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  1. Thanks for these simple ideas. I think it got me in planning mode when I read it a few weeks ago, and I’ve had it open on my phone since then! Family members were a bit surprised when i passed out my Xmas cards at our Thanksgiving gatherings! Haha! But it’s great because it’s saving me postage money and time addressing! I will see more family at a gathering this weekend and will continue distributing! 😉

    1. oh that is so fun to hear!! Thank you for letting me know. 😉 (Also thanks for the accountability to continue on with my good intentions! haha) XO

  2. You have some really great tips here! Thanks for sharing them early so we can get a jump start on the holiday!

  3. Love the list-especially the idea of each kid choosing a single tradition and making it a priority. I usually get organized and start early, but I am not feeling it this year, yet… Maybe your post will inspire me? I hope so, because we work up until 12/23 this year and I can’t even count on a few days off before the holiday to complete the to-do list. Hoping for some holiday motivation!

  4. Perfect Timimg !! Love the idea of asking each one of my 3 kids their favorite tradition & then not getting caught up in the guilt of… did everyone have a good Christmas!

    And of course the goal each year.. Simplify & emphasize on the birth of our Savior ❤️🌟 Thanks Monica !

  5. Thank you for all of the great reminders – this was just on my mind. I literally just finished ordering our Christmas cards before I read this. I love the idea of finding one gift for all of our neighbors and other friends, I’m going to have to brainstorm this.

    1. Oh good for you–you’re already on it! 🙂 And when you figure out the one gift…feel free to share with me, b/c I’m still thinking of that too! Much aloha-

  6. Ok, I do confess I’ve done a lot of my shopping (don’t hate me!) but only because I work so much during the holidays (thanks to retail!) that I just can’t find time if I put it off…But besides that, I’m still usually a mess around Christmas. You’re so right–I can change that by some simple planning, so I will get on to that soon. Love your posts and appreciate all you share! aloha-

  7. Shelly Ann says:

    This was such good timing. I seriously can already feel my stress-meter cranking up. I need to get organized. And so excited to check out the Christmas card site! I usually just use Costco but always wish I had more exciting cards. Yours looks great from what I can see! 🙂

    Yes to simple and family and traditions. Thank you!

    1. Shelly, haha– I almost always use Costco too. And it’s hard to beat the price or how fast they are (which is the real reason i use them, because I’m always in a hurry! Ha.) Anyways, I think you’ll love using Basic Invite– I was having too much fun playing with all of the options, it’s really cool. Here’s to keeping it simple. Much love and happy Holidays!

  8. Thank you for the reminders! I can hardly believe it is November, HOW did that happen so fast!? I too always (always!!!) get caught off guard come Dec….this was just the wake-up call I needed. Gonna get out that paper and pen this week!!

    1. I know, I usually feel like the fall crawls by so slow but this year it is speeding by like a bullet train! Ugh! So glad if this helps you get in motion. My list is right here by my side too…:) Much aloha-