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  1. Hey this luke swanson is absolutely amazing and so inspiring every thing about him and the family is awesome im so grateful I got to read this its helped inspire me although I’m not good yet and have been surfing for only a year and abit I believe in God and that miracles happen no matter what and that I can still make it pro thanks heaps for posting this uptake or I wouldn’t be here right now thanks so much and much love God bless

  2. Dawn Noland says:

    Hi Monica, I loved reading about Luke and his passion for surfing and am not surprised that you are super proud of him.
    My son was a surfer … absolutely loved it. But injured his neck and back in a wipeout at some stage and although it did not stop him surfing, it certainly stopped him going full out.
    Quite early in his marriage, through circumstances, he went to live in a landlocked part of England and when he got back to Cape Town (where we live on the really cold part of the ocean), his 2 little boys just did not share his passion.
    I am really sad about that … but I guess that’s life and as we don’t have the same glorious climate as Hawaii and his work took up all the decent weather times … well … I guess God just has a different plan for each of us.
    Lots of luck to Luke. God bless your lovely family.
    Regards, Dawn … mother and grandmother of 7

    1. Aw, thank you so much Dawn. Yes, things don’t usually go like we imagine they will — my husband actually really hoped our boys would be soccer players like he was, so this is brand new territory for us as well. God does know, but hopefully your son is making all kinds of new memories with his boys! Blessings to you and thank you for the encouraging words…

  3. Penny Nakamura says:

    Congratulations to Luke! Well done, but of course none of it would be possible without his incredible parents and brothers encouraging him on. Praise God for giving Luke such talent and dedication to his sport. Please keep us posted, such exciting news!!!!
    Loved, loved also seeing Levi on the surf board with Dave that was precious beyond words!
    Great seeing you at church last Sunday 😉 too.
    Blessings Always, Penny

    1. Thank you so much Penny! It was so fun seeing you at church and having yet another “small world’ moment! 🙂 Hope to see you next time you’re on island. Blessings and aloha-

  4. Susan Marancik says:

    Monica, Keep sharing away! I have a 14 year old son whose passion is baseball! He is starting to get some interest from colleges. We just take it one step at a time and let God’s plan unfold. The journey is fun and sometimes we just look for the lessons :)).

    1. Thank you Susan!! Love hearing from you. (I wish colleges offered surf scholarships– that would be so awesome!) Enjoy your adventures as well. Blessings–

  5. Sandie Wingard says:

    Thanks for the update on Luke. We hear about what he is doing from your Mom and Dad but not all that often, He is pretty amazing as far as I can see.

    Turning what you love into your profession takes hard work and determination. Our son loved skiing. He started skiing at Crystal Mountain with the high school bus lessons. He was an instructor at the age of 16 and worked at Crystal for 16 years. At that time he applied for the Director of the Ski and Snowboad school at Steamboat Springs, CO. At his interview he was asked if he wasn’t a little young for that job. His answer was 16 years in the industry and he was ready for a larger challenge He got the job and has been there for 13 years
    You asked for comments so here is mine. Hope I didn’t bore you.

    1. Hi Sandie– Thank you so much for the comment (not boring at all! :)) I love hearing about your son.
      My mom always says such nice things about you also — I’ll have to see you on one of my visits! 🙂 Hugs to you and aloha-

  6. Monica – I started reading your blog when my friend Rachel would link to it from her FB page. Your advice was great for her two boys and certainly has helped w my four.

    Rachel was killed tragically less than two years ago and is missed by all who called her friend. But whenever I read your posts, I feel connected to her and I am very thankful for that blessing.

    1. Oh wow, Maureen, that is so touching…Such a special connection, I really appreciate you sharing. I am grateful for Rachel as well, it was people like her who shared my posts who made it possible for me to get a book deal and to keep doing what I feel called to do. I will stop to pray for her family and all of you who miss her. Please keep in touch here, ok? 🙂 Much aloha-

  7. Kendall D Eskew says:

    Ok, sorry about those typos at the end.

  8. Monica,
    I am just always so amazed at how mature all of your older boys are in daily life. You guys have done a marvelous job of raising those boys and turning them into young men. Their faith shows through in everything. Their love for family is truly amazing. I have truly enjoyed watching them up close and from a distance become they people that are today. God bless friend.

    1. Kendall- Thank you so much. That truly means the world. You have known them a long time now, so I really appreciate your words. 😉 I’m beyond grateful for God’s goodness and grace. And also, I still have that youngest one to raise up, haha! 🙂 blessings to you and your family!

  9. That was a fun read! Go Luke!!!

  10. I loved this post. I grew up in soCal and was always fascinated by the surfer scene but was never a part of it. It’s so interesting to hear kind of a back story of how surfers become surfers. It’s amazing that he found his passion so young.

    1. Thank you Jamie! Yes, since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest playing more typical team sports, I have learned a lot raising a surfer! 😉 It’s a fun ride! Much aloha to you !

  11. Monica, I _loved_ this post! Please keep the Luke surf posts coming!! (Along with all your other posts of course—no pressure, haha!) Each of your boys are unique and this is one of Luke’s qualities that is unique! And for those of us living in different parts of the world, this is a really cool way for us to get a glimpse into the surfing world from a Mom’s perspective! I have always loved any updates about Luke’s surfing. I’ve been reading your blog for 7 or 8 years now. I found it because one day in miserable January here in New Jersey, while trying to find fun things for Tommy and me to do (i think he was around 2 at the time), i said to myself, “what would it be like to be a Mom of young boy(s) someplace sunny and amazing where people play in the ocean all year round?” So i Googled something like “Mom + boy + surf” and I found you!! And I’veloved your blog ever since, through all of the changes and so many recent successes!!! Anyways, sending warmth and happiness from NJ where it’s finally feeling like spring, which inspires hope in me year after year!!
    Wendy B.

