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  1. Any recommendations on an antioxidant that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I live in Canada and the ones suggested cost closer to $200.

  2. Thank you for such useful information! I have two teenage boys right in the middle of the acne problem.

  3. Another run, another great listening experience! I so look forward to each podcast!
    Thank you Monica!

    1. Oh I love to hear that!! 🙂 Thank you so much!! XO

  4. My favorite summer memory was going to summer camp, taking swimming lessons, and playing all day outside with my sister. Thanks for this episode. It was super informative and I can now share with my kids that there is someone else who preaches sunscreen. Also at 41 I STILL have acne so going to try some of her recommended products. Thanks Monica!

  5. My favorite summer memory from childhood is traveling with my family to Argentina and being with my dad who used to work there as a wine maker. Visiting those vineyards, eating fresh sweet grapes right from the vine, are all beautiful memories. To much to be thankful for!

  6. My favorite childhood memory was and still is church camp! There is a camp in Colorado we go to every year that has changed my life! It is called NYR and I still look forward to going. Unfortunately it’s canceled this year due to COVID-19. But, my husband and I are looking forward to bringing our son for the first time next year!

  7. Kathy Darnell says:

    Thank you so much for all the great skin care tips! I have acne prone skin and have the prescription retinoid but have gotten out of the habit of using it. Thank you for giving me the push I needed to get back to caring for my skin!
    I loved going to the library every week with my family to get a new stack of books to read over the summer.

  8. Growing up in the Deep South, summers were filled with my brother and I playing outside with a make shift slip n slide, squirting each other with the water hose, catching and watching lightning bugs, playing with sparklers, and staying up later with the longer sunlight hours.

  9. Allison Vinyard says:

    This episode was so great! I have a family history of everything- from acne to skin cancer, so I really enjoyed these helpful tips, recommendations, and reminders! It inspired me to start the sunscreen early with my 3 boys! Thanks!!!

  10. I grew up in Paraguay, and there we have more hot days than cold. I always looked forward to the camps (kids, Teens, or youth).

  11. A favorite childhood summer memory is playing in the sprinkler with my two siblings during the hot summer days of North Carolina and then catching lightning bugs in the evenings.

  12. Growing up in Kentucky, all of the neighborhood kids would catch fireflies or we called them lighting bugs every night. Soo fun! We’d all have our jars with the holes poked in the lids so the lighting bugs would stay alive. I live in SoCal now and it doesn’t seem like we have lighting bugs here.

  13. Albert araneta says:

    Living in Arizona, every summer our dad would take our family of seven to Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach (San Diego). We would stay right at the Pier where there were some