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  1. My greatest hope for my children is that they will know and love the Lord with all their heart and walk in His word! I became christian in my college years and the first part of my life was emotionally rough and to find the beauty of having a life in Christ…oh, my deepest wish for them! I know that if they are in Him, the rest will come trough Him!

    An ideal Mother’s Day would be to eat warm,delicious food that I haven’t cooked and a head-to-toe massage 😛

  2. Sienne L. says:

    My greatest hope for my two boys is for them to become God-fearing, honest and hardworking men, rooted in the hope that we have in Christ. I hope they leave our home with good character, integrity, and a focus on eternity. I pray they know God is their ultimate Protector, and that we (parents) will always be a safe haven for them in this fallen world.

  3. Amiee Meier says:

    One of my greatest hopes for my children is that they grow up to love the Lord and serve and honor Him with their lives. I also hope and pray they are strong and kind. I hope they leave home with wonderful memories, wisdom, and security in their relationship with us as their parents to turn to us for wisdom and guidance as well as friendship.

    An ideal Mother’s Day for me would be my house being nice and clean, getting to go to church with my family and then getting a massage and relaxing with my boys by a pool or going on a fun (but low key) adventure that I don’t have to plan. Haha! 💕😅

    Can’t wait to read your new book!!! Congratulations on the release of it!!

    Sharing on Instagram stories as well!

    1. Thank you so much! And happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

  4. I want my kids to leave home with a passion and a drive for learning. That, and an unshakable foundation in what they believe as followers of Jesus.

    My perfect Mother’s Day is spending time outdoors with my family, an afternoon of quiet reading, and ending the day with a family dinner!

  5. Michelle Cramer says:

    My greatest hope for my children first and foremost is their relationship with Jesus. I want them to have a desire to know, love and serve Him. I want them to have an understanding of Scripture and know what the Bible teaches them and how to live their life in light of Scripture.

  6. I try not to have expectations for Mother’s Day 😅. I hope my children leave my home with a secure faith and love for Jesus.

  7. My greatest hope for my kiddos would be for them to love Christ with all their heart. That they become courageous, bold men of God. I pray that they walk with him everyday of their lives and the Holy Spirit guides them.

  8. Ashlee Van Deventer says:

    I want my kids to love and follow Jesus with passion and grounded in God’s Word.

    My ideal Mother’s Day is a little solitude and an ice cold drink!

  9. Rachel kerzman says:

    1. My prayer is that my sons leave home with their own strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  10. My hope is that my children would thrive and know how much they are truly loved.

    Ideal Mother’s Day is no cooking or cleaning and take out from my fav restaurant.

  11. My greatest hope for my children is that they continue to pursue God in how they lead their lives and have a biblical worldview. My oldest daughter is in college at Liberty and my second daughter is about to graduate high school in a few weeks. I was far from God when I was married to their father, mostly because he was so opposed to anything relating to faith. I came from a legalistic religion and I knew what I had been taught was wrong, and he encouraged me to walk away. Being far from God when I felt pulled by him, impacted our marriage significantly and it ended. I have since remarried to a God-honoring man and we have a 3-year-old son that we all completely adore. I now know God, and he knows me, and by God’s grace, my influence shows in how my children are also hungry to learn more and follow him. I do have fear that I waited too long to grow close to him and my girls experienced too much of their life not knowing him. My oldest loves and follows Christ with her whole heart, and my youngest is struggling to have a biblical worldview, although I see the foundation is strong. I am continually praying for this and for God to guide me is knowing what to say to soften her heart and speak in truth and love.

    Your content has really blessed me and inspired me to be the mother that my kids need, with intention and unwavering faith. I am learning so much already with Boy Mom, I am just on Chapter 2 right now, and the podcast has been really helpful, I listen with my husband sometimes. I easily convinced my women’s group to do Raising Amazing as our next study and I am really excited! One by one we are all independently being drawn towards homeschooling, too. I have been sending the link to your new book to all my friends, haha!

    Just thank you for sharing your stories with us. When I first came across you, it was through your devotional on the Bible App I knew that you have been where I am about to go and I needed to learn more!

    1. Jamie! Wow this comment blessed me. You are not too late for anything in your parenting — God’s grace is great and He is for you and your kids…Keep praying but also fight off the fear! 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words. I am so happy you are going to do a Raising Amazing study! woot woot! And please keep I touch on the homeschool topic! 🙂 XO Happy Mother’s Day!

