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  1. Belinda Osborne says:

    HAPPY HAPPY birthday to you and you like amazing for 46 years. I’m 48 and had an anxiety attack when I realised in 2 years I’ll be 50 !!!😲 I am hopeless at reading to my boys at night with lights out im asleep within 2 mins and son is usually telling me wake up 🤣 also if I’m driving and it’s sunny I’ll get all sleepy and have to wind down the windows turn up the radio so I stay awake.

  2. Jennifer M says:

    Hi Monica…and Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 I just happened upon your blog and your book recently…thank you for writing it…it makes so much sense! I just turned 40 this past June and weight issues and eating have ALWAYS played a part in my life…negatively. Though I am not overweight I have not exercised much the last few years. But instead of beating myself up after reading your book I have started with walking 4-5 times a day. We have five acres and a very long driveway that is mostly uphill. I walk up and down that for half hour and I feel like its a pretty good workout. Consistency is the key for me. Your book helped me to relax more and not feel so guilty that I am not at the gym sweating it out everyday ( I homeschool my 3 children…who has time for that HA! ). I am trying to rest in the fact that I am doing something consistently and I am putting forth effort and feeling good afterward that it’s okay.
    I never thought that I would ever come across another person with the same vomiting thing!! The first time my oldest daughter came down with the stomach bug she was just under two. I had gone to check on her when she started crying and smelled that smell…I told my husband that he would have to come get her and I went to the bathroom to try and calm myself down and ended up passed out while sitting on the toilet and ended up halfway in the bath tub when I came too…scared my husband to death. I have passed out on one other occasion, but my husband told me that when I get that feeling like I am going to faint, to get on the floor and lay down…it does work. So obviously he has to handle the throwing up thing in our household. He would tease me after that saying my family never warned him of this issue I had before we got married. I was like that my whole childhood too…I go into a panic if anyone is sick or feels sick…I can’t deal!! Funny but so NOT funny. How do you cope when your kids are sick?

  3. Himanshi Pradhan says:

    Happy Birthday Monica. You look fabulous. Have a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you so much! 😉 Sending a little Aloha your way… 🙂

  4. Penny Nakamura says:

    Happy Birthday Monica! I love your list…I’m also a big fan of cotton sticks/Q-tips! No need to worry girlfriend, you look ever so youthful. I’m in my 50’s now, an empty nester 🙁 and I just say I’m 21 and holding. (Granted, holding for a very long time!) Hope Levi did well in his first surf competition, and everyone won their soccer games~ But most of all hope you had a great celebration. As for wrinkles, I always say the wrinkles and grey hair are badges of honor, for a life well lived. All my best to you, Penny

    1. Thank you Penny, such sweet words! And been meaning to email you to thank you for the HUGE boost for my son Josiah. He was over the moon about getting in touch with your husband regarding submarines. haha. (slight obsession there. He takes his writing seriously! ) Bless you (and your man!) Aloha–

  5. Ann Langford says:

    You are a refreshing, interesting, open hearted woman. I appreciate your willingness to share the good, bad, and the ugly with your readers. Thank you for sharing a bit of YOU with all of US. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you Ann! So sweet of you to take time to comment! Much aloha and thank you for the bday wishes!! xo

  6. Happy Birthday! Some of these had me laughing out loud – especially the passing gas one lol!
    Shortly after my husband & I met (we weren’t even officially dating yet but I already knew I loved him) we were sitting on the couch talking about random stuff. I asked how much he weighed & when he answered I said “oh good. I never want to weigh more than my husband.” !! I wanted the floor to open up & swallow me! Later he told me he loved it because he already knew he wanted to marry me, too 😊
    And a random one – I am terrified of black toilet seats, metal toilets (like the ones in rest stops), porta potties (I will hold it until the cows come home before I will EVER use one) & using the restroom at someone’s home. Weird.

    1. Heather!! I LOVE all of that. So funny. (the toilets!!hahahha) We’d definitely be good friends! 🙂 Thank you for sharing and you also had me laughing out loud. Aloha to you–

  7. Happy Belated Birthday. I appreciate your posts, wish I could meet you someday!!! (In Hawaii, of course).
    I NEVER iron, but consider myself a pretty good cleaner-upper, but ironing, NO! My hubby understands, if we had a prenup, which we don’t, that I just can’t look down having heat come into my face, pushing this heavy object for unfavorable results. Like you said, that’s what dryers are for.


