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  1. Loved your Q&A with Luke. I do have a question though about your upcoming seminar. Is it primarily going to be for moms of young kids or teens? We are entering a new season in our home where we have two kids at college and one teen son still at home. Finding helpful tips on how to navigate these uncharted waters is very difficult. I definitely feel perfectly imperfect for this current season. Hopefully this topic will be included but if not might I encourage you to do some talks about this season of life. I would even love to hear what your sons at college find helpful or not helpful from their mom in this season of their life. I feel like you can find hundreds of books about all other seasons of parenting but nothing about the hardest season of all, letting go.

    1. Thank you Stacey! So glad you enjoyed the episode!😃 With around 50 speakers I have a feeling the event will address just about every stage and season of raising kids! I don’t know all of the topics, but I think you’ll find tons of encouragement and practical help. My talk will apply to the teen years for sure, and I think many others will too. As for college years, I am not sure — Love your idea, too, for future writing/episodes! Blessings and thank you! Hope you can join the event!