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  1. I also have 4 boys and thought (hoped!) that I had lucked out of the birds and bees talk and could leave that to my husband. But he wanted backup, so we looked on Focus on the Family for advice. They suggested that both parents be involved in the conversation(s) so the kids knew that they could talk to both of us about it in the future. It was the best advice! My boys come to me as much or more than their dad and I’m so thankful that they feel “comfortable” asking me questions, even if I’m squirming on the inside.
    I’ll have to check out the Good/Bad Pictures book! We used the other set.

    1. Thank you Bethany! Yes, that is soooo good. I totally meant to mention the whole question of “who should have the talk(s) between mom or dad” and maybe will go back and edit with a line about that! It’s so true, most of us women would prefer our husbands would talk to the boys, but my suggestion is usually “whoever is the more talkative/comfortable doing it.” But I actually prefer what you suggested. My husband has definitely been involved in these too, but I’m usually the one to initiate the convo’s. 🙂 Thank you for this great suggestion!
      Much aloha