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  1. Aloha Monica,

    I just totally love reading your posts and they truly inspire and motivate me to live a better life and to tackle the negative stuff in my mind. I have to agree that the work we do in our personal lives definitely impacts our family lives for the better . I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog, now about a few years ago. You have been such a positive and powerful role model for me. I admire your relationship with your husband and kids. This is helping me to become a happy grandma to be. My kids haven’t started their own families yet but when they do, I’ll be ready to hop in when they call on me for help. My husband is very thrilled that I use your blog for positive reinforcement with our relationship and I thank you and God for the excellent teachings you share. God bless you immensely and I pray that you will reap the rewards for the many lives you’ve touched by your personal journey through the parenting experiences you share with me and countless others. I am still praying that I have a chance to meet you some day. Hopefully when, God willing, I get my dream honeymoon to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii… I ask you to please pray that we are blessed with the finances to afford our honeymoon and wedding. We’re married, common-law now for 11 years. But an actual wedding would be a huge blessing for us. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless and keep you in his care…
    Renata Sarah.
    Mother of three grown children in Canada, British Columbia.

    1. Wow Renata! Your words just made my day. No more like week or month!! HOW KIND you are and truly, those words mean a lot to me. I will pray that you get that dream honeymoon! 😉 And I have a feeling you’ll make an incredible grandma one day!! Enjoy every day where you are now! XO

      1. Thanks Monica!! I will enjoy where I am. Take care!!


  2. Thank you, Monica and Wendy!! I’ve only read the first chapter, and I can tell this will be life changing. This blog post has helped me to realize that I project my negative thoughts onto my husband, which is very frustrating for him! I can’t wait to tell him about this epiphany, and give a heartfelt apology.

  3. Great point that is often overlooked in daily life. Much of my frustrations and anxiety come from not dealing with what is bothering me. If I make having peace my top priority, everything, including the ability to enjoy my relationships and life improves. Can definitely relate to how food and body worries rob your life in every way. Been there!
    “Peace is worth it.” I second that.

  4. Monica, you are such a blessing to me – and others. I’m hopeful that women are going to experience FREEDOM in their thought life. Thank you for leading us on this freedom road. – Wen

  5. Here we go…I have faith. …