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  1. So sorry I’m late to the party–finally getting caught up here and I _loved_ this vlog!!! Informative and fun!! Keep ’em coming, you guys are great! Hmm…future vlog topics with Monica and Dr. Dave? Maybe parenting, Dad stuff, how about one on how to find a healthy balance in a marriage or relationship when one of you is an extrovert and the other more introverted 😉 ? I am a total extrovert and my husband prefers more quiet time alone, and I totally respect that…i wonder how other couples deal with this situation? Anyways, keep up the terrific work, guys!!

    1. Love all of your ideas Wendy!! Thank you for chiming in! 🙂 XO Hope your summer is off to a great start! 🙂

  2. Jessica Mendies says:

    Wow! I miss that guy!!! It took me back to youth group how many years ago? Dave and his awesome stories and Mon always there to bring the joy, love, and laughter! Soooo love you guys, what a treat! God bless!!

    1. aww, Jess! The best memories…right? We all need to get together (in person!) one day to reconnect. 😉 I vote for that to happen in Hawaii! 😉 XO hugs to the family!

  3. Hi, Monica! I just had to drop in and say “Well done!” to you and Dave on your very first vlog together! 🙂 The format was fun and easy to understand — great for young and old alike. Simple, practical advice that anyone can put to use is gold. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next one!

    Also, Dave’s “eye pop” expression is hilarious. Has he ever made that face at you when y’all were in a serious setting and were really not supposed to laugh? 😛


    1. Thank you Rennie! You’re always such an encouragement!! 🙂 Dave’s face was funny a few times in there, wasn’t it? No, I think he reserves that as his “Vlog face” haha…he’s a bit introverted so was doing all he could to act natural. 🙂 I’m getting excited about future topics. Over dinner tonight we discussed possibilities like herpes and hemorrhoids..haha. We’ll see! 🙂 XO

  4. I loooooooved watching you guys. Really made me miss you! I pretty much knew every answer especially the dehydration question. With sports we have always been on top of that. Also it is super hot and humid here in the summer so making sure kids drink before they go out in the heat was a priority for us.

    This video was totally awesome and you should do lots and lots more! xoxoxoxox

    1. Oh Kristen–YOU are the best! Thanks so much for the kind words! Love hearing from you, and love all that you’re up to over at your newly redone site…Way to go! Much Aloha friend!

    1. aw, thank you! 🙂 Have a great weekend! With Aloha-

  5. I was introduced to you on Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour last year and I’m so glad I started following your blog. Just wanted to say that I loved this video with Dave. You two were great – don’t be insecure 😉 I can’t wait for more videos!

    1. Thank you Julie! Happy you found me through Jamie’s podcast–love that girl! Thank you for the kind words…haha, getting in front of the camera is a whole other thing! 🙂 Much Aloha-

  6. Little tips on the helmets: Remember to buckle the strap!!! Putting the helmet on the head unbuckled will do absolutely no good in an accident because all it will do is fall off the head. Also, if a helmet has sustained an impact it is recommended that the helmet be replaced.