    1. Thank you Julie! So glad I’m not alone on the ironing!! 😉 Love it! Maybe we will meet one day!! 🙂 I appreciate you taking time to comment. Much aloha — XO

  8. Susan Plantenberg says:

    Happy Birthday hugs and wishes!

  9. Happy Birthday Monica!!

    I just turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. So far, not bad.. haha. Ok so I only got an iron to do those kids projects with those tiny plastic pieces that you put on this hard plastic shape that had to be ironed. When Lucia asks me to iron one of her shirts, I pull it out from under 20 other things in the cabinet and I get secretly nervous i’m going to mess up her shirt.

    Also, I’m in love with qtips to! But they absolutely have to be quips brand or they will not do, the others are too flimsy and not enough cotton on the tip. If I travel, that is the first thing i make sure i have packed!! It just feels so darn good!!

    And lastly, coffee!! I go to bed excited about drinking coffee in the morning. My latest favorite, trader joes self stable whipping cream. OMG so good with the coffee!!!

    Love you girl!!!

    1. gees sorry for the typos…

      1. I seriously didn’t see a single typo. (It’s late and I’m tired but really…You’re good!) XO

      2. oh man, and I forgot to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 40 is so young!! Enjoy!! 🙂 XOXO

    2. Oh Marci– You are like my spirit animal. Or my soul mate. Or however that stuff works. Hahaha. I’m SO with you about Q-tips. I just borrowed some of my moms yesterday that are a cheap brand and I made a mental note to talk to her about that very subject! so funny! And enough about Trader Joes anything…you know that hurts my heart.. 🙂 XOXO Love you and next time you come to Hawaii you better get to Oahu, NS!!! 😉

  10. Happy birthday Monica! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I always look forward to your posts.

    I’m 47 the mama of 3 girls, married 21 years & a teacher…..some days I feel 16, others about 80. I long for the wisdom of 80!

    Some confessions:
    1. I’m weird about coffee mugs….. we have about 15 but I only drink out of my fav 2. I’m particular about the weight and shape. I’ll get one out of the dishwasher& hand wash it just because…
    2. I use words like doohickey, whatchamajigger and such & such regularly
    3. My husband teases me that I have a rotating 360 degree ‘finger point’ left over from my teaching days when I would point to things on the board.
    4. I don’t have tattoos either but I secretly admire them.
    5. My husband does not have any either but I am trying to talk him into getting his girls initials in a heart on his bicep. Arranged one way, our initals would spell ‘COMA’. I think that would be awesome and a great conversation starter…… he disagrees. 🙂
    6. Laundry is my nemesis…… I have no trouble washing/drying but the folding……. Arghhh! I’ve been known to put them on my king size bed in the morning intending to fold them…..and then not getting to it, putting them back in the basket and placing it on the floor at night. Back and forth…… for oh about 3 days.
    7. I long to live in the mountains…… but also have a little beach cottage to escape to.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Melissa-SUCH fun confessions from you. I feel like I know you! 🙂 And we should have coffee for sure because I’m pretty similar about coffee mugs. 😉 You’re so funny–thanks for stopping in and blessing my bday! XO PS “Coma” tattoo…haha…still laughing (and can’t imagine why your husband wouldn’t agree to that! :))

  11. Happy happy birthday to you! You are as beautiful as always – inside and out! ❤️

    The dirty on me: #mostembarrasingmoment The fitting room door flew open at Savers when I was inbetween outfits. The fitting rooms are at the front of the store – in open view to everyone. I was in my early 20’s and soooo horrified! 😂

    1. Danielle- Oh wow, that must have been SO embarrassing! What a silly place to put changing rooms!! Much love to you and thank you for the kind words. Aloha-

  12. Gosh, I don’t want to write out all my confessions, lol! Except one, I’m two years older than you and probably have double your list. Great list, which aren’t anything really bad. Hope you have a fun birthday!

