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  1. Leonora Found says:

    Wow! I so needed this and soaked up every word of this podcast the day before we drove our oldest to University for the first time last weekend. Launching tips were spot on and I am grateful that I could pretty much mentally check most of them off as I listened. But, no matter how ready any of us were for this step, I never imagined the actual physical ache in my heart. A part of me is missing and it’s been a really tough week where I have wondered how on earth I will repeat it with child number two next year. 🥺

    1. Hey Leonora!! So glad you listened and happy you could check things off the list but also very sorry for the ache in your heart…I get it. I still get it sometimes and maybe best to distract yourself with some thing really positive. Reminiscing is healthy but we as moms tend to overdo it sometimes. 😉 Blessings and big big hugs to you!! XO aloha