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  1. Excellent post! May I share this post on my blog at school? I think that parents could all use this information. I have never shared something another person wrote and am not sure of the etiquette. Of course, I would credit you! Please advise….

    1. Thank you Shannon! So nice of you to ask…Since this post “lives” over at Kids Activities Blog, I suppose it would be up to the owner over there…but I typically ask for people to just link a post in their blog. I’ve been told that if the same content is on more than one site somehow google doesn’t like it, and it is not good for either site. (haha, I’ve never understood that, but the experts say so..) Would it be possible to link to it in your blog? Meanwhile, I’ll ask over at the other site in case it’s fine with her! 🙂

  2. Great ideas! I have some very moody young men on my hands. Great ways to help them help themselves. Laps around the house seems to help too. Especially when blues comes with attitude. We make it a race and time the laps.