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  1. Als always, thank you so much for sharing! It all gets to be overwhelming at times. As they grow older there is certainly a challenge, and I like to hearing what you’ve done or are doing. Keep them coming if you can!

  2. I lived in Hawaii for my highschool years!!! Went to Hawaii Preparatory Academy from 1988-1991! I can relate to the SPAM jokes!!! I loved it! Still do, but my children don’t! Lol 😂
    Loving the articles!! I live in Louisiana now with my husband of 23 years we have a 21 year old son, a 19 year old daughter and my baby, a 14 year old daughter!
    Enjoyed reading these so much!!

    Aloha and Mahalo from a Hawaii proud/Louisiana born momma who loves The Lord, her Husband and Children!!! 😃🌺⚜️
    Twila Head

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! You have been such a blessing to my family with all of your information!!! I was hoping you could comment on what you are using for transcripts (to graduate high schoolers) now that CEI is no longer functioning in Hawaii. (We live on the Big Island and am just starting high school boys, but not sure how to set things up to make sure they can get a high school diploma). Do you think Westmont (and other colleges) would have accepted a “home-made” transcipt? 🙂

  4. Kristie Kimmel says:

    Thank you for laying out your plans like that! We’ve been considering homeschooling now for a few years. God has opened a door for us to go to a private school that we absolutely love the last 2 years, but it is very likely that we will start homeschooling in the next year or two.
    I get overwhelmed at the number of options there are! I am excited about homeschooling my oldest because I can see he already picks up in math skills quickly and I’d love to see how I can take him further that a class setting could!

  5. Did your graduated homeschool boys have gaps they were able to fill in? There is just so much to cover and never enough time/attention to do it. I feel like we cover the main subjects but all the “extra” (typing, cursive, geography, foreign language, additional life skills, nature studies, etc.) that sound fun/interesting never happen. It’s a constant struggle to have that balance of covering everything, giving them free time, and busyness of activities. I’m always wanting to add in more but then we never get to it.

  6. It sounds like you’re pretty set on sonlight but I encourage you to look at Heart of Dakota! Reading books and doing activities!! We’ve been using it for 11 years. They incorporate different science kits & curriculum so maybe that could help you narrow down your science choicrs!

    1. oh cool! Yes, I’ve looked into Heart of Dakota. I haven’t ordered anything yet, so thanks for the tip. 🙂

      1. Yes, we liked Heart of Dakota, but have switched primarily to Masterbooks these days. If their World history is written like the American history it should be good!
        Will definitely have to check out DIVE. I did well and enjoyed those higher level math classes but to teach….😵‍💫

  7. Sarah Moore says:

    Any recommendations for just starting out. We will start Kinder this year and he did go to preschool 3 days a week last year. I’m mostly dreading how to get on a schedule with a kid who wants to just wake up hang out in his undies and play play play all day! I know play is so important, but I need him to do school stuff too. He is so stubborn, so extra thank you for your words on this being normal and to keep in going!

    1. Awesome Sarah! Yes, play play play is pretty good for Kindergarten, but I’m sure you can find a creative way to add a “School” element to the day as well. You’ve got this!