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  1. I love the idea of this but really need struggle to find what my gift or passion is.

    1. KC–that’s totally ok. Keep in mind not everyone’s gift or passion is something outwardly obvious…perhaps your gifts are in encouraging others for example, or even reading and gathering information. (of course there are many others but just naming two quieter passions.) Never compare yourself to others! 🙂 And perhaps your passions will develop more in future seasons also. Don’t be hard on yourself, just enjoy being you! 🙂 Much aloha-

  2. Kristen Gillis says:

    I think it is essential for women to have some creative outlet. Yes, it is often put on hold while you have babies, but after that, you can make time. I am always saddened when a women says, “I used to… (Insert creative pursuit) but I haven’t done it in so long.”

    I am a papercrafter. I used to make big scrapbooks, but now I am part of some online groups which swap Happy Mail. I have made and swapped pocket letters and flip books with women all over the world. It is like having grown-up penpals!

    I also make cards for special occasions. It is a creative outlet for me which I can completely immerse myself in.

  3. Susan Plantenberg says:

    I give vent to my creative side with crafting. My primary interest is with rubber stamping – cards, announcements, stationary, gift tags, bookmarks etc. I have started participating in weekend craft shows – which I love! Love the interaction with other crafters and customers – everyone really does have a story to share. I am also working on developing decorated dry erase memo boards – who can’t use a board to keep track of everything! I am also a wife, mother of 3, grandmother to 6 and work full time as a nurse working with adults with diabilities.As I am looking to retirement in the next 2-3 years my dream is to somehow merge my crafting and my work with my Residents into some sort of business. I call my little business “Forget-Me-Not Designs, Crafts and Gifts”. The Forget Me Not flower has a special meaning in my life. Thanks for letting me share! I look forward to reading your blog every Sunday – first was attracted as I love everything Hawiian – long story – but have found so much to relate to even though my kids are now adults with babes of their own. Please continue your sharing! Aloha, Sue

  4. MJ Harper says:

    2. I am constantly inspired by the creativity of Stella Hastings. She shows her passion for life by creating through music, teaching, and leading. She is creating using her beautiful, God-given talents and I love her for it.

    1. MJ Harper says:

      …also…I shared this post on Facebook. ♡♡♡ you, Monica!!!

  5. MJ Harper says:

    1. I define myself creative side by being creative! Imy a music teacher in Kansas, and I wish to open my students’ eyes to the multitude of options in the world for sharing your creativity with the world. We dance every day. We play instruments and sing. We read books and write stories, fiction and nonfiction. We illustrate and play games and create awesomeness on a daily basis. After school hours, I share the joy of creating with students in my private studio and then on stage or through performing. If there is a quiet moment or two, I let my hands do the creating and crochet.

  6. Love this Monica! 😁❤️ I truly believe that all creativity is necessary soul-work — a gift from God to help us speak deep things.
    I’ve loved anything artsy for as long as I can remember, and had dabbled in little projects through the years, but nothing serious. I’m also a homeschooling mom and have a part-time house-cleaning business.
    A really dark time in my life 2 years ago forced me to focus on art more than I ever had before. I started painting signs with encouraging verses, song lyrics, etc…
    Iattended one craft market and LOVED hearing shoppers tell me about who the piece was for and why.
    I also love to write on my own new blog, but need LOTS of practice! I do it anyway. 😉I see how critical these outlets have been for my healing.
    I’ve learned that by practicing these things, I’m still doing work *for* my children and family. For one, I’m modeling what it looks like to be a good steward of my gifts and abilities. And two, I’m letting my own soul be refreshed, so that I can better pour into my family and others.
    I’m so glad you have followed your passion. You have certainly done the above for your own family and all of your readers! Hugs!! 😊

    1. So great to hear from you Jamie. Thank you for sharing (and for your kind words! :)) Keep it up and stay in touch here too, k? Aloha–

  7. Photography. I’m not fantastic at it, but I enjoy it. One of my friends and I try to change our cover photos on Facebook every week – it forces us to do something photography-wise each week, even if we end up just using our camera phones.

  8. Heather S. says:

    Why a timely thing to come across your blog today – so timely! Just this week I have been asking the Lord to show me what my creative bent/side is for I don’t know what that is (yet) 🙂 I’m a full time wife & Mom to our 4 beautiful kiddos – our oldest a senior in high school (WHAT?!) & our youngest is 10. I sense a new chapter/season on the horizon & to be honest, initially I was terrified… but the more I bring it to the Lord & seek Him in this, the more peace He brings me – He knows me inside & out better than myself & I know He has a plan & purpose for me. I’m asking Him to reveal what it is He’d like me to do & then launch me into it – all for His glory! My first priority is to my husband & children so whatever it is I know will align with that & be a joy & not a burden… thank you for encouragement to this day. Been so blessed by reading through your blog to keep on keepin on!