  12. I would love for my children to leave home with an unshakeable sense of my love for them, no matter what happens or what they do, and for them to know the depths of God’s love for them in Jesus. My hope is that they will carry this love in their hearts and serve Jesus with joy all of their lives.

  13. My greatest hope for my 2 boys is that they know Jesus as their Savior. I pray they know Him intimately, not just surface level. I also hope that they grow closer to each other and learn to help each other out in life.

    Perfect Mother’s Day would either be on the beach reading a book, or at the spa! 🤣

  14. Tram Phan says:

    My greatest hope for my children is that by grace they would have a relationship with Jesus and know Him as their Savior. Then that they would be adults who contribute to making much of Him to the world. An ideal Mother’s Day would be a day of rest and time together

  15. An ideal Mother’s Day would be church with my family (including my mama). Then take out and watching Andy Griffith. A nice nap or a chance to read and drink coffee on the front porch. Then a veggie, cheese, and fruit tray for dinner. A chick flick in bed. Going to sleep excited for the people coming to do a deep clean on the house the next day 🙌🏻

    1. Sounds dreamy!! Hope it goes better than planned! 🙂 XO

  16. My greatest hope for my son is to be a Christian that maintains a close relationship with God throughout his life. I hope that he always feels loved and confident in who is and in the truth of the Bible.

  17. My greatest hope is that they will leave home with trust that God will be with them, guide them, and bring them through anything. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

    Also, for mother’s day, I’d like to Turtle Bay and not have to leave. 😂

  18. Brittany Thompson says:

    One of my greatest hopes for my four boys (ages 16, 11, 9, and 3) is that they would have such vibrant, in-tune walks with God, where they listen for and hear His voice on a moment-by-moment basis, always desiring to follow His leading. I pray that they leave home with high integrity, a love for people, and a hard work ethic.

  19. My greatest hope for my children: is that they know God, and saw how much I loved Him. That the would enter the world from a biblical worldview and know that although they are not going to get it right, they have a savior that did for them that did get it right.

    A great Mother’s Day is a long nap and good food for me!

  20. My greatest hope for my children is that they grow up, knowing they are loved, appreciated, strong, brave, and smart. I feel like social media today is continuously tearing us down, and I do not want the negativity of the world to impact their identities.

  21. My greatest hope for my children is that they would be able to look at the world through spiritual eyes, and have the discernment and wisdom of the Holy Ghost in guiding their actions as they navigate each situation they encounter or place themselves in. The number one thing I hope they have is the confidence, peace and knowledge that God is with them in all that they do, including how they treat others and serve them and the way they choose to spend each day.
    2. My ideal Mothers Day happened years ago. I woke up to a little Happy Mothers Day banner my very young boys had made all by themselves along with breakfast in bed and a few thoughtful little gifts that didn’t cost much if anything. Then we went to church together and spent the day serving other people together. I always want to show them how to reach out and make a difference and nurture others, because not everyone has a mother or father who are nurturing and loving, sadly, and we can all use more goodness in our lives and someone who cares.

  22. Sarah Eslinger says:

    I hope they will love the Lord their whole lives, and never know a day without His presence. I hope they leave home knowing they are loved and we will always support them and who they are called to be. Having that sense of real identity is big for me

  23. Kellyn Peek says:

    1. I hope to have instilled strong morals and values in my children before they leave home. I hope they always know that they are loved, and I hope to have laid the foundation for a strong faith in God. I also hope to have fostered a strong family bond as a whole family unit!
    2. I feel like Mother’s day is just another day to spend quality time with my sweet family! I love being a mama!!

  24. Jodie Roubique says:

    1. I want my son to leave home and walk through life knowing and believing Whose he is and maturing in his walk with our Father.
    2. An ideal Mother’s Day for me would be relaxing, resting, and spending extra quality time with my family.

  25. My prayer is that my children leave home knowing Jesus and His great love for them. Also, that they have a deep sense of belonging, through Jesus, but also in our family.

    My ideal Mother’s Day would be spent going to worship, eating a meal together that I don’t need to prepare, a walk/reading a book alone and playing games together as a family.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter in the book giveaway! I appreciate your encouragement, Monica! 🥰

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you get your ideal Mother’s Day! 🙂 xo

  26. 1. That my knows know amd love Jesus. Be kind, courageous, and honest.
    2. Church with my family, then home for lunch and family time.

