinating about our natural time clocks and how to plan our days/tasks to our bodies best interest. Also encouraged me to give much grace to my husband and two teens as they are NOT on the same clock as me and that is ok. Always good to gain understanding of one another.

    Our 16 year old has been in the world of driving for a while now and we all love it. This summer he will be picking up a part time job. I am going to miss having him around the house more, but I am excited for God to grow him in the area of work & life skills. Our youngest will be starting his Freshman year at his brother’s high school. He has been homeschooled for the past two years and I am trying to savor these last few weeks of this special school time we’ve shared together at home. I am also excited for the work God already has planned in him.

    I would love to hear/see simple healthy eats & recipes as well as “home life hacks”. I am a sucker for practical tips on how to manage a family and a home and a… and a… I would also love to hear about how you navigate your sons’ different personalities. Does your parenting adjust accordingly? or are you firm and consistent with all of them.

    I am so blessed to be an email subscriber!

    can’t wait for another book from you. <3 I appreciate all of your time and effort… I consider you a trusted voice of wisdom!

    1. Love all of this, thank you so much!! That book sounds so good…🤔! Thank you for suggestions for topics to share on. So good.
      And thank you for being a subscriber! xo

  17. Kathy Burt says:

    1)Series- Dopesick
    Podcast- Boy mom, feeding the mouth that bites you & Well-fed women
    Audio Book- Fierce Self-Compassion

    2)finishing my masters in Education in May right before my BGB triplets become seniors and my youngest daughter a junior (4kids too)

    3) Why do parents seem to be supporting teenage drinking at their homes?

    And yes, I’m an e-mail subscriber.

    1. Great comments, thank you. Appreciate the podcast and audiobook share! Congras on your amazing accomplishments! (the masters as well as raising triplets! wow!)
      And your #3…Parents supporting teenage drinking at home? — That’s really stupid! hahaha. 🙂 (I guess I remember a few parents even doing that when I was in school!)

  18. Penny Nakamura says:

    Loved this coffee talk Monica! Congratulations on your new book, and making deadline! But perhaps more importantly congratulations on the graduations! That is a milestone, and all the boys look so handsome and happy. Good luck to all of them as the move to their next adventures.
    Enjoy your time with your parents.

  19. Daniella Chesnut says:

    Hi! I love your emails (I’m a subscriber!). Have been around here a while and I love looking back in the archives for advice and wisdom as I parent my two boys (8 and 5). Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    While not a Netflix watch, it’s worth every Penny to get PBS access and watch Around the World in 80 days!! SO GOOD! It is hard to find a wholesome really good show these days and this one really nailed it. Some intense moments, but not inappropriate.

    I’m also reading through the Bible with the BibleRecap. It’s been such a fun resource to have alongside reading the Bible!

    We are about to transition to school-age for both of my boys (my 5 year old will be in Kinder in the fall) and trying to decide how to navigate school for both of my kids. We hybrid/homeschool and it’s been really really hard on my relationship with my 8 year old. Making some hard and thoughtful decisions about changing things up next year with regard to schooling but also grieving the loss of homeschool life (but it may be what is best for him and I)!

  20. Christina says:

    1. Love watching Call the Midwife! I’m a labor and delivery nurse, so I have a special connection!

    2. Transitioning to spring and we are so happy! While I love so much about Winter, it is LONG in Michigan.

    3. Love seeing your happy healthy free content! Food and exercise motivation are awesome!

    4. I subscribe!

    1. I have really liked watching Call the Midwife and looking forward to listening to the audio version of it. After having 3 kids would always like to be on the other side of a birth someday and Call the Midwife seems to capture the moment pretty well. 🤪

  21. I’m almost to the end of My Body Is Not a Prayer Request (really good) and am about to begin either Three More Months or Hinds’ Feet on High Places. 🙂

    (I’m subscribed!)

  22. Juliana Gouveia says:

    Hi! I’m reading the book Growing Slow book by Jennifer Dukes Lee. It’s really good. I’m an email subscriber! 😀🎉

  23. I’m reading Strong Brave Loved by Holly Gerth and doing the Bible Recap audio and devotional.

    We have caught up in This is Us so ending the last season now.

    We are in the last 2 years of homeschool. When from homeschooling 4 to only 1. We are in finals week for dual credo and finds week next week for college.

    Topic- how to help adult children (18-21) who want to be treated like adults but still act like children. 😑pointing them to the Lord, but they aren’t completely following- not quite prodigal situation (thank you Lord!), but complacent and struggling emotionally. Sigh 😔

    1. Kathy Burt says:

      Good topic question!

