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  1. We talk a lot about how hard doesn’t mean bad! Lots of hard things are worth doing and even good.

  2. Jodie Shirley says:

    Definitely about putting God first above anything else, especially sports!

  3. Being a good steward of their money & serving others with their time & resources:)

  4. Vonda Zollinger says:

    We have talked about friendships and the importance of godly Christian friends and being a godly Christian friend!

    1. I LOVE this!! And…your name was chosen to WIN a copy of Raising Amazing! Emailing you now! xo

  5. Amy Archer says:

    I want to have the ongoing conversation with my son about his faith in Jesus and how to accept Him as Lord and Savior over his life! He is currently 4 years old and we try to talk, pray and/or sing about Jesus everyday. He sings Jesus Loves Me spontaneously now!

  6. We continually discuss having good friends that are making wise choices.

  7. I love this so much! And definitely want to talk to my kids about setting healthy boundaries. I learned this too late in life!

  8. I received “Boy Mom” as a gift at Christmas, and have read it twice since then. It’s peppered with tabs and notes to help remind me of the conversations I want to have with my son, and exerpts that will come up along my parenting journey. I’ve recently began listening to your podcast, and I’m so grateful for your encouragement. Thank you for sharing so truthfully and transparently. Bless you and your family.

    1. Than you so much Sherae! I love hearing this! Blessings to you and please keep in touch!

  9. Stephanie Davis says:

    After reading Boymom, my husband and I talked to our 13yr old boys about being friends with a girl for a long time before ever considering dating. We will also be using the questions on maturity for dating to determine if they are ready when the time comes.

    1. Oh I love this! Thank you so much for the encouraging comment!

  10. Love this list – we have recently talked to our young kids about dating, but giving them thoughts to process before the culture does is what our dinner table is for 🙂

  11. Before my boys launch, my husband and I want to continue to make sure they know their true identity in Christ by making it a common conversation in our home; how much they’re loved and adored and have been made with purpose on purpose. Also, how not to leave their socks all over the house.

    1. Love this SO MUCH!! And also: Your name was chosen to win a copy of Raising Amazing!! Emailing you now. 🙂

      1. Yay!! Can’t wait to read this book! Thank you!

  12. Abigail Squires says:

    Before my boys leave the house I will be sure to talk about sex with Biblical knowledge at the center! As a child my parents never, ever talked about it with me and my siblings and I wish they had no matter how awkward it would’ve been. I am raising up a generation that desperately needs to learn the truth in what God says about this topic.

  13. I just have a toddler so I’m collecting all of this awesome info and tucking it away for natural conversations as time goes on. I definitely think talking about identity and sexuality are so important to discuss even at young ages so we have been intentional about noticing the differences between bodies and how God created girls/boys men/women different but specifically special for their own purposes. Prayerfully hoping these normal questions he asks with simple straightforward answers will help solidify his own identity as he grows into a strong man of God.

  14. I want to talk more with my boys about character and the importance of having friends of strong character in their lives. And being mindful of who/what is influencing them. So many things!! Thank you, Monica, for all you are doing for parents and families!!!!

  15. We are white parents raising AA boys. We spend a lot of time talking about how to handle racism with a Biblical foundation. Your resources have been so helpful! Thank you

    1. I love this so much!! AND…your name was chosen to win a copy of Raising Amazing!! Emailing you now! xo

  16. Talking about the purpose of life and how to continuously have that eternal perspective in mind wherever God leads us. We have started this conversation but I know we will have to continuously talk about this together to keep each other accountable as there are too many distractions in life!