  27. Ashlee Gates says:

    One of my greatest hopes for my child is they know God, know love, are rooted in a firm foundation of Jesus and who he is and does his best to emulate Him in all things he does through life. I pray he finds a good woman rooted in firm foundation of Christ, gets married young, has many children. Saves himself for marriage so he can discover the full goodness of marriage
    I pray he is a Godly man who disciples his family well. An ideal Mother’s Day for me is Church, family, picnic.

  28. Juliana De Oliveira says:

    My greatest hope for my children is that they come to know & accept Jesus as Savior, and live the abundant life He died on the cross for them! That they have happy memories of their childhood, that their hearts are guided by the Holy Spirit, and that they always find “home” in my arms. 💕

  29. Eunice Camacho says:

    My hope is for my children will be a lovers of God and will act with compassion with others and they will stand by their beliefs. When they leave home, I hope they will be a woman and men of integrity. People will respect their word. They will act under God’s principles.
    2 . I would like to be together with my family eating together, no fighting with my 4 year old girland my 8year old boy and relax. Or watch a movie with the family .

  30. Tayler Cooper says:

    1. That they know God and the joy he brings to our lives. They always search for him in every day.

    2. Peaceful day at home. Food prepared. Time outside in the yard.

  31. Rachel Sterne says:

    My greatest hopes are that 1. They know Jesus and choose a relationship with him and 2. That they will always be close to my husband and I and to their siblings.
    I hope they leave home knowing they’ve got a God and parents who loves them and will always be there for them. I love your idea of a biblical world view and now make that a desire of mine for my boys.

    My ideal Mother’s Day is a day spent with my people at the beach. ❤️

  32. Jennifer Fruge-Bartlett says:

    My greatest hopes for my children is that I will have been able to equip them with everything they’ll need for the world. With my son being autistic, I am not sure what his future looks like, but I do know that he is a bright and talented little man and if I can harness what he yearns for and teach him to keep his heart and mind on Jesus then I’ll have succeeded. I pray that I will be able to teach or help them learn everything they need to go to college and graduate, if that is the path they choose. Thank you for going before and paving the way! You are incredible Monica!
    An ideal Mother’s Day would be sleeping in past 5 am, having a beautiful brunch and being surrounded by my kids and family with no arguments or bickers my etc. A girl can dream! 😜

    1. Aww, I love this Jennifer. Your son (and all your kids) are blessed to have you! Love your heart! xo

  33. My hope is that all 8 keep a relationship with each other and with Jesus.

  34. Laura Peck says:

    My greatest hope for my children is that they would love and serve God first and foremost in their lives. Then in no particular order, hardworking, diligent, joy-filled, etc…

  35. Jennifer Bethlehem says:

    1. I pray that my children never lose sight of their faith and always walk with the Lord all the days of their life.
    2. A perfect Sunday would be sharing stories and reminiscing with all my kids.

  36. My hope for my boy is he will be confident in who he is and resilient in the face of setbacks.

  37. My biggest hope for my children is that they love and follow Jesus and that they take with them a passion for God and a servant’s heart.

  38. 1. They leave home with Jesus in their lives
    2. Cuddles and kisses from my kids all day long

  39. Joelle Long says:

    Our constant prayer for our 4 children, and we pray for all of our nieces and nephews (we have 30) is that they walk with Jesus all of the days of their life, and every generation after until Jesus returns. There is no greater joy than to know my child has a sincere faith and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

    The ideal Mother’s Day is not having to cook, and getting to spend the day with my husband and kids just being together enjoying eachother – doesn’t matter very much what we do, but I love gardening so when they join me in the garden my tank is full.

  40. Deanna Lovecchio says:

    The thing I want most for all three of my boys is that they love Jesus with all their hearts. Be kind and care about others.

  41. 1. I hope they leave home with confidence to be leaving but also a desire to keep coming back home.
    2. For mothers day I hope to eat a delicious meal I didn’t cook, visit the used book store by myself, play outside as a family and end the day watching Calendar Girls with my husband (it’s my absolute favorite movie!)
    *I shared your giveaway story on instagram 🙂

  42. One of my greatest hopes for my children would be to know and love the Lord. I hope that they would leave the home with so much discernment for truth that they won’t be phased by the lies of the world. I hope they will stand up for God’s truth and God’s love above all else.

  43. One of my greatest hopes for my children is that they love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and that they follow His call on their lives.