    1. Oh Wendy, thank you thank you! You have always been a LIGHT here in my blog community! Isn’t that funny, you came to my blog to find sunshine but you truly have always given it back. 🙂 Hugs to you and Tommy and thank you for stopping in. God bless!

  12. Love this! Wow! You have every right to be proud and to share Luke’s success with us. I don’t have a clue about surfing, and live hours from the sea, but I read every word and loved the photos/video. So cool! Keep sharing 🙂

    1. Than you Joanna! Big hugs and blessings to you! 🙂

  13. Sara Bartley says:

    So proud of all of the boys. Hey, I gave up FB for lent so I’ve missed our talks! Please IM me for any other things going on I might miss! Boy Mom release date and Skinny Friends stuff. Love you and will talk to you soon!!!

    1. Good for you Sara! Trust me, you’re not missing anything on Social! Keep up the great work and you’ll catch up online later…Big hugs to you.

  14. Love this update. Congratulations to Luke!

  15. Cindy Brown says:

    So exciting !!! I wanted to finish your entire email before looking at the video, which I will do after I post this to you.

    I’ve been reading all your emails and want you to know how awesome they all are, however, this one really caught my attention . I have an athlete at my house too. Unfortunately, it’s not in surfing but everything you said about surfing, hard work, commitment, sacrifices, I’m including that and will come back to that in a minute, talent and many more that I’m not listing fits in my sons sport as well. My son, Chad, plays baseball. He started at 4 and has not stopped since . He is now 17 and will be 18 in June. Time , money , travel , tournaments everywhere … it’s a great journey ! I also have two other kiddos as well , Caleigh who is almost 14, and Chase who will be 13 next month . I work full time also so it’s very challenging keeping up with teenagers and work. I’m exhausted all the time ! Please remind me of your children’s ages too.

    Chad has verbally committed to a D1 college this past summer. He will have a scholarship for baseball and we couldn’t be more excited. Chad is a lefty and he pitches and also plays first base. He also hits from both sides . They call this a switch hitter in baseball.

    Continue to brag on Luke! I brag on mine all the time. Please let us know about the Olympics. Chads dream is to go all the way with baseball. Major League Baseball would be absolutely the most wonderful opportunity. With that being said , he is a normal 17 year old also. Chad is very smart so college is very important. His senior year is coming up and me being the mom , I want every day to go slow please. His college is 6 1/2 hours away from home .

    It’s 12:45 am over here in Texas so I’m going to watch the video now and then turn in for the night . Luke is so cute and these pictures are out of this world !! I will show Chad tomorrow.

    Enjoy Hawaii! I’ve been to Kuawi one time in 2000, where I married my husband . One day, I want to go back and see the other islands as well. Hawaii is beautiful!!

    All the best to Luke !!

  16. Anne Henderson says:

    He’s a doll, love that bleached blond hair!! He’s an amazing example of determination and devotion. You have every right to be super proud! One question though, has he ever encountered a shark??? That would be my greatest fear as a momma…

  17. Fun to get to know your family thru Josiah. Sad Luke is no longer part of our Quik team, but we know God is guiding you. ❤️🏄🏼‍♂️

  18. Fun to get to know your family thru Josiah. Sad he’s not part of our Quik team, but we know God is guiding you.

  19. Rip Curl are a fantastic company, they’ll take good care of him. Look forward to seeing Luke surf in Australia one day. Love and best wishes from the northern beaches of Sydney.

  20. Thank you for this post. We are very different moms, but there are many similarities as well. Sending many positive thoughts Luke’s way as he reaches for his dreams and keeps his heart and soul where they should be. You are raising great kids, as am I. I celebrate your sons’ successes and cherish my own kids as well, but always with a nod to the fact that it’s not a competition- it’s a celebration of who and what our children are!! God bless

  21. Amy Howard says:


    Mom bragging totally allowed here. We are so excited for Luke! It’s funny that you feel the need to not share too much, because to us, we get all teary-eyed for him, and for all of you when we read these updates. We’ve watched him grow up on your blog/social media, so we feel proud alongside you!

    Congrats, Luke!

    1. That means SO much to me Amy! Seriously, that makes my day! 😉 Thank you for the reminder and your sweet support!! aloha!

  22. So stoked for Luke. You have every right to be a proud mama! Blessings to you all. Xoxo

  23. Beautiful pictures! I need to go back to your earlier posts on surfing and read your updates:) It was very interesting for me to read about his journey and excitement of being sponsored. You are right about the importance of sponsorship in individual sports. I have a very determined 10 year old boy (my youngest of three) who lives and breathes tennis. We don’t know where his passion will lead as it’s a tough-tough sport, but so far he is enjoying it all–the competition, the highs and the lows…learning that the wins wouldn’t feel this sweet if he hadn’t experienced the losses too:)

  24. Angelene Arnold says:

    Well o fcourse Rip Curl picked him up – Australians are just like that 🙂 we love a cool kid!