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  1. We love pesto at our house, too!
    I make it in big batches every summer when my garden basil is mature.
    It works great to freeze it in ice cube trays, then thaw a few cubes at a time for a quick pasta meal.
    I use walnuts if I don’t have pine nuts on hand. Now I am excited to try almonds too!

    1. OK, then I’ll have to try walnuts next! 😉 Love to find any twist on something…Thank you! (And also love the idea of freezing it–I need to do that!) aloha-

  2. Cooking fish intimidates me- I tend to stick to tried and true recipes. Wish it was different…
    My advice is to tell Luke to view this state competition as a celebration of the work he has put into his surfing this season. Simply by being there, he has something big to celebrate. Now he just has to focus and enjoy!

  3. Joanne Claridge says:

    5 stars
    Hi Monica

    Like you I love a home made pesto – I’ve recently experimented with Kale and that is fabulous too! I was out of Parmesan the other day so just made the basic pesto, missed out the cheese and popped it into the freezer. Once defrosted I chucked in the Parmesan and voila lovely healthy Kale Pesto!

    Good Luck to Luke in the contest by the way!

    Nr Birmingham

    1. Thank you Joanne! I will def. experiment with kale. I love kale so no doubt it will be a winner. 🙂 Much aloha to you in Nr Birmingham England! (wow, can I come visit?) xo

      1. You would be welcome here anytime! FYI the place I live is called Stourbridge which is near Birmingham in the UK

        My husband David and I are huge fans of Hawaii 5 O and its our treat on a Sunday evening at 9pm (when its shown here in the UK) to snuggle together on the sofa with a glass of wine, watch the episode and wish we could visit Hawaii! We’d be sure to drop by!

        Happy dreaming!!