    My ideal Mother’s Day is spending time with my children, visiting a park, watching their soccer game and then watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

    Have a blessed Mother’s Day 💗

  44. My greatest wish for my children is for them to have true wisdom and a solid faith. I want them to leave home with this and influence their worlds and future families.

    My ideal Mother’s Day would include my family really seeing and hearing me, appreciating who I am and not just what I do. It would also include some relaxation time for myself and some family fun.

  45. An ideal Mother’s Day would start with breakfast in bed followed by spending quality family time. 🌷
    The greatest hope for my children are that they continue to follow God’s word.

  46. 1. My want for my kiddo is that she has a very successful life that she never has to struggle.
    I hope she leaves home with God will never leave me and if I ever need to come home I can always come home no matter what.
    2. The perfect momma’s day is spendong the day with my kid at the playground and just getting to be with her.

  47. I want my kids to be happy, successful, and to enjoy life to the fullest. I hope to give them enough of what they need to get there as their homeschooling mom!

  48. Self confidence in godly principles and a love for others. An ideal Mother’s Day would be one without grumbling and whining and a good meal made by and cleaned up by someone else 😜

  49. Elizabeth R. says:

    1. My greatest hope is that my children grow to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I hope they leave home with that relationship and tools to continue to grow in their faith.

  50. Raegan Vanderput says:

    I want my kids to know and follow Jesus.

  51. 1.One is my greatest hopes for my children is that they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and have a personal relationship with Him. I want them to leave home knowing they are loved by God and their parents. I want them to have a solid foundation to build upon and to know they’re always welcome home.
    2. An ideal Mother’s Day for me is time with family, my kids, and just a slow, fun time together. I love when the kids make their own cards as well!

  52. My greatest hope is to be in heaven someday with all my kids.
    I told my kids what I wanted for Mothers Day was for their room to be clean but they aren’t making good progress on that!

  53. I hope my kids love and follow God with their lives and know their worth in Him.

  54. My greatest hope for Hudson is that he grows up to love Jesus and change the world. I hope he leaves home with the full armor of God ready to take on the world!

    Sharing the giveaway on my instagram @tiffanydlanham

  55. I hope my boys walk away having learned to we well rounded individuals with a variety of skills and talents in many areas of life. For them to use their God given gifts and abilities to serve others, love like Jesus and be strong male leaders in a world that will fight against them. To be so confidently rooted in their identity as a Christian, being firmly founded in Christ that they shine bright as a light of hope pointing people to the truth of the gospel and doing it all for the glory of God no matter where he leads them.

  56. Honestly, an ideal Mother’s Day would have nothing on the calendar but to be with my husband and kids. Maybe we would go somewhere and be outside riding bikes or hiking, or I’d be fine with being at home while they decided what to cook for supper, cook supper, and clean it up! I would sit and read! ❤️

  57. Katherine says:

    My greatest hope for my children is that they would love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and love their neighbors as themselves! I hope they leave home knowing that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, that they are always loved by us and by the Lord, and that there is no greater joy than walking with Jesus.

  58. Megan Stern says:

    One of my greatest hopes for my children is that they would never know a day apart from God’s great love and that they would rest in that love all of their days. I pray they leave home with a desire to know more of Christ, to aide in furthering His kingdom, and to share the gospel with others.

  59. My biggest hope is they believe and love God. My youngest bit (13) told me he no longer believes and I’m crushed and feel that I failed him.
    My ideal Mothers Day would be to have both my boys hanging out with me for the day. Their presence.

    1. Hi Lisa, I hope you had a good Mother’s Day. I’m sorry to hear that story about your youngest son but don’t let that discourage you. Keep praying and trusting God with his heart and keep sharing Jesus with your son! It may take time…

  60. I pray my kids develop a love for the Lord and that they leave home with enough skills and confidence to do anything they want. My ideal Mother’s Day would involve hiking with my people. 💜

  61. Emily Pagragan says:

    I pray that when our seven leave home one day that they go forward with a deep and abiding faith and that they remember that they are children of God before all else. I hope that our home is a place where they are/feel known, seen, loved, with a deep sense of belonging; and that when they leave they will carry that knowledge with them, that family and faith are the core of our life and our purpose. Servant leadership, brotherly love, charitable hospitality, and spiritual maturity/depth of faith are paramount to us, and we pray that those values will remain so for our children as well.

