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  1. Ah! Another issue! Thinning hair! Seems like a lot of women this age are having this issue. And I used to have thick, curly hair so this hit me a bit hard!

    1. Oh, also, you two are so stinkin’ Cute together! Love this vlog.

  2. OMG Monica you crease me up & there’s no way you two should know bout life in your 40’s when you both look in your early 30’s!
    Hah would love if Dave had gone into his work & said to his patient your gonna have to stay for a sleepover lol 😂

    1. You’re too sweet Louise! Thank you. And I know, the thought of that just gives me the giggles! haha. 🙂 Much aloha–

  3. Life in our 40’s for my husband and myself means being in the “sandwich” phase of life. At 46 and 44 years of age, a19 year old off in college and a 16 yr old HS sophomore we were looking forward to the soon to be empty nesters . Planning trips we’d take and such. Now we’re faced with caring for aging parents who we may have to move in with us due to Parkinson’s disease of his dad and my father potentially being wheelchair bound in the next few weeks. Trying hard not to have the poor pitiful us attitude or be resentful for feeling like we’re never going to have “our time”. Continuing to pray for God’s guidance in the tough decisions we face in the weeks and months ahead with our parents.

  4. Yes please! I feel like I’m navigating my forties all alone. Would really enjoy the posts.

  5. Thinning hair, skin (fine lines, sagging), my son is hyperactive and I cant’ keep up, parenting after losing your parents, caring for aging parents, 70-80 lbs overweight and what to do about it,

  6. Yes please Monica! I would love to read all you have to share about life in your 40’s. As another 47 – year old and also a mother of 4, all of those topics you mentioned are of interest to me. Some others are also parenting Teens, finding time for self, short term memory issues (menopause symptom!), career transitions, own parents becoming more frail and financial concerns (with never-ending pull between kids expenses, parents needing support, retirement savings etc!!).

    Love the idea and looking forward to reading your posts! Many blessings to you 🙂

  7. You guys are great, and I love the video format! Always love your writing, of course, and the videos are a great, too. Love that you have Dave willing to sit beside you and chime in or answer questions as they come! I just turned 40 in July, but would love to hear everything you have to say! I was out walking with a friend tonight in our neighborhood and mentioned you guys and your boys. Her husband, an internal medicine doctor, passed away almost 2 years ago, and she has 6 kiddos (youngest is 11), 4 of them boys. The boys joined us periodically as we lapped the neighborhood late at night, and one of them is interested in spear fishing. I told him (and my friend) about you and your boys and their spearfishing. He also mentioned being interested in story-writing, so I told him about your boy’s chapters he has been writing. I think he is going to check them out :). They, too, are a tight-knit, Jesus-loving family, and the mama has amazing strength and faith. I know your blog will be an encouragement to her!

    1. Oh Heather, thank you so much, but even more…your friend. Yikes. Bless her heart!! I’ll pray for her now. Please tell her to be in touch with me. My son would love to hear from your friend’s son as well. Thank you for making that connection!! aloha and bless you.

  8. Hi Monica,
    Such a sweet couple. I would like to share my experience with the 40’s & now on to my 50’s(55 to be exact). I would like to mention you are so not typical of a 40’s girl going to the 50’s you are so full of youth, joy and light. It must be Jesus in you showing through. So beautiful. Anyway, my point & in fact my concern about my fellow sisters. I see so many women in their 40’s so overweight & I believe they have given up & think this is who I am to be in my older age( as I had surrendered) Not true, it is a fight & mental change I have come to understand in my own life a take charge can do attitude. I had experienced in my 40’s gradual weight gain but then 7 sizes bigger then my youthful size. Putting it on due to the stress of being a Mom, getting older, tired ect. Now I see it as I am 55. I can change & it happened because of two resons. I had a blood test ( hyperthyroid, high cholesterol) and both of our boys were now off to college far away from home. So long story short I changed my diet completely no more burgers which I love ❤️ actually no more meat. No more desert dinners were often finished with desert. & because of the boys I wanted to bake something it’s happy food. Now I no longer have salt. Popcorn at the movies is big no, no. The next moring I would feel so bloated after testing this out I found it was the salted popcorn!!! ( we go to the movies every week if there is a good one out) I only use Pink Salt now Black Salt works to & I started having much smaller portions. Started going to the gym @5:45 a.m with my husband. Totally not wanting to do this in the beginning but wow, what a bonding & memory of when we starting dating flashes from time to time. I feel like I can keep this up because I have seen a huge change & so has my hisband & he loves it! So Monica I thought Id share this in hopes that if you may have your husband reference “is the change of life not just hormonal but lifestlye and diet?” I would be curious of his point of view. Be Blessed🌸

  9. Hi Monica,
    I enjoy reading your blogs and I am especially looking forward to this series as I am in my mid 40’s.
    I am interested in topics on perimenopause, hormonal imbalances, mood swings and sleep.
    Thank you and can’t wait to hear more on these topics!

  10. Melissa Nesit says:

    I am so happy you and your husband are doing this series. Awesome! I do appreciate your perspective 😊

  11. I love all of these topics! Hormones gone haywire, lack of sleep, vision issues, and brain fog. Why does it seem like most women over 40 have some sort of thyroid issue? I am also curious about exercise. HIT vs Yoga/Meditation….

  12. Hi Monica,
    Maybe you could talk about mental health in our 40’s, overthinking things and keeping our emotions under control,

  13. Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! I love all of the topics you are considering!!! What is going on with my eyes???? Is hormone replacement therapy a healthy plan? How should my diet change as my metabolism slows? Does strength training help prevent the slowing of metabolism that comes with age? Help, please!

  14. Angela Carr says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts about weight gain and hormonal imbalance in your 40’s i.e.. estrogen and testosterone dominance.

  15. Monica, this will be so fun!! You two are so cute!
    Just turned 47 too and I just heard that our state’s longevity is 79 years old (though grandparents were in their 90s).
    As kids we looked forward to driving, dates, marriage, careers, kids, traveling. Now I’m in that stage of learning to dream again, wanting to make the best out of life, wanting to love those around me well (maybe this is my ‘reset time/mid-life crisis’ minus the new covette-haha) but the learning to dream again is interesting at this age. Any thoughts? 🙂

  16. I am so excited for this series! I will be 50 next month and in the throws of peri-menopause. But I had baby#4 eight years ago last week, so still keeping up with the energetic kiddos. I am looking forward to learning from both you and the hubby.

  17. You guys are the cutest! I am on the cusp of 40’s and think my biggest question is, what can I start doing today that might make all the upcoming “transitions” …smoother?

  18. Bring it on! Love the health issues idea. What about finding couple time in the midst of every waking moment being about kids’ schedules? Love them, but love my husband,too!

  19. What would you tell your late 30’s self to prepare for your 40’s…

  20. I thought of something else- hyper pigmentation- been an issue for me since I turned 40- from permanent large patches on my neck, to patches on eyes, forehead (I can control these now through never going without sunscreen) and last year I got it on my arms as well. It’s the end of winter now and the arm patches are still visible. I never got melasma in pregnancy but it seems to be a huge problem now!

    1. Interesting–I’ll put Dave on that one for sure. 🙂 Thanks Katie!

  21. As someone close to 44, who now has to carry a pair of emergency tweezers for those chin hairs that one minute are not there, the next are a centimeter long, I’m looking forward to all the hormone content especially!

  22. Yes for awkward topics! 🙂
    Also interested in how married life changes.

  23. These are all great topics! Especially Hormones, skin tags and facial hair 🙁 thank you both for taking the time to cover these topics!

  24. All of those topics would be of interest to me, but hormones and sleep would be my top too at the moment…….oh, and if there were any preventative ways to reduce/improve the chances of keeping the incontinence issues at bay 😲

  25. I enjoyed watching your v-log, Monica! You two are awesome together! I look forward to reading and watching everything you do that is all about woman’s health! Sending you blessings! 🤗

  26. Catherine Burger says:

    I love this series idea!
    I would love to hear how we women over 40 transition into being more at peace with ourselves such as self-acceptance, etc.
    I know that I am a much more settled mom, daughter, friend, wife,……. since landing in my 40’s
    : )

  27. Aileen Burdick says:

    Hi Monica,

    Looking forward to this. I am interested in eyesight, hormones, leakage and fitness.

    Thank you.

  28. Linda Davis says:

    I was literally losing my mind (suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable rages) due to ESTROGEN dominance in my mid-40’s. Please research and address this VERY UNDERREPORTED issue. So much of the pre/peri-menopause talk involves giving women MORE ESTROGEN. For me, this just exacerbated my problem. It is the estrogen/progesterone BALANCE that is critical, and you have to find out where you are on the spectrum. Using a progesterone cream has changed my life and completely leveled off my mood swings. I couldn’t understand why I was acting the way I was, and now, after research, thank the Lord, I do. Also, you are often not aware of phyto (plant) estrogens that are in food you eat, and if you are estrogen dominant, like me, you need to avoid those things (ginseng, flax, soy–all of which are marketed as being helpful, but that is if you are LOW in estrogen).

    1. so interesting! Thank you for sharing Linda. (and sorry for what you’ve gone through.) It is true, philosophies on Estrogen have changed a lot over the past few years. Great advice. Aloha-

  29. Looking forward to this series! I am the same age as you and I can say that there is a big difference between ages 36 and 46. Would love to hear more about hormones (perimenopause symptoms), lack of sleep, belly weight gain (never thought this would be a problem), etc. Thank you!

  30. I’m right there with you, and love that you’re doing this! Would love to learn more about hormones — I’ve heard perspectives on all of that have changed over the past few years. I just started needing glasses which is so weird. My body has not been the same since babies…oh all of this is good stuff! Thanks and so fun to see Dr. Dave on with you! I’ll share this series with friends for sure!

  31. Love this idea. I am just behind you, but definitely curious about what is ahead. I’ve heard from other friends that things start to fall apart in their 40’s and I don’t want to believe that! I hope to stay as healthy as I can for many years ahead–all advice appreciated! 🙂

  32. are you kidding–yes! I was hoping you’d get to this.
    I’m actually interested in anything about this season. It’s just around the corner for me, and I would love to feel more prepared before I get there. All of the topics look good, and I seriously love watching you and Dr. Dave together–it’s so fun. Thanks for being willing to do this!