  9. I love your blog 🙂
    you are so authentic and inspiring.
    I homeschooled our 3 kiddos for 7 years. and now they are all in full-time school!
    so, I’m writing my resume to get back into massage therapy (I love helping others on their wellness journey) it’s funny how nervous I am to get back out there! (I’ve been 100% Mom and Wife for so long)
    I do love seeing/hearing people following their passions!

  10. Teresa Eskew says:

    Great post Monica. I remember those early days. For me it was such a great way to feel like I was still your neighbor (as much as one could 3000 miles away, lol). I know some of the early ,on the were a struggle if you shoild keep blogging. Im sure happy you did (even if that menas I have to share you with so many people =).
    Right now my creativity is being directed in schoolwork. Not just my kids, but my own. With a full time job, going back to school and having a family. My creative life is on hold, but I know I will find it once again.
    Things I look forward to are being out in nature, learning to play my ukulele andcreating new recipes.

  11. You sweet thing. Thank you again for being so generous with your story. Sincerely!

  12. Since starting this “stay at home mommy” gig 2.5 years ago, it became pretty clear, pretty fast that I needed a creative outlet. I started by doing hand embroidery and that led to machine embroidery. I have loved that creative process but now…in a totally different kind of creative…I have started a blog! It has been really life giving to me. And…it is currently highlighting our adoption process! I’m really loving it.

  13. I am creative musically – playing the piano, singing, and writing songs with my sons who are also learning piano and song writing. I love to laugh and goof off with them too and mimic other singers 😉

    I love art as well and have sketched and done some sculpting as well, but I don’t find the time to do this at this point in my life – planning to do this and learn to paint when I’m an empty nester.

    I used to do lots of crafting, crocheting, and drying flowers, but I haven’t done that in probably 20 years now. I was single with a lot of time on my hands 😉

    Gardening is lots of fun for me and very rewarding. Vegetable gardening is what I do now, but I’d like to get back into flower gardening when we have our own place again and more money to invest in it.

    I also love to build my businesses with the goal of having my husband join me in a few years. Crunching numbers, making goals, getting things done – that’s my forte. Getting ready to start down a new path so we have another basket for our “eggs” (You know, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”)

    Thanks for all you do! Just started reading “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures” with my boys (based on your recommendation. So encouraged to have a resource to help equip my boys in this area.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  14. I am creatively stuck and have been for many years. I used to draw, paint, make sculpture- I actually have an Art degree! I’d like to start doing SOMETHING but I don’t know where to start. Maybe reading the book will push me in the right direction. I know being creative is what I’m desperately missing in my life. Thank you for the Blog!!

  15. Gail Straccia says:

    Well, I’m not sure my creative side has yet to be degined, in my eyes that is. I’ve been a stay at home mom now for the past 12yrs and I finally feel like I’m ready to find myself. Who am I, what do I want to be when I grow up? That’s the challenge I now face. I know that I’m loved and appreciated at home by my husband and kids, but I know I can contribute more to my family in more ways than I already do and also be more to myself than I have been while being a stay at home mom. Although I’m excited, I’m less confident now after all these years to find my creative side and to see how that will help me grow to be the best person, wife, mom, sister, aunt that I can be, but i know that I long to find a better me. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  16. Leigh Helton says:

    My mom is definitely a creative person that inspires me. If you see a flower arrangement or wreath in my home, she most likely made it. She loves all things crafty and is so very good at it!! She loves to create things for others, just because. She has made so many diaper cakes for baby showers, decor for weddings, flower arrangements and wreaths for her home and for others. She has a giving heart and loves to share her talents.

  17. Micha Sorensen says:

    Creativity has been an always evolving, changing part of my life. As seasons come and go and I started a family, my creative endeavors have changed too. I still love to bake, but as of the last several years, I have been able to quilt more as my boys have gotten older and gone to school full time. I am sure quilting may take a back seat and I may start making jewelry again. I never know what will inspire me again, but I am thankful I can create, because I was made by The Creator.

  18. Leigh Helton says:

    I am still learning my creative side. As an accountant by day, I am known as a number cruncher. But, I LOVE to read and I have also loved to write. One thing I believe I would like to do is teach others about personal finance. I enjoy helping others learn to find a healthy balance of living, saving and giving.

  19. Katie Bering says:

    My creative side at this stage: Grantwriting for a couple of organizations that have a special place in my heart. Telling their strategic stories to inspire meaningful funding. Also managing and editing, and sometimes contributing to, a blog for our church. Took me a long time to learn that God had created me with a gift for communicating and writing!