  62. One of the greatest hopes that I would want for my children is that they would my God their number one priority as they continue this journey in life. I would hope that they would leave with a love for serving others around them.

  63. Elisabeth says:

    My ideal mother’s day would be waking up late to coffee and breakfast brought to me in bed, church, then doing something fun with my sweet little family- reading somewhere outside, a hike, mini golf, etc. Just time with the people I love most!

  64. Thank you Monica for writing these amazing books!!! They are such gifts to moms.
    1. I hope when my kids leave the house that they will have their identity fully rooted in Christ, that they would seek to love those around them even when it’s hard, and that they would share the gospel (with or without words) to a hurting world.
    2. My ideal Mother’s Day would be time with my kids, a fun date night with my husband, a little me time at the gym, and a sprinkle of hugs, kisses, and laughter.

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. 1. My greatest hope for my three kids is that they would life a life dedicated to Christ, having a solid foundation in a biblical worldview, bringing glory to Him.
      2. A perfect Mother’s Day would be a family day at my parents with all my siblings and their children. There is nothing better in the world than being together with everyone.

  65. Shannon Toller says:

    I pray that my children always know the love of the Lord and the love of their parents. I pray that kindness and patience and compassion take them places with God that will honor and glorify Him. Most of all, I pray I get to snuggle grandkids when all of my children are grown and give Mom and Dad a night (or a weekend) off! 😉

  66. Dokun Nochirionye says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    1. My greatest hopes for my two sons are that they group to become rooted in Christ, resilient, responsible and refined men. I hope that they can leave home with a firm foundation in God and a heart willing to serve His purposes in their various spheres of influence.
    2. An ideal mother’s day gift for me would be for God to part the red sea as qe go through these challenging family times. I sincerely pray that He gives me the opportunity to serve as my children’s Mom to a ripe old age withoutmy familybwing wrenched apart.

    Please remember my family in your prayers. Thank you so kindly!

  67. Erinn Bean says:

    1. My greatest hope is that they would love God and be grateful for where God has directed them and provided for them. I hope they leave home with a desire for learning more about God, who he made them to be, and how to serve others.

    2. My ideal Mother’s Day would be waking up to time to myself to do devotionals, reading, journaling, and listening to music. Then I would enjoy spending the rest of my day with my family on an adventure to somewhere we’ve never been.

    I don’t have social media but would share it if I could!

  68. I hope my kids are adults of integrity and kindness. That they find jobs they are passionate about and spouses who are Godly and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

    My ideal Mother’s Day would be not having to cook anything, my house cleaned and just a relaxing day with all my people at home!

  69. Hmmm, what would an ideal Mother’s Day look like for me?
    Before widowhood, my sweet husband would go all in to make this day one to remember. He’d recruit my son for a shopping expedition and they’d come home exhausted holding bags of Mother’s Day goodies. My son would have a bouquet 💐 of flowers + my favorite gummy bears. On Mother’s Day, my guys would make me a yummy breakfast. I’d wait to open my gifts for after church. Those were wonderful + cherished times.
    Mother’s Day will always be a little different nowadays but my son still carries on his dad’s tradition–breakfast, church, then shower momma with gifts. I will forever be grateful for my husband’s love + what he taught my son. Our son continues to keep my ideal Mother’s Day traditions alive. 💚💚💚

    1. Oh goodness, Casey. That just got me all 😢. Bless you!! I pray you have a blessed Mother’s Day with sweet memories and new ones in the making. XO

  70. I pray my girls leave home with a deep love for the Lord and His Word. I pray they are confident women who will be leaders in their churches, communities & homes.

    We celebrate Mothers Day on Saturday because I work at a church ha but Saturday would be sleeping in, then outside family time for a walk or playing/flower planting. A nap and then dinner made for me and no dishes to clean up (paper plate dinner!?) 🤪🙌🏻

  71. My greatest hope for my boys is that they live lives serving and loving the Lord.

  72. Samantha Agundes says:

    1. What is one of your greatest hopes for your children? What do you hope they leave home with?

    – My greatest hopes for my children is that they will become men/women of God. That they will be true followers of Christ, and love Him with all that they are! I hope that they leave home with a firm foundation in Christ and a true love for His word.

    2. What would an ideal Mother’s Day look like for you?

    – An ideal mother’s day for me would be a family day. Going to church together, having yummy food with my children, husband, mom and extended family (if possible.) I would love to just enjoy our time together outside, playing games, and just smiling together!