  13. Amber Kramer says:

    So much fun to read this post…one of my favorites! 🙂 I literally laughed out loud about the Q-tips! I have always been OBSESSED with cleaning out my boys’ ears with them! Now, they love it so much, it is considered a treat when I do it…to the point where they’ll say such things as “if I do xyz, will you clean my ears?!” I swear, when my now senior son comes home from college, he’s going to ask me to clean his ears for him (unless I get to HIM first!) 🙂


    1. bahahaha–So funny! Clearly we could be good friends. 🙂 Much aloha to you–xo

  14. Love the confessions! I have 3 boys and one girl. I understand the heart flips when you get to gaze at your progeny. thanks!

  15. I “air type” all of my thoughts on my legs (when sitting). Like before I wrote this, my fingers automatically typed “Happy Birthday” to you. It’s a habit. I don’t get it; I just do it. I truly hope you’ve had an awesome day!!!

  16. Ashley Tiburcio says:

    First, off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Here are my confessions! I have REALLY big feet! Mine are a size 12…most of my tennis shoes are men’s because tennis shoe stores in Indiana think women’s feet are no bigger than a 10…I am able to find dress shoes online but the tennis shoes are limited so I just stick with mens plain white and black Vans…

    I NEVER iron because I have burned clothes and myself…I am no good at it at all! we just use the wrinkle release on the dry and try no to buy things that need ironed.

    I also look at my husband everyday and wonder how I got such a grace giving, loving, calm, level headed husband. We are total opposites. Where I am quick to anger he shows me how to chill out and challenges me in other ways as well. He is patient while I’m well…not so much! We’ve been together for 11 years! He is my H.S sweetheart…We have made it when others thought we wouldn’t because we were young and had a baby right after I graduated but we did and are HAPPY!

  17. OK, I share almost 4 things in common. I turned 44 in September . I act, look and sound much younger than my age. I’ve got squint lines too. I’ve always been in love with my only son who is now 22. I used to call my mom every day. Now it’s almost every day. I also live in Hawaii.
    Some secrets of my own? Hm? I’m not as happy or as healthy as I really look. I have a problem with being late. Oh, I’m 5’4 exactly and my feet are 9.5. I don’t spend enough time relaxing. I really love bubble gum balls. I’m a brunette but I act blonde. I’m extremely forgetful, lousy at directions, and I have no desire to be better at things I’m not good at. I’d give anything to be able to do gymnastics again.

    1. Elsa–I really like you. 🙂 Great list!! I hope over this next year you become happier and healthier than you look! XO Keep in touch, k? Aloha, neighbor! (which island are you on?)

  18. I DO love the first sip of coffee, a hot shower, & especially Qtips!! Can’t live without them, especially when allergies flare and my ears itch so Much! And as for throwing up? Let’s just say my kids all learned very quickly how to make it to the bathroom ON TIME! Mom can’t handle that stuff and certainly doesn’t want to end up doing it herself…eek! I do love my kids but not throwing up!

  19. Happy Birthday Monica! Ironically, I’m a Q-tip person too, I travel with them where ever I may go!
    Wishing you many years of continued happiness.

  20. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Confessions: I pay between $35-$50 per jog/sports bra and I am perfectly happy doing that. I do not have a tattoo but I am fascinated with them on peoples feet.

    P.S. 2020 you will still have a couple teenage boys at home, I would suggest pushing out the “no paperplate, no paper towels” thing at least a couple more years.

    1. Awesome Sandy. (your comments are always so much fun!)
      I guess I’m not very good at math, you’re right. Shooting for 2025 now! 🙂 XO

  21. Hi Monica

    Happy Birthday and hope your enjoy your day and evening with the boys !!

    I started reading your blogs when one of my face book friends posted your blog on dealing with teenage boys…I have been inspired ever since and read your posts every other day I must admit as I access it from my work mail (sshhh)

    My only confession and sooo glad to share and hear that Iam not the only one who has those lovely feelings when your son makes eye contact….Iam with you on that one and understand it completely.

    Love your posts it is so real and it grounds and keeps me sane as a working mom.

    Must run its the end of my day down in Cape Town..enjoy and look forward to hear about your evening.


  22. Happy Happy Birthday, Monica

  23. Happy Birthday Monica!! You look absolutely fantastic for 44 and I love how true you are about your confessions!!

    My confession is that I love when my son comes to sleep with us (occasionally), even though he is 11. I love cuddling him and it makes me fall asleep faster 😀

    Hope you have a fantastic day!!
    Love from Oman!

