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  1. Monica, YOU WILL DO GREAT IN EVERY WAY! Just keep that smile on your face, and Spread ALOHA! I have been to NY city, as a nanny on a trip for a rock star who was on David Letterman, I was watching his 2 little girls. It was incredible. I found it to be a wonderful city full of people willing to point a lost & overwhelmed country girl in the right direction! You should’ve seen me trying to “hail a cab!” (even saying that, “hail a cab,” sounds unnatural much less doing it!) Which did not happen, at all! Think I was standing in the wrong spot! very wrong. All the cabs just whizzed right on by me like I was invisible! HA HA. Ended up using the city bus & sitting right by the bus driver who gave me all kinds of great information. I went into the biggest music store in the world & bought the Dixie Chicks! Central Park stroll is a must. A hot dog. (I know, gross mystery meat but when in Rome….) YOU CAN DO THIS! And you’ll be home soon 🙂 GodSpeed.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I can just imagine you doing all of that! I will keep smiling and spread the Aloha. 🙂 Absolutely “when in Rome,” I will be taking in everything for sure!! Have a good weekend.

  2. Aloha, Monica!! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by!! Ok, so weather-wise….I just checked, and, according to Intellicast, they’re saying low of 34, high of 54. That’s just a couple degrees colder than the weather we had today. So, it’s going to be chilly in the morning–but not bitter cold or anything, and it should slowly get warmer during the day. So, today at 8am to get into the car to take Tommy to school, I wore Under Armour sweatpant-like pants with a bit of fuzzy warmth inside them, and a North Face fleece over a t-shirt. By 3pm when I went to pick him up, I was sweating in the fleece and he was hot in his winter coat. I would say layers will be what you need! And you’ll be sweating from running, too…I hope that gives you a sense of what it might be like! I will send you an e-mail re: more NYC stuff! You must be payched!!

    1. Thank you Wendy!! Got your email too–thank you for all of the helpful advice!! The weather actually sounds pretty ideal for running, since I typically sweat my head off. 🙂 I’m actually looking forward to bundling up a bit! Aloha for now–

  3. Darlene D. says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Monica!

    I feel so blessed to be the winner of your son’s photograph. I am so excited! Please thank him for me and thank you for giving me a beautiful gift.
    I wish you all the best on your marathon. I’m a runner too so I know exactly how you are feeling. I can’t wait to hear about your run and experience in NYC.

    My address is 23492 E Briarwood Dr. Aurora, CO 80016.

    Thank you again!
    Darlene Davis