  24. I’m reading “Even If” by Mitchel Lee. So good! It’s about keeping your faith alive “even if” and when those situations come that cause confusion and pain. I also just finished a Bible study by Kristi McClelland called “Jesus and Women” that turned some things right side up for me and taught me that Jesus is even better than I knew! Her second study comes out next month and I can’t wait!

    My big transition now is getting plugged in to a new church. We had to make the difficult decision that it was time to leave our former church of 13 years. We found our new place to land, but don’t have friends there yet, and that’s hard.

    I have three boys ages 16, 13 and 11, and have read “Boy Mom.” Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement in boy-momming!

    I’m an email subscriber too.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Jill! Good stuff. Transitions are hard, but I’m proud of you. Love the sound of that Bible study!
      Thank you for being a subscriber! xo

  25. Hi Monica! I always love these coffee date posts 💕 As for transitions, spring is taking her sweet time to arrive here in Minnesota, and we are waiting very (im)patiently for warm weather to arrive so we can spend our days in the back yard and the pool! I am currently in my first trimester with our second little kiddo and our 5 year old son, David is over the moon.
    As for watching/reading/listening! On Netflix, Downton Abbey, always! I just finished reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (it’s worth the hype) and am also reading Holier Than Thou by Jackie Hill Perry!

    Wish we could share a real cup of coffee and talk about all the things! 💕 Sydney

    1. The Nightingale is a great book!!

    2. Hey Sydney! I wish we could share a real cup too! I would love to hear more about Jackie Hill’s new book, I bet it’s great! And I need to get into a netflix series, so thank you! Hang in there, warmer days are ahead! big hugs and Aloha!

  26. Thank you, Monica, for your sweet warmth that comes through in everything you write!
    —Watching- Signed, Sealed, & Delivered is a really adorable show series… I watch it on the Hallmark app for $5 a month; it’s delightful! I also just started watching All Creatures Great and Small show series and it’s a pleasant watch.
    —Audiobook- My most recent audiobook listen was Becoming Elizabeth Elliot. So good!
    —Bedtime fiction read- The Last Bookshop In London. A sweet, clean, and very enjoyable novel!
    —Transitions- oh yes! A teen graduating from our homeschool high school in a month then heading off to college in August! Our young adult who is a junior at Biola University coming home for the summer- yippee! And our third child graduating from our homeschool 8th grade! All the things are happening!
    — I am delighted to be an email subscriber of yours! 🙂

    1. Love all of this Annmarie! Thank you! Congrats on family transitions! Lots of big stuff!
      Love that show suggestion! (and I also enjoyed Becoming Elizabeth Elliot on Audible!) Gonna check it out for sure! (I think we have similar taste in books/shows! :))
      Thank you for being an email subscriber! big hugs

  27. Debbie Whitesel says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but my girls do!!!
    Because of you I did the 40 Day Social Media Fast and loved it! So much so I’m doing the 40 Day Sugar Fast next!
    My husband and I like the Chuck series on Netflix. I also have been reading books by Charles Martin- so good!
    I’m a full time caregiver for my grandchildren and next year is going to be an adjustment as our two oldest grandchildren move on to kindergarten. I will only have 1 little guy left to watch part time as he heads off to 3 year old preschool. I pray a ton for the people that will come into their lives and that God keeps evil far from them! Also, this next chapter will find me caring for my aging parents more- so hard to see them decline, but so humbling and honored that I’m able to help them! God is good!
    Your family is maturing gracefully!
    I also receive your posts via email!
    Blessings to you!

  28. Hey Monica! First off, thanks for being a breath of fresh air to my morning. I love opening your emails and reading all your updates (because as of lately, it seems it’s all I can manage in my schedule lately). So with that said, I’m supposed to be reading a book called let them be little for a group out of my church called mastering motherhood but like I said my schedules been crazy so I’ve been going to the group and soaking in what these other ladies have read 🤣

    Hmmm as for transitions…I feel like with a two year old abs a one year old we are always in constant transition with their little growing lives, so that takes up most of our time.

    And as for topics for the podcast or other medias…I’ve just been struggling with my oldest being “behind” and in speech and OT and trying to compare/feel guilt and worry most days. But I’m grateful for the community you have created.

    Thank you!

