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  1. Hello fabulous lady,

    I am emailing to request prayers for my relationship (common law husband and myself) and my family, as we are going through an intense healing journey through a horrible and very painful past.
    We’ve been ignoring the pain by abusing drugs and alcohol. This has reached a level of mental sanity where we can no longer cope with the anger and fear of losing a major amount of our lives and time to be able to accomplish something worth being proud of. My personal wish is to leave a good legacy to the world, especially my children. I / we have wasted so much of our lives ignoring and numbing the pain of the past that we’ve forgotten who we truly are and who we were created to be.
    Just yesterday, my partner went into detox and I felt absolute fear of losing my life and thought I would die. I finally realized that the abuse to our bodies and spirits, had put the fear in my mind and heart. I became fearful that tragedy was lingering in the midst threatening to harm all that I love and adore. As has been happening in the past. I was totally convinced that there was a curse on my life that meant that I am destined to experience loss and grief forever and that it is inevitable that I have only losses and harm to be prepared for and that my greatest fears will be realized someday.

    I’m asking for your support via prayers for divine intervention in my body,to not have to go through the route of using more medicine to let go of the addiction but instead I will be spared by God’s mercy and healing power to instantly heal from the physical addiction as the particular drug I was abusing is a physical addiction and the only way to overcome the drug is by using medication to treat the pain and withdrawal symptoms when I am learning to live without abusing drugs any longer. I believe that if I ask the Lord for anything, he will do it. Therefore, I am asking for God to heal my body from the physical addiction and reliance on daily use of the drug to be able to function but I will suddenly wake up refreshed, renewed and healed that the doctors and I will be able to experience a miraculous instant healing and forgiveness, so I can get on with life and begin doing what God wants me / us to be, what we’re capable of and the residue from the physical abuse would be miraculously removed without having to go through the doctor and get prescription drugs to help with withdrawal symptoms because I won’t feel withdrawals and the fear and other lies the enemy tells me will be overcome by God and He will bless me to know what I am meant to do for God. I am wanting to know what my purpose is so I can begin to do what He wants me to do. I will leave you with this and hope and pray that you have any words of encouragement and wisdom as well as your prayers as I truly believe that you have a great connection to God and your prayers will be powerful and effective as you seem to have a special relationship with the Lord.

    Thanks for your continuous positive and happy, relaxed and healthy blog posts. I love how you maneuver through the daily routine of family life and share your thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that one would expect from living in this lifetime. So, enjoy the rest of the summer and take care of yourself and your family as you do what you do during the your fun and exciting life. Safe travels and God bless!!

    1. I am absolutely praying for you Renata. Thank you for sharing so honestly. That takes courage. God loves you and has a great plan for your life–I am confident of that. I pray for healing, but I also pray that you have the courage to go through whatever it takes to get clean and healthy. God forgives you immediately and completely, but sometimes we still must face consequences in the physical realm as we live in a broken world and our bodies were not made to handle drug abuse and etc. Sometimes God does do a one-time, instant healing and that may be His will for you (I pray.) But if He has you walk through treatment, medicine or whatever you must do, please do not give up. He will be with you through every step of it and He will give you a much better future. Let me know how you come out of all of this, ok? Blessings to you and don’t give up!! Aloha. PS Thank you for the kind words. I love to think that I brighten any of your days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Annemarie says:


    I have been reading your posts for a long time now and truly enjoy them. We have three boys, ages 9, 8 and 5 and I just adore them! Living in Dublin, Ireland our lives are different from your family’s but as fulfilling. Our boys love rugby, football, swimming and camping with their scout group. Reading your posts reminds me to enjoy the moment, even if the moment us scraping the mud from the rugby boots right before a match or drying soaked tents before packing up.,,, thanks for highlighting what I can only describe as the joys of boys!!! Keep writing

    Annemarie x

    1. Thank you so much Annemarie! LOVE hearing from you. I seriously am fascinated hearing from people from other lands who live such a different life from ours…and yet — like you said — fulfilling and even similar on so many levels. I am thrilled if I have encouraged you to enjoy the moments! (Sounds like you’re pretty good at it! ;)) Much aloha and thank you for taking the time to comment! xo

  3. Hi Monica, welcome to my stomping grounds, I’ve been living in HB since the age of 12, and my loving husband of 27 years, BJ, and I are raising our two teens here; Hannah who is now 16, and Michael who is almost 14. The kids are currently at beach camp with our church youth group down in San Clemente for 5 days (so they are in heaven). I have been following your blog for about two years now and I have to tell you how much you inspire me! I love your recipes, your parenting insights and I feel like you and I are kindred spirits. You’re schedule is probably jam packed while you’re here in So. Cal., but if you’d let me treat you guys to breakfast or lunch while you’re in HB I’d be honored. I loved the Jr. Lifeguard video, my son loves to make videos too with his GoPro. I attached the link below under the website area if you’d like to check one out from a trip we took to La Jolla last year. I’ll be saying prayers for Luke as he competes and you too (I’m not quit sure how you juggle 4 schedules, my 2 kids are a ton of work). Blessings!

    1. Aw Kim, that was just the sweetest!! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and introduce yourself! What a blessing! How fun that our lives are literally interesting here between San Clemente and HB and all of the activities…Thank you so much for the thoughtful invite. I’ll keep you email on hand in case we get a couple down days (which is possible, depending on the surf contest schedule. :)) I’m calling Luke over now to watch your son’s video…thanks for sharing! Much aloha and do keep in touch. If not this time then one day it would be fun to meet! XO

      1. I do have some local restaurants to recommend your family try if we don’t get to treat you: Sugar Shack has been on Main St. forever and is our favorite spot for breakfast, our favorite taco spot is Sanchos Tacos right on corner across from beach parking and CVS, and for a healthy treat we love Bonzai Bowl (they’re packed full of delicious fruits). My cell is 714-392-6966 if you decide you have some free time, it’s the best way to reach me. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ„ Aloha!

        1. Awesome Kim, thank you. Yes, Sugar Shack is part of our regular routine when we are here…;) All the surfer kids gather there often! Never tried Sanchos Tacos so will look for that. And big Yes to Bonzai Bowl! We love acai and all things healthy smoothie! Thanks and Aloha- ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Monica. We (my boys, husband and Mom) are currently in a very small Santee, South Carolina. (Finishing week one of vacation.) Reading, Relaxing. On Lake Marion. Lots of nature to walk through. Attended a Catholic mass in a small church which was awesome. Our current church is huge in terms of numbers of people. This was a refreshing perspective in an intimate setting. Next off to Edisto Island via a one night stay in “civilization”. Forced relaxation is good for me….my brain needs a break. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of board games thus far (won Scrabble which for the record I never win. Played Monopoly…..a whole game….enough said…). Safe travels to you and your family.

    1. Laura–LOVE all of that. Sounds both dreamy and healthy. Therapeutic! Enjoy the rest of the time and soak in summer. Much aloha-

  5. Thanks for those links. I’ve seen a few of those articles linked on FB, but I like to wait until I see them linked from a reliable, respectable source (you:) before I bother taking the time to check them out. Happy Summer!

    1. What a compliment, Melissa! Haha. I hope you enjoy them now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Much aloha and happy summer days to you! xo