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  1. Christine McGowan says:

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m the mother of 6. 3 girls, 3 boys. Three are in their twenties. Our youngest three are David age 13, Sarah almost 10, and Breanna almost 8. I home school as well, but through K12. We lived in Waianae, Oahu up until 2/13 and chose to home school because of the problems with bullying in Hawaiian schools. We really miss island life. But I felt my children would benefit more from the curriculum and support offered through K12. We love the freedom and flexibility of home schooling. I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your honest experience. A genuine look into fellow homeschoolers is so reassuring on so many levels. Your experience is very similiar to mine.
    I have two little boys ages 7 & 8.
    I agree on the closeness of them as brothers and our relationship as a family whole.
    Looking forward to more insights. 😉

  3. Hello Monica,
    I am so grateful to have found your wonderful blog. I am sure I will learn a lot thanks to you.
    We have been homeschooling my kids for 3 years, Daniel is 14 years old and Sara is 11 years old. We watched your video and started searching for options. We found http://www.cyberschool.com and would appreciate a lot if you could give us your feed back between this online school and the one you have now (Abeka).
    Again thank you for this blog and your awesome knowledge and way of thinking, I really admire you.

    1. Paola–Thank you so much! There are so many (hundreds…thousands) of options out there, and most of them are really good. Most important thing is to find a good fit for your family/learning style, etc, so if you find anything you feel good about, it is worth a shot! Best of luck to you, and do keep in touch. Aloha!

  4. I stumbled on to your blog from a link on fb and have really enjoyed reading it! The post on what teenage boys need from their Mom and now this one on homeschooling are so accurate! I’m amazed at how much we have in common! I have also homeschooled my 3 teenage boys for several years now as well as my teenage daughter. We live in Hawaii…I’m assuming you do as well. 🙂 It can be so challenging to find ways to help our kids to make good friendships although they are best friends with one another and our family is super close. I love that! We joined a co-op last year that has made a huge difference. It has been a blessing to find other like-minded kids and families and to build relationships with them. Thanks so much for your blog! It’s super encouraging to know that there are other families out there going through such similar things. God bless you and may your blog be an encouragement and inspiration to other moms as they raise their kids!

  5. This resonates with me on so many levels.

    The team and friendship thing is on my mind a lot lately. My boys have done team sports through the base since we moved here. My youngest has loved it. My oldest has played baseball and every single season there has been a ridiculous amount of parent drama to the point, he isn’t sure he wants to even play this next year.

    And the friendships are what my kids miss most from traditional school. They miss interacting on a daily basis with their “people.” For the past two years our Classical Conversations community has been in Mililani, which is a bit of a hike from our house. Most of our friends live on that side of the island so we can’t see them every day. We don’t have many kids in our neighborhood. I’m still trying to think of some creative ways to solve this problem. They are plugged in at church, but we only see those friends at church events. And our church isn’t that close to our neighborhood.

    Glad to know I’m not the only homeschool mom still working out these kinks.

  6. You know how much I love every single one of your Home-School related posts. Mostly because I fully agree with you 100%. Give me a second to address that AWKWARD you mentioned.

    As someone who has now been a youth group leader for over a year and been a part of a couple youth group camps as a leader. That awkwardness happens whether the kid is home-schooled, private schooled or public school. It’s (unfortunately) the nature of middle school and high school. Imagine the awkwardness of the super start varisity volleyball player who has to reign themselves in when they are playing church ball. It has nothing to do with you “forgetting” to teach them how to play that particular sport. It will be just as awkward for the kid who chooses to be a part of the chess team instead of the basketball team.

    And besides what kinda youth group camp is playing a straight up by the rules sport? Seriously where is the Blob tag and the Flarball?

  7. As someone who grew up being homeschooled (just through 7th grade), I can appreciate every thing you mention in this post. The socialization aspect is really accurate — we didn’t lack activities to be a part of, it was more the friendship aspect like you mentioned (being “out of the loop”) and I think that even has carried into my life as an adult. Love reading these posts, as my husband and I have to eventually decide what educational path to give our son. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Melissa Boyd says:

    It is exhausting sometimes keeping up with activities! Matthew is home alone with me all day. So he does karate 3 nights and scouts another night. Then co-op on Friday’s. Then what ever Saturday thing happening with them. He has neighborhood friends too. We are moving in August and I am so scared of starting over for him.

  9. Do home school families in your area ever get together for field trips or units of study?

    1. Shannon–Yes, and I should probably go back and add to my post. We have a coop here on the North Shore that we used to be quite active in. Many of the kids have gotten older, and our schedules are so full with our school at home, that for the older kids it has kind of dwindled. It is a small and casual group, but it does provide something positive, and I always encourage people to get into one if they can. Maybe I’ll be jumping back in when Levi begins his homeschool adventure. (if/when :))

  10. Thanks for sharing it all. I appreciate your honesty so much. Have you homeschooled all your boys right from the start? If so, HOW??? Lol

    1. Angela–Thank you. All of my boys have gone to preschool and the oldest stayed in a private school through kindergarten and first grade. Everyone else has been home since Kindergarten. It helps me to send the preschoolers out so I can focus on the school age kids. 🙂 You can click on links to my various homeschool posts, but I will be grouping them together soon (hopefully) so they are easy to find 🙂 Aloha!