  24. I love staying up late! I get so much done because I actually have more energy. So while the kids and hubby are gone, I take a nap to get ready for my late night!
    Happy birthday!
    PS I love Q-tips too!

  25. Monica! I turned 44 on October 24. I, too, sleep with my eyes a little bit open, and I act, dress, and think as if I were ten years younger than I really am, too. I love Q-tips (although my 13 year old daughter rebukes me for using them, saying they could damage my ears.) Ha, ha! Let’s have a wonderful 44th year, okay? 🙂

    1. Hey–Happy Birthday Julie! So cool! And don’t ya just hate it when those teens are so full of information you don’t want to hear!? haha. Have an awesome 44th year. Cheers! xo

  26. Kathy Aiello says:

    Happy Birthday! Your stories crack me up….my list,

    The iron is the devil.
    Q-tips would have to be my one comfort item if stranded on a deserted island.
    My eyes get teary every time my 12 year old son hugs or kisses me on his own.
    I’m addicted to ice cream and can’t even have it in the house or else I have to eat it every day until it’s gone.
    And my secret confession, I despise socks. So much so that they go in a big basket after being cleaned and never get mated….well unless one of boys needs an “attitude” adjustment, then they get mated.

    Have a glorious day!!

  27. stephanie candler says:

    I love this post! Mainly, because I can identify with most of your traits!
    Here is a few of my own:
    I like to leave positive affirmations throughout my house ( writing on mirrors are not excluded)

    I write small tasks on my to do list so I have easy things to mark off. I guess this makes me feel like I have accomplished more. Ha!

    I sometimes get really excited when the laundry isnt completely dry when the buzzer goes off, beacause I have more time to NOT fold clothes!

    Thanks for your birthday post!

  28. Teesa Eskew says:

    Happy Late Birthday dear friend. I hope you get this!!!!
    I feel blessed on your birthday to have you for a friend.

    Now My big confession. Your Birthday card that I purchased two weeks ago is sitting in my glove compartment. So much for trying to be way ahead of time. ughhh

    1. Aww, thank you Teresa! This totally counts–Save the card for next year! 🙂 I love that you even thought of me, and indeed–Your bday is within days of mine, right!? haha–I think I’ll be calling you this weekend! xoxo

  29. Happy Birthday, Monica!!!! Gosh, so many confessions to make, where do I start?! I don’t put milk on dry cereal–ever!! Milk makes it mushy and cold and….ugh, never!!!! Hope you have a terrific day to kick off an awesome new year of YOU!!!!

  30. OH MY! My husband gets after me for using Q-tips. I’m SO glad I’ve found another! I do love me a good cup of coffee and a hot shower too.

    Happiest of Birthdays!

  31. Cecilia Goudet says:

    love your posts, happy bday!!!!
    Cheers from Mexico

  32. Sheena Carnie says:

    Happy birthday, Monica. I turned 42 at the beginning of October – all the great people are born this month! My 16 year old son gave me the most special gift … a framed list of 42 reasons why he loves me. Okay some of them were strange, like the fact that we both like the same radio station, both shave our legs (he’s a cyclist!) and the fact that I make him lunch every day (he seems to eat constantly!) but there were some very special mentions that make me think I must be doing something right some of the time, like the fact that I introduced him to God, he knows I’m his number one fan, he knew I wouldn’t care that he didn’t give me an expensive gift, and he (apparently) appreciates the fact that I don’t believe in shortcuts – do the work that you have to do and you’ll benefit in the end. Very blessed to have boys in our lives.

  33. Dear Mon,

    Hope your day was awesome. Love you and your fam and I’m so happy to read your blogs since we only get to see each other once a year?! Haha

    My confession is the same as #4….maybe it’s a Swedish thing! Lol

    Confession #2….I snore!

    Have a great night and maybe we can plan for our once a year gathering! Haha

    Blessings on you today and for years to come!!

    Much love,

  34. I’m the same way about Q-tips – we call that great ear cleaning feeling an “eargasm”… I know, it’s terrible.

    I am 29 and still feel guilty when I sneak cookies from the cupboard. Or eat Nutella with a spoon, though I’ll never give it up.