  73. My greatest hope are that my son’s grow into men.of God who love Jesus

  74. 1. One of my greatest hopes for my boys is for them to love the Lord with all their heart and live with a Christ-like attitude.
    2. My ideal Mother’s Day is going to church with my family and then coming home to a relaxing day spent together.

  75. Beca Siemion says:

    So blessed by this podcast and I always feel so refreshed and ready to face what the day has for me!

    One of my greatest hopes for my children is spot on just like you said! I want them to love the Lord and truly know him. Having a biblical worldview as they leave the nest one day would be such a blessing! As for an ideal Mother’s Day, I would love to spend time with my family outdoors and have a meal outside. I would want everyone to enjoy the day and feel close together!

    Congratulations on your book launch! I can’t wait to read it!

    1. Thank you so much, Beca! Amen and Happy Mother’s Day! xo

  76. Juliana Gouveia says:

    One of my greatest hopes for my children would be that they choose to live for Christ all the days of their lives.
    My ideal mother’s day- breakfast and a trip to the beach!

  77. Christina says:

    My greatest hope for my children is that they keep God the main thing. That they become young adults with a zest for life and serving others.

  78. Jessica Wrisley says:

    My greatest hopes for my children is for them to keep their faith as they get older, lead a life that is of good character and for them to be fulfilled in their future job.

    An ideal Mother’s Day would be one where I could take a day off from cooking and cleaning and spending time with my family outside!

  79. Monica Bane says:

    Mom of 3 homeschooled pboys here (10, 7, 5). I hope and pray they leave home with a solid understanding and belief of who God is, that His word is true and what His word says about who they are and how to operate in the knowledge. And that I will always make their favorite foods when they come home to visit. I pray they know how proud we are of them and how much we are cheering them on.
    2. Ideal Mother’s Day- excellent food that I don’t have to cook or clean up after and a family hike. Can’t wait to read this new book!

  80. My ideal Mother’s Day would be a day where I wouldn’t have to cook or clean or make any decision, with some time to myself but mostly doing something fun with my family. 😊

  81. 1.) I hope my children leave home with a genuine relationship with Christ. I hope God uses my husband and I to disciple our children for a successful life of serving Christ.

    2.) A good Mother’s Day to me looks like unhurried time with my family, as well as time spent with my mother figure and my husband’s mother.

  82. My greatest hope for my boys is for them to become men of good character, love and honor God with everything they do and be a blessing to all around them!

    I hope they leave home with a strong relationship with the Lord.

    An ideal Mother’s Day for me would be a day surrounded by my family where I can enjoy spending time with them and not worry about all the work that needs to get done.

  83. Leslie Briles says:

    I love your podcast, so glad I found it!
    1. I hope my boys remember their childhood as a fun and happy time. I hope they leave home with guidance and wisdom that I’ve taught them.
    2. An ideal Mothers day to me would be church in the morning, lunch afterwards made by my husband and boys, that everyone enjoys 😉 and then spending the day with my family making memories, playing outside, everyone getting along!

    1. Thank you Leslie! So glad you found the podcast too! 😉

  84. Besides loving Jesus, I would love big Sunday dinners with whoever lives nearby once they are grown!

    1. Oh yes to big Sunday dinners with family! 🙂 thank you Cassie!

  85. Erin Lepe says:

    1. I pray every day for my two little boys to grow up and be the best of friends. They are four years apart, and my oldest is seven and thrives off of helping his little brother. I pray it stays that way, and that my youngest continues to look up to him. I also pray that they both develop relationships with incredible mentors of faith and what it’s like to grow up and be a gentleman of faith

    2. An ideal Mother’s Day is Going for a massage with my best girlfriends and heading to the beach with a picnic basket. Talking about our highs and lows of being a mother and encouraging and praying with one another for the years ahead.

  86. 1. I hope my children have a love for the Lord and serve Him.
    2. I’d like to do something fun with my family and no dishes!

  87. Andrea Price says:

    An ideal Mothers Day for me would be
    My husband making my coffee and having breakfast with him and my kids at home. Then head off for a nice hike with the family and our dog. Afterwards go and get a pedicure and come home to a clean house. And not have to wash dishes or vacuum the entire day 🙂

  88. Kimber mueller says:

    1. I hope and pray my son loves Jesus forever and he stays sweet and kind.
    2. This year my ideal Mother’s Day would be my hubby fishing in the top 10! And our son and I going for a ride on a paddle boat on the lake the tournament is being held on.

