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  1. Can’t say enough about what a great mentor you are and all the wonderful content and people you bring on. This spoke so many confirmations to me. I got off social media in October(before this even aired). Haven’t got back on and have tried to convince more of my mom friends to do the same for their mental and family health. This is a perfect one for me to share and be encouraged myself. Your podcast selection is like “one stop shopping” for me! In a world where there are so many options it can be overwhelming but you continue to bring relevant content and I hardly feel the need to listen to anything else(well maybe a Meg Meeker and Dave Ramsey may sneak in there from time to time). I know that is not random. God speaks through you and your guests. Lately, listening to your boys I have felt I have gotten a better vision for my own children. They sound like gems. I don’t want mine to randomly grow up but to lead with more intention.