    Happy birthday dear friend!! I hope this next year is utterly spectacular!

  35. Happy Birthday Monica! You look fabulous!! I have two boys (10 and 13) and when they look into my eyes for those amazing 5 seconds each day, my heart also does somersaults! Actually, they love to cuddle and I know those days are limited. Thank you for sharing your life and family and fun sense of humor with us grommons all over the world! 🙂

  36. DId your birthday wishes come true? I hope so, you deserve it! Laughed out loud at your list. We share some “unique” qualities.
    1. I am also just under 5’4′, but I have average sized feet. Don’t envy me, because having small feet doesn’t go very far when shopping for jeans.
    2. I am vomit-phobic and God truly doesn’t give you more than you can handle. I know this because my boys ( 5 &7) have vomited exactly twice each. Ever. Praise Jesus! However, in my first year of teaching at Ma’ili, I vomited on the head of a student immediately after she yaked on my sandal feet. Then we stood there and cried, both of us…
    3. I am so horrid at ironing my husband takes his ironing to his mom, and I don’t even feel embarrassed about it.
    4. The exuberant hugs and I love yous from any of my guys make my day.
    5. If I could have any job, I’d write children’s books.

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I loved this post. 1. I can’t chew gum either I totally just swallow it and 2. before we ever had kids I told kev he would have to be on throw up duty. I can’t handle it.

  38. Happy Birthday!

    Some confessions- I’m a control freak and would rather pay a babysitter and clean myself then hire a cleaning lady. Strange I know.

    As a new SAHM to 2 toddlers, I miss working not because of work, but because you can talk to adults! I despise play dates unless I’m actually friends with the parent, but I’m working on that one.

    I married an environmentalist so no paper plates here:)

  39. Happy birthday Monica.. hope you have a stunning one..

    My 1st time replying.. Love your blog & confession.. make me laugh..

    I will be 40 next year & funny enough.. am looking forward to it..
    I have so many confession but here’s a few..

    Am a bit of OCD & a clean freak… forever cleaning & tidying up & go through paper towels like water.. but at the same time I recycle glass, paper, cans, plastics & very religious about it…

    Like you… I love kissing, cuddling & staring at my beautiful twins who are 7 years old.. my miracle children! (I actually prefer to sleep with them than with my husband hahaaaa)

    I Love… the real housewives reality show… hahaha.. so much so.. my kids think I’m nuts!!

    Hate ironing.. my husband does a better job than I do…

    Totally get the Q tip..

    As for the tattoo.. love to have one on my ankle but haven’t got the guts to do it.. yet!!

    I have many more and the list goes on and on… for next birthday confession..

    So.. Cheers to you for looking amazing at 44… xoxo

  40. Monica,

    LOVE your birthday confessions!! I have MANY of the same, especially looking at my boys and one little princess. ALSO, we use paper plates and napkins every single day and I feel SO guilty about it but have a serious problem with spending all of my time doing dishes which is what I would have to do with the alternative. I will eventually give it up too!

    I JUST turned 42 and LOVE my 40’s, wish they came before the 20’s so I could have been smarter and cooler:)

    2 weird things… I CAN NOT break a rule or at all NEVER… it drives the hubby crazy! If the sign says not to go up the down isle… I can not do it.. even if the parking lot is empty. The same with 10 min parking signs. If I think I might take 11 minutes… I can’t make myself park there. If you are supposed to “tear here” on a bag…. there is NO way I am ripping into it! It’s crazy!

    The second is that if I know I have to turn right (or left) on a road… eventually… even miles from now… I HAVE to get in the lane that I will be turning from. That mean even if it will be 10 min before I will be there! WHAT is wrong with me?? Ha ha ha!! I sometimes make myself pass or travel in the opposite lane and I freak out wondering if I will be able to get over when I get there! Ha ha ha ha! It’s embarrassing to even type because I look like such a normal gal on the outside!

