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  1. Boymom of two and I am always encouraging them to go outside. I let them play in the mud when it rains and get told all the time from other moms that they can’t believe I let them do that. I feel that they NEED to do that. They need to learn that they are washable and need to find their own fun. My boys are great at making everything an adventure!

  2. Hi Monica;

    One way I nurture imagination in my son is to inspire him to bake. I love baking myself so he sees my enjoyment. Whenever he is craving for something I encourage him to try it at home. I teach that when is home made is better and tastes bette! I love to see his face of satisfaction when he is baking and everyone is enjoying his masterpiece!

  3. Chelsea K. Fourie says:

    The biggest thing I do for my boys is unstructured playtime and the freedom to take over most of our backyard with what they come up with. For my self it’s a bit more challenging. With a 6,4, 10month old, nurturing my imagination is lower on the priority list than I would like.