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  1. Thank you so much Monica and Jonah for your courage to speak openly and honestly about your decision regarding the kids vaccinations. This has been such a trying decision for my family and one that is causing my teenage son, who doesn’t want to be vaccinated but also doesn’t want to feel alienated, a lot of anxiety . He has never been so distraught before. I know it probably was not easy for either of you to speak about this subject and you could have avoided the topic altogether but hearing you both speak with confidence and respect was comforting and inspiring. I really appreciated your honest thoughts and willingness to speak them.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra! I was a little terrified because I have heard of others speaking positively who were ripped apart. 🙂 I’m grateful listeners have been super respectful! (phew!) I am sorry this has caused your son stress — what a bummer we’ve all had to go through any of this. There is not one easy answer, but God is good and no one needs to get overly stressed about it! Big hugs to all of you!