    Thanks for the fun today:)

  41. Happy birthday my dear Monica,I hope your birthday will last for as long as yours and Tínas use to in your day at least a week. You look bautiful not a day older

  42. Happy Birthday Monica!

    When I’m by myself and drinking a carbonated beverage, I love to burp really loud and them I say excuse me! Lol

    Connie 😉

    1. OK, THAT made me laugh–out loud! (My boys liked it too!) XO much aloha!

  43. First I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish for you a day filled with all the things you love to do. May you find magic hidden in your day. By the way…I love reading your posts.

    My confession: I have a hard time sitting still and relaxing so when I do I have no problems knitting, sipping coffee, reading, and listening to music or watching one of my favorite shows at the same time. My husband just laughs at me!

  44. I so identify with your comment about not wanting anyone in the family to move, breathe or touch anything once you actually have the house cleaned up and in order! But I’m learning that when I’m 90 years old one day (hopefully), I won’t be looking back and admiring the days in my life when I got the house cleaned and organized all the drawers, shelves and closets… Those moments when our hearts do somersaults and backflips are the real “stuff” of life that we will hopefully remember oh so fondly when we are old and gray and coming to terms with our mortality. I so love your eclectic list of truths though! We all have them whether we fully realize it or not. I will confess that I buy my son 2 or 3 Halloween costumes each year because I/we can’t decide on 1 costume, and then I also work on homemade/makeshift costumes and never turn down a hand-me-down one from a neighbor, family member or friend… So when all is said and done we end up having to go to every Halloween event within 30 miles of our house between September and October so we can wear all the costumes and get pictures in all of them. This year’s variety includes… Fireman (dress up set we already had), Super Grover (bought it), Power Ranger (hand-me-down), Peter Pan (bought it for Disney World vacation), homemade clown (why I had these items I cannot tell you), and last year’s Crayola Crayon for one more use before giving it away or donating it. Call me crazy, but I enjoy every moment of it and figure I’ve got about 2 more years until he turns 7 and tells me enough is enough with all the costumes lol! So when people ask me what he is going to be for Halloween, I just pause, and then tell them the one I think they will like the best…

  45. Happy Birthday Monica! I loved this post, I was literally laughing out loud. We have the same shoe size, but I’m 5′ 8″ so you do a have a big feet he he…

    You look amazing, with a smile like yours I doubt anyone is paying attention to the tiny time lines 😉

    I feel the same way when I look into my boys eyes, thanks for putting that fuzzy feeling into words.

    Have a wonderful day, I like the plans you have for your birthday, sounds perfect.

  46. A couple of things:

    1. I have to have a glass of ice water when I eat ice cream.
    2. I have an unnatural fear if tornadoes and bears.
    3. I literally put garlic in and on EVERYTHING!
    4 … And I have been with my hubby for 23 years this Saturday.. We are high school sweeties..;) xo

  47. Happy Happy Birthday Monica!!!!! Enjoy the pedicure and “free” time!!!!
    Big Hugs,
    ps..I love q tips (after morning coffee of course)-so were all good! ha!

  48. I just had my 42 birthday on the 9th! Happy birthday my fellow Libra! Both of my boys are currently on Kauai with their dad. We used to live there until our divorce in ’06 at which time I moved back to California to be closer to family. My oldest moved at the beginning of the year and my youngest after school was out. I miss them so much! I had a wonderful bday starting with breakfast with fellow residents in my community at one of my favorite restaurants. Then a wonderful lunch with one of my best friends. Finally a little party for me thrown by wonderful friends who I play poker with on Thursday nights! It was a fantastic day, the only thing missing were my boys.

  49. Catherine Bennington says:

    Happy happy birthday!! Love your blog…love your list….I think your day is going to be the best!

    Bliss for me would be sitting in a beach chair in Ohau, having a coffee…with the sun setting and my grandchildren playing at the edge of the surf. Today, here in Vancouver BC..it is POURING out..

    I love the sunshine…the beach…the sound of the surf.(I was raised in Southern California) I have 2 wonderful sons, a daughter in law and 3 very precious grandchildren… Oh, I also have a terrific husband as well…I am blessed.

    We use to go to Hawaii every year…but have not in 3..how I MISS it!!

    Enjoy your day…keep your blog coming..I love it!!

    PS: My father calls me ‘the paper towel Queen!!

  50. My confession: I want to be YOU. (and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this ;)). Thanks for inspiring me every day! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!!