    Ps I’m an email subscriber ☺️

  29. Stefanie Marriott says:

    Hi Monica!
    I always love reading your coffee date updates! Thank you for sharing!
    I’m currently reading What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert with a group from my church. It’s been good to remind myself of these fundamental truths so that I’m better able to share the Gospel with others.
    Big transitions! My family is feeling this! Although it’s a year out, the process has begun, as my husband retires from the Air Force after 20 years (so proud!). I only get credit for 15 years…☺️But still, it came a lot quicker than we expected and seeing life beyond what we’ve known since we’ve been married is a bit daunting.
    So, I won a Starbucks gift card from you recently (how fun it is to win something… I was so excited), so I’ll take myself out of the drawing. Thank you for that!! My parents were recently visiting and my retired police officer father was getting on to me about holding the steering wheel with one hand and my coffee in the other. 🤣 SO I took my gift card and purchased a cute tumbler that fits nicely in my car’s cup holder. My dad was pleased. I don’t tell him that I still occasionally pick it up to sip it while I drive. 😬

  30. Erica Holiday says:

    Reading: Own Your Past Change Your Future by Dr. John Delony
    Transitions: my son will be a Senior in high school next year!
    Helpful Topic: How to survive sending kids off to college and what are some key last minute things to instill before they are off “on their own”?
    Love your EVERYTHING (emails/ppodcast/books/IG…)….thank you for being a breath of fresh air for me in this crazy world.

  31. Loved our coffee date this morning! Just what I needed. 🙂
    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us. We love you and your family!

    I’m reading Faithfully Different by Natasha Crain and Mama Bear Apologetics-Guide to Sexuality. They are both really good!

    Life transitions- my son is 14 and wants to start working (McDonalds hires 14 year olds!)- so this is a stepping stone- learning how to manage money and how to be an employee. This is new territory for him and us!

    Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Also, I’m an email subscriber. That’s how I read your messages! I look forward to seeing them in my inbox. 🙂

  32. Thanks for the coffee chat…love your pictures as I imagine being on the beach watching the beautiful sunset. As it is I am watching snow fall yet again. All your book recommendations sound great. I have been trying to read Education, Does God have an Opinion by Israel Wayne but find it hard taking the time to sit and read so I mostly have been listening to audiobooks….finally enjoyed the James Herriot series. Have you seen the newer tv series of it?? I think it was really well done! My other pleasure listening had been books by Charles Todd. They are my mental “escape” while I cook and clean. 🤪 I can’t believe your oldest is done with college already! Seems like you were just talking about him being sent off. And good for him already having a job!! Well, you enjoy those lovely beaches and warm weather. Oh ya…and I am an email recipient that always looks forward to your weekly notes of wisdom, encouragement and basic randomness.

  33. Kristin Sparkman says:

    Always love our coffee dates. :). I am doing a lot more audible books lately because I am also on the golf course. I am at tournaments following the kids. Right now I am listening to “Designed to Last” I’m really enjoying it. Next up is “Hormone Intelligence” (Getting older is fun right). We also are in big transition over here. I have a high school senior so all the graduation stuff as well as he will head to college to play golf in August. So all those transitions. I am loving your content and excited for more of the Health stuff. Keep it up.

  34. Loved this “coffee date”! So many great suggestions and always love your recommendations!

    Watching: I just found Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis and it’s a good little series on Netflix. Men and women over 70 share poignant life lessons and pivotal choices from their journeys.

    Listening: Storytellers Live Podcast. It’s stories about how God shows up in the big and little events of our everyday lives. It’s SO good!

    Reading: More than a Mom by Kari Kampakis.

  35. Tammy Isaacs says:

    1, I am watching, “Call the Midwife” and really love this series.
    2. Life transition- 23 year old son moved back with his dog. He had been on his own the last couple of years, so it is a transition with him back in the house. He is my youngest and the rest of my kids are living on their own.
    3. Serve us better? I’m not sure. I just started reading your blog and really enjoyed the book recommendations. I also just downloaded the APP Lectio and plan on using it. I liked the simple design as so many of those kind of APP’s have so many other things competing for my attention.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Tammy! Great to “meet” you! 🙂 Glad you like the app, and hope your time with your son back home (and his dog 😉) is special! I need to check out “Call the Midwife” — it keeps coming up! 🙂

  36. Christina says:

    Listening to YOUR podcast faithfully! 😃 Also enjoy following Mama Bear Apologetics and reading their books.

    Yes, I am definitely an email subscriber!

    1. Thank you so much, Christina! Love that book too! xo

  37. Robin Reames Bond says:

    I love having a coffee date with you. Thanks for all you do!