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  1. I love seeing my kids climbing everything they can.

  2. I loved riding bikes and creating adventures in our neighborhood. I love that my son has been raised learning to play golf and now at 13, it keeps him outside for long periods of time. But I do miss the imaginative elements from play when he was younger. Each season is unique and fun in its own way! As an Early Childhood professor, I even wrote my dissertation on the importance of play- I’m a fan! Looking forward to reading this book!

    1. Virginia Newell says:

      My sister and I used to play “Oregon Trail” by attaching our wagon to our bikes using jump ropes, like oxen to the wagon. We’d fill the wagon with snacks and probably one would die from dysentery while the other would try to ford the river (aka the gravel in our neighbors yard), but we had so much fun as kids. I absolutely love watching my 3 boys play for hours in the pool in the summer, or a game of soccer in the backyard with Dad, or even playing “Army” in the front yard with their sticks as guns and utility boxes as bunkers (my husband is in the Army, but even if he weren’t I think they’d somehow instinctually still know to get in the “prone” position on the driveway). I love imaginative play and think the busyness of today’s modern families means so many kids miss out on this important aspect of childhood. Thanks for this post and reminder!!

  3. Ariel Shimmon says:

    My two kids are 13 and 10, so anytime I see them outside, smiling, and enjoying each other’s company my heart is full and my soul complete. They both hop on our go cart and fly down the street with the biggest smiles. No greater joy than seeing your children happy and content…it’s like taking a bite of your favorite cream!

  4. Love seeing my kids grab sticks, stones, leaves and pretend to be chefs and mix up a concoction called “fluffy pancakes!”

  5. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    I would love a copy. I push my kids outside as much as possible and thankfully they love being outside.

  6. Delaney Baker says:

    My boys love to create forts on our property. Just yesterday they were outside all day creating a teepee, making spears from sticks, and also setting up their tent for summer nights. We had totality for the solar eclipse yesterday so they were out of school and got to spend the entire day outside! They got to see God’s indescribable creation through the solar eclipse. It was just a beautiful, fun-filled day of play outside and being boys! ❤️

  7. Cathy Fehr says:

    I love seeing them helping out with yard work but also just being kids and building forts.

  8. I love seeing my girls explore and be creative on our property. I am grateful we can give them a little freedom to take risks and stretch.

  9. Victoria Caldwell says:

    This past wi ter we had enough snow that our whole family got outside and took turns pulling each other on the sled. Wonderful memories!

    1. Annette Bentley says:

      My 3 year old loves getting outside with his magnifying glass and looking at all the different bugs and insects in the grass – helps me to also slow down and appreciate the little things!

  10. I love seeing them explore on hikes and also creating things like forts and the imaginative play that comes with it.

  11. Our house has a lot of fruit trees, so it’s a lot fun to pick fruit with my little boys, and even have them “help” in the garden. They could stay outside playing and exploring all day!

  12. Kristin Sparkman says:

    Now that my kids are older I love watching them Golf. They are guaranteed about 4 hours outside and I love that. I also love days at the pool where we enjoy swimming and playing football.

  13. I love watching all 5 of my kids play outside! My favorite is when I can witness the impact of what being outside in fresh air does almost immediately! When the homeschooling chaos hits or toddlers are fussy, we head outside and instantly feel better! Anything that can be done inside can be done outside!

    1. Oh I love that! I need to remember to move our school work outside more often too!

  14. I LOVE seeing my kids do outside, being carefree and energetic. It fills my heart w/so much gratitude that my child is healthy!

  15. I love watching my boys get along better when they are outside! They are more kind, adventurous and kind to each other. They are also a lot more brave at trying new things and I love the ideas they come up with!

  16. Playing basketball on our driveway!!

  17. Jennifer Ponzo says:

    I love watching my kids walk through our desert property looking for little treasures. I love seeing what interests them and coming back inside to investigate what they found. As a kid I loved doing flashlight tag with all the neighbors.

  18. Erin Lepe says:

    I love watching my two boys save rolly polies and snails from the sidewalk. We walk endlessly through our neighborhood and look for bugs to save from being stepped on. 🙂

    1. This brings back memories of my boys’ early years. Finding creatures in their pockets! haha. 🙂 So fun!

  19. I love setting my boys play tag and just get lost in imaginary play

  20. Samantha Brown says:

    I currently have a 5 year old boy, and I love to watch him explore the outside. I love to just slow down and watch him see thing’s and remember what it is like to see thing’s from a child’s perspective.

  21. Staci Davis says:

    We have a motto at our house “outside before inside”. We strive to live by this as much as possible throughout the year as weather permits. My boys are very active in sports and all things boy! But I love to see them get outside and play in creation! Climbing, exploring, using their imaginations.

  22. Katie Evangelisto says:

    Oh watching my boys outside is a joy! But one thing I love most is when they get lost in their imagination and start pulling out old boxes, wood pieces, broken buckets and more to create something new and fantastic!

  23. I love watching all 4 of my kids working together to build forts.

  24. The other day my boys were outside playing on the quad. I overheard them pretending they were airport taxi service. Each took turns picking the other up and taking to a different location. Luggage and all!! It brought me so much joy. At 8 and 11 I thought we were almost done with their imaginary play but it was very strong that day.

  25. Sara Talbot says:

    I love the imaginative play that being outside inspires in my boys! Sword fights, building new forts out of sticks, climbing everything. The play is inspired by the imagination! There is always a new adventure! We are blessed with a lot of good outdoor space & I would love to read this book!

  26. I LOVE to see my kids using their imagination with making bike ramps, gas stations, and car washes during the hot summer months. We live in a 4 season climate too, so I also LOVE to see them in winter building snow forts, sledding down the huge pile of snow (that my husband cleared the driveway with his skid steer), and snow ball fights; ha! Oh, the seasons brings some many different “play” options.

  27. I love watching my boys climb trees!

  28. I love watching my 3 boys play soccer outside, rain or shine 🙂