  51. I knew I liked you… it’s my birthday too!! However I am 46, much older than I feel or act!! Happy birthday to us!!

  52. I’m new here. A friend linked your blog a few months ago. This is my first comment.
    Ditto on the Emetophobia.
    Ditto on the coffee/shower/q-tips.
    I feel like I am an 80 year old trapped inside of an almost 40 year old body. When I was younger I loved to hang out and play cards with my Gram and her BFFs. Now I’m just realizing I do t have the energy physically to keep up with my mental energy.

    1. Awesome km…Thanks for the comment and I’m glad to have you around! 😉 Keep it up and much aloha being sent your way!

  53. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope to look as awesome as you do when my turn 44. Seriously! 🙂 Also, we are October birthday kindreds – mine was the 18th.

    I love that you asked for a professional house cleaning, that’s something I would totally do. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and treats you deserve. Prayers for many, many, many more birthdays to come!

    1. Aw, happy Birthday to you too!! My brother’s bday was also the 18th…I think October is the very best month for birthdays, haha. Much love!

  54. Hahahaha! I love this! Happy birthday, Monica! 😀 Here’s to at least 44 more years! *raises champagne glass*

    Holla atcha for bein’ a shawty with larger feet! (I always thought you were in the upper side of the five-foot scale! Like, 5’9″ or so.) I’m in the same boat: petite with full-size feet! (We could share shoes!)

    My confession: I am a t-shirt hoarder. It’s bad. I currently have two dresser drawers that are difficult to open because they are crammed with t-shirts — to say nothing of my pajama drawer (or the two giant Sterilite boxes that are lurking under my old bed at my folks’ house…). I’ve got everything: babydoll surf tees, beefy work tees, absurdly soft band tees, stiff college tees, and so on. The sad part is that I’ve given away just as many as I currently have in my possession! And the sadder part is that I can’t wear any of them to work! (Solid-color fitted tees are considered business-professional, right? Right?)

    I like to pretend that I’ll make one of those amazing little capsule wardrobes someday, but… variety! And if the economy collapses, who says that the new currency won’t be t-shirts?! One needs to be prepared for these things. 😉

    Also, fistbump to Jonah for the new braces! How long does he get to have them? Will they add uppers later, or does he just get the lower ones (because just lowers would be awesome!)?

    I hope your birthday was fabulous and fancy-fun! 😀 Keep on rockin’!

    1. Rennie–Your comments always make my day. SO funny! The T-shirt thing is hilarious, esp. because you have such perfect descriptions for each type (from stiff to soft to beefy and on–) And I’ve never even considered that t-shirts could be currency…but very important idea to consider…haha!!
      Jonah only needs bottom braces, which is a good thing b/c I think that’s all this family could take (he is the more expressive/complaining type when in pain :))
      You keep on rockin’ and have a great day! aloha

  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! You are so fabulous and wonderful sweet friend! And the love for your boys and hubby? I totally get that. We are so lucky 🙂

  56. I too have a horrible anxiety about vomit! I’ve never passed out but i feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.
    By the way…you look amazing for turning 44! You can dress whatever age you want! 😉

  57. Eeeks, this one is fun! I have a love/hate relationship with hair and fashion. I’ll pretend for a couple months at a time that I want to dress really trendy and spend time fixing this mess on my head and then I’ll revert back to my gold George Mason U sweatshirt and leave in conditioner. I have tried every which way from Sunday to drink my coffee without flavored creamer but I am just going to cry uncle. I just can’t/don’t want to do it. I get fiercely competitive with sports, even playing with my family, and have been known to push my boys to the ground to catch a fly ball or get on base. (they remind me constantly, but I guess they have to have something to talk about on the therapists couch) I can’t stand James Taylor music and am petrified of Velveeta. If I eat something I find extremely tasty, I may dance while eating it. I sneak into my boys bedroom at night and smell their hair (if they took a bath that night!). That’s only a few. Man, I’m weird. Happy Birthday, Monica!

  58. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    I share many of the things you posted. So much so, that I’m sure we could be best friends if you just didn’t live on an island so far away!!

    Paper towel….how can I go through a roll that fast? (I love taking care of the environment, so this one does make me feel a little guilty, too.)

