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  1. Hmm, I have never added cheese or milk into my meatballs. However, oatmeal or breadcrumbs yes. Sometimes panko or even matzo meal.

    Growing up mom would always use meatballs in a stroganoff (instead of ground meat). However, now I just love munching on meatballs plain. Or with hoisin sauce, or with BBQ sauce. Okay, I just love meatballs.

    1. what’s there not to love about meatballs!? My family just LOVED these, and even said they wished we could have them every single night.
      It’s a little labor-intensive, but very worthwhile. And an absolute key: Dousing them w/ plenty of S&P before baking. yum–I’m w/ you–pop ’em straight into your mouth. 🙂

      1. Make up double batches every time and keep them in the fridge. Plus it is a great all-hands on deck, anyone can roll balls.

        1. haha–And you can imagine how much fun they had every time I referred to rolling the balls…(;))