  20. Angela O'Brien says:

    I wish I could describe what my creative side is like. I have always wanted to write, photograph, and learn to play the ukulele, not necessarily in that order, but it seems that the mommy side of me always takes over and I don’t find the time. I pass by my uke every day and see it gathering dust and it makes me sigh. I would love to start carving out some of my day to be creative. One step I recently took was to sign up for a writing class online. I am excited to see if this encourages me to take some other steps toward a more creative life!:)

    Love love love your blog! xoxo, Angela

  21. I have yet to learn the juggling act. Perhaps, the book will give some insight. 😉
    I love to create things with my hands. Sculpture, carving, fabric manipulation, drawing, painting-if I haven’t done it, there’s a good chance I want to. Lol
    I also love to create music, lyrics, sing harmonies, play guitar, keyboard & someday…violin.
    I write as well-maybe a book someday.
    Raising a 17yr old man child with mental/emotional challenges & an 8yr old man child with dyslexia has been the ultimate juggling act in itself. (Especially without a parenting partner)
    The Lord has been good to me-to us & He is with me in the struggle.
    I fail daily, but never stop trying to get the parenting thing right. I cannot comprehend how moms like you do it! All that you do & do well just boggles my mind! I had (have) an excellent role model in my mom, but I just don’t have those instinctive “Suzy homemaker” genes inside me. The love, dedication, protection, promotion, supportive, education, counseling parts I’ve got covered-overly covered sometimes-but, having a clean house, clean laundry, dinner on the table, completed homework, baths & brushed teeth by bedtime skills completely elude me! It’s so frustrating. And the thing that overwhelms my mind most times. And the overwhelmed mind is what prevents me from doing the creative things I’d like to do.
    I have faith that God will complete the good work He’s started in me, but it may be when my boys are adults before I can be productive in that way again. We know God’s timing is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy for us to accept &/or understand.
    God bless you for the living, breathing inspiration you are to so many who wanna be like you when we grow up. 😜
    I will attempt to share on fb if I can figure it out.😂

  22. While the visual arts are not my thing-can’t even master cute stick figures- I am an idea lady! My creativity comes into play planning engaging lessons for the students at my school. I thrive on the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to help children grow.

    However, in my heart I know I am a writer. I have stories – my own and those imagined- spinning around in my mind all the time. I just need to take the leap and make time and space to write. I’m not sure if I feel drawn to a blog, or articles for submission, or even children’s book… I just know I would love to finally follow through and give it a try.

    Thanks for all your mentorship through your blog! I truly appreciate you.

  23. I’m not sure what my creative side is yet – I feel like I’m so close to it and I pray every day to follow His path to it. I would love to read the rest of your story.

  24. I was first introduced to your blog by Heather at the Good Centered Mom podcast, and I’ve been seeing this book release announcement pop up in so many places in my social media circles that I know there’s something God is trying to tell me. I’m a stay at home mom to two littles, a graphic designer in my pre-kids life, and I’m feeling like I need to start creating again as it’s taken a back seat to my mothering the past several years. I still see the beauty in creating, and now I’ve taken to seeing Scripture in a new life-giving light. This book looks very inspirational in the way it takes the guilt out of me wanting to spend time creating, and instead turns it into using my gifts to glorify God.

  25. I love doing anything that is artisitic. My favorite way to be creative is photography. The past few years I have tried to put 20 minutes aside, at some point in the day, to focus on ANYTHING creative-be it playing guitar, drawing or some sort of craft. Often, it turns into a great family time too. For several years I put aside this part of me (2 small kids, homeschool,part time work got the better of me). I always had a nagging feeling that something was off. As soon as I comitted to setting aside some time, I felt better and more complete. It doesn’t always happen, but knowing creativity is possible makes me have hope! BTW, it has set an awesome time for my kids and I to explore and enhance their creativity! Taking nature hikes and snapping some photos is my 12 year olds favorite thing-besides surfing;)

  26. I’m so glad you started blogging Monica! I love your thoughts, wisdom and inspiration. I too have needed much wisdom as I balance writing and family…I totally get jumping up when your husband comes in 🙂 Though he totally supports me. My creative side lies in writing, blogging and now (hopefully) finishing two books for publishing. I love that God’s given us wonderful gifts to get excited about, and to bless others. Sharing this on social media. Congratulations on your inclusion in Life Creative. Look forward to reading it.

  27. I love to create, but honestly, haven’t managed to find (make?) the time for much creative “me time” lately. To compensate just a bit, I started making handmade gifts for my sons’ friends for their birthdays. Nothing fancy, but apparently my no-sew fleece blankets have become quite the talk at the local preschool. I also stress-myself-out (and love every minute of it) creating birthday cake masterpieces for the boys… so I guess, right now, even my creative outlets revolve around the kids, but that IS something, and for now, it’s enough. (The book sounds like a great read; here’s hoping I win – and then manage to find the time to read it 😉 )