    Q-tips…..Almost as good as a mini-massage. The ear, nose, throat doctor recently told me not to stick them in my ear canal (I think of his warning every time I use them!)

    I do not even OWN an iron. I purchase clothing depending on whether it needs to be ironed or not and I rely on the dryer, too. I ironed so rarely, that one time I had the ironing board set up in the living room, and it scared my dog! Pretty bad, I know. I am considering getting a clothes steamer…..?

    No tattoos either, but secretly admire them, sometimes.

    It’s o.k. to be a late bloomer! I think it keeps you young longer. Remember that saying I’ve seen posted on Facebook….”If you haven’t grown up by 50, you don’t have to!”

    Have a beautiful celebration of your special day.

    1. Love all of that, thank you Laura!! And though I’ve never heard that saying before, I think it’s my new favorite!! 🙂 Aloha!

  59. Marcela Garza says:

    Happy B-day Monica!!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy every bit of it!! You look fantastic!!

    I’m 46, my “smile lines” are also showing, I hate ironing (who doesn’t??) and I think I do it 1.5 times a year! jajaja!

    Hugs and kisses!

  60. ☆Happy birthday! ☆
    When I am concentrating or multitasking and also thinking random stuffs in my head I tend to make funny faces without knowing it. Mostly my lips squirm around and husby has a few lovely photos of me like this. Lol
    I guess it could be worse 😉

  61. My little confession is not quite as fun as yours, but I wanted to share. I go to the local library with my awesome kids ( whom have had library cards since they were two). I always seem to forget that I’m allowed to get books for myself. I spend all of my time looking for books with them or helping them find books on the things that interest them and end up leaving and never even venturing to the adult side of the library!

    1. Kids library books are the best though!! (I need to get to the library more!) So glad you commented–have a great day! 🙂

  62. First, Happy Birthday! I’m just one year ahead of you and love my 40’s.

    Next, I LOVE this list!! I also have a secret fascination with arm sleeves too, but would never do it either.

    I have an addiction to gum…I seriously think it’s and addiction and probably chew 5-8 pieces a day, so I cannot fathom NOT chewing gum!!

    Hope your day is awesome!!

    1. Thank you Amy! (I’m so glad we met! now when I see your name I actually picture you!)
      As long as you don’t swallow the gum 5-8 times a day, you’re doing just fine. 🙂
      Much love to you!

  63. Sarah Puls says:

    Hau’oli la hanau Dear Monica! Happy Happy Hawaiian 44th Birthday Dear Girl! Your confessions cracked me up, thank you for your humor. I almost think it’s a Washington-style sense of humor….
    I love how FRANK you are. I will say that often I check on our kids at night while they’re asleep & so many times I’ll just have to go get my old fashioned camera, b/c my flip phone doesn’t have a flash, and snap a photo of each of them sleeping in their bunk beds. It’s tricky getting a good shot on the top bunk of our boy! They are 9 & 7 & I’m pretty positive I’ll never be able to stop doing this as long as we live under the same roof! They’re just so serene and perfect when they’re slumbering! And one more just b/c you’re 44 now like me! Usually when I’m cooking a nice dinner, I snack so much as I’m making it that I’m not even really hungry when it’s done & dinner time! okay, thought of one more kind of bizarre thing, our family uses handkerchiefs! People find that pretty weird, we are fairly “green” so I don’t buy many paper products other than TP, except for an emergency box of Kleenex usually in the minivan. I love finding hannkies to buy at the strangest places. Got the kids each one this summer in the cutest old fashioned gas station & market in ME, & on our island, Kualoa Ranch! Birthday Blessings!

  64. Happy Happy Birthday wishes to you dear Monica. You look great, fit and happy! Wishing you all the best, good health, happiness and simply a great time. Big hugs and kisses from me, Dan and my two sweethearts Ryan and Robin

  65. Happy Birthday Monica! You look fabulous at 44! I’m 40, I iron less than 2.4 times a year, I too think I’m (somewhere between 24 and) 34! I too adore my boys! But my little random fact is that in my kitchen I have a personal handwritten note to me from George Clooney!!! Seriously!!! Its a long story! Oh yeah, I’m also wrinkly eyed and have big feet lol! Have a great day! xxx