    I also shared on my IG stories

  89. One of my GREATEST hopes for my children is that they leave home with a firm foundation in their walk with the Lord Jesus, that they would know Him, serve Him and walk with Him all of the days of their lives and that they would each have a passion and drive to carry out the ministry and purpose God wants in their lives.

    Thank you, Monica for your work and ministry! It has meant so much me! God bless your sweet family!

  90. Ideal mother’s day…how about one with no tantrums, no struggles over eating dinner, and no whining about sitting on the potty. (Tell me you have a toddler without telling me you have a toddler).
    Realistically, I’m hoping for a pancake breakfast prepared by my husband (a sunday morning tradition anyway) and an enjoyable walk to the park with my family.

    1. ahaha, yes Mother’s Day with toddlers is its own thing. 🙂 Keeping a sense of humor helps! Hope it’s a great day!

  91. I always look forward to your podcast episodes! Grateful for the wisdom & encouragement you share!
    1). That they develop a personal relationship with Jesus!
    That they are confident in their identity as His child & seek His will for their life.
    2). Sunny day + Family hike + extra hugs & “I love you’s!”

  92. 1. What is one of your greatest hopes for your children? What do you hope they leave home with?
    • I hope and pray they know just how loved they are. Not just by me and their dad, but most importantly by Jesus. I pray they leave home knowing the door is always open. They can come home anytime and I hope they do! Often! I hope I create a home they are excited to come back to even when they get older.

    2. What would an ideal Mother’s Day look like for you?
    • Family time!! I would love nothing more than to just watch a movie and cuddle my kiddos and husband, play some board games, shoot some basketball at the grandparents house, and end the day racing my youngest on the Xbox. My absolute favorite thing in the world is simple, quality family time!

  93. 1. What is one of your greatest hopes for your children? What do you hope they leave home with?
    I want for them to love God with all their hearts, I want them to find their passion and be happy. I want them to have a good relationship with each other.

    2. What would an ideal Mother’s Day look like for you?
    I just want to be with kids and my husband. We could just watch a movie and I’ll be happy.

  94. 1. My ideal hope for my kids is that they love and honor God first and that their life reflects that.

    2. An ideal Mother’s Day for me this year is church, celebrating a hopeful win for my oldest son’s soccer team and then a dinner I don’t have to cook 🙂

  95. 1. That they would love the Lord and that they find their identity and worth in Him.
    2. Tacos with my family. And an afternoon nap.

  96. 1. To love God, to love others, and to love learning.
    2. Ideal Mother’s Day is just to be with my kids. I love when they pick me up a fancy coffee in the morning, and I get time to read a little longer. I also always request 1 photo with my boys on Mother’s Day ☺️

  97. Staci K Davis says:

    Greatest hope for my children is to be lifelong followers of Christ. An ideal Mother’s Day would include no cooking, reading, and the beautiful outdoors!

  98. Catherine B says:

    1. What is one of your greatest hopes for your children? That they know that they are loved & valued beyond measure. Not just by their parents, but by their Creator who delights in them & has a sense of humor.
    What do you hope they leave home with? All the skills they need to care for themselves & others and the confidence make mistakes and learn from them.
    2. What would my ideal mother’s day look like? Getting to sleep until I naturally wake up (I have a 5 month old who sleeps thru the night as long as I get up to feed her a couple times 🤣). Then having a day to relax with the kids (without them fighting or trying to control eachother) either outdoors, playing boardgames, or a mix.
    I found your podcast last year and have recommended it to many moms. I have 4 kids here & 4 in Heaven ranging from 21yrs to 5 months. 1 boy 3 girls.
    I was excited to join your book launch team as my 14yr old will be starting high school this next year & wants to homeschool thru high school. With the 5 mo old, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s what I wish I had back when my now 21 yr old was going into 3rd grade.

    1. Aww thank you Catherine! So appreciate you being on the launch team and love this comment. Sending big Mother’s Day hugs!!

  99. One of my greatest hopes is that my children leave home with a heart that worships and loves God alone and desires to serve Him with their whole life.

  100. Amanda Dafoe says:

    My hope is that my kids grow up to be confident in their beliefs. I hope they leave my home to know god loves them.

    Ideal Mother’s Day is to have time to just be with my kids without tasks or schedule list.

  101. Christina says:

    Ideal Mother’s Day is having every meal out so no cooking! 😂