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  1. I’m naturally a homebody and introvert. I recently met another mom at church small group. I am inviting her to our house this weekend and texting her through the week. It had been hard and I have to be intentional.

  2. I am so extroverted and having a more introverted 3 year old and a 14 month old I have had to learn to be at home with just us is okay. What I want to learn is that it’s more then okay it’s great, it’s a moment , it’s a season and then when I do get to see friends or have mommy play dates be prepared to be an encourager
    And also just be real to where we are at right now.

  3. Brittany Sipe says:

    I’m a major introvert and homebody, have a 4 yr old and 18 month old boys and a baby girl due next month so I have had to work hard to be intentional in the friend dept. I have a best friend from elementary school who lives 3 hours away. We/our toddlers FaceTime multiple times a week and text daily. I’m also a part of a mom group that meets with all our crazies together during the mornings once a week and another group that meets in the evenings without our kiddos to work through a bible study. God continues to use the encouragement, laughter, and push towards the gospel and reminders of Gods promises for me from all of these women in my life and I have come to cherish friendships that I would not naturally have sought after. Thank you for the reminder to be the friend rather than look for a friend!

    1. i love your story so much!! Thank your sharing!! Keep it up! It’s good for you and your family! 🙂

  4. I love this series! I have shared it with a group of friends – some moms, some not – and we love your podcast! I’ve been trying to be more intentional with relationships this year and one big way is by getting off social media for the time being. IG and FB were time wasters and ways that I would “check out” from friends and more so, my husband and 3yo son. I’ve really appreciated your realness and intentionality with your family as well as you always pointing back to Christ. Mahalo!

    1. Thank you so much Trisha! This is a huge encouragement to me. love your intentionality and please give hugs to your friends! So happy you commented! XO

  5. Shelley Denise Friesen says:

    This encouraged me to send a message to my friends to stay in touch even though we’re so busy!

  6. Thank you for the great tips! I have a 2 year old son and son #2 on the way, so I know i’m entering the life stage you’re talking about! Thankfully, I have a few great friends who I grew up with and we’ve all had kids (or are in the process of having more!) which has been a huge blessing. However, my husband moved states to be with me (luckily that turned out well for us!) so I most definitely can relate to this from his side as well, it’s hard for dads to meet friends too! Especially since he works from home and his co-workers are miles away. So thanks for the great tips! I think it is also important for us to realize our “tribe” at home, are some of the best life-long friends we’ll have as well. And so special to be able to grow up together as a family that close! Thanks as always, Monica! Xo

  7. Love this! I have been blessed with a lot of local family which occupies much of my available social time, but I have just started being intentional about contacting old friends and slowly making new ones at MOPS. It’s been weird getting to know new people as a mom bc I don’t feel like my old self, so I worry that nobody will like the “new mom version” of me. I’m currently working on relearning basic social skills 😜

  8. Christina says:

    As always thank you for sharing. We move a lot so am always having to rebuild a friendship base in our new location. It takes being intentional with making new friends (and with keeping the “old” friends). But they are such a blessing and I am always amazed how God brings a few special people into my life everywhere we go.

  9. Great share, Monica. This is definitely an area I struggle in. I would much rather be home with my people than out trying to make friends. I think its a double whammy when you are a boy mom and living with male perspective all the time. I think that can alter the way we relate to other women. I know that has happened in my case. I was always more comfortable with boys, and most of my friends were boys in high school. Now that is reinforced at home on a daily basis and it makes me a very strange girlfriend! I would much rather go hiking or camping than go to the spa. Nothing is wrong with the spa, but I haven’t been able to find women that I have a lot in common with other than having children the same age. I also run into women who base a lot of their conversations on complaints about husbands and kids and I am so not into that. These things plus dietary restrictions due to Celiac disease makes me a peach to hang with! HA! But staying open and just enjoying chatting at times has been enough for me for now.

  10. Nicole Cooper says:

    I have a couple great Mom friends, we both make the effort to get together which I absolutely love. And we share our struggles and we can be vulnerable with each other. I think that’s so important. I have a new mom friend, and I’m trying to reach out more and more. We get along and we both have similar struggles. I’m really blessed to have a few good mom friends.

  11. Love this so much!! I have such a sweet group of mom friends from my MOPS group (we are actually meeting up for dinner tonight!!) It definitely takes being intentional to keep friendships going, and I plan to set aside time to hangout with another mama at least once a month (without our kids!!) Also- being more proactive in reaching out to moms while I’m out and about with my littles, and not simply staying in my bubble and focusing only on my sons. God can put someone right in front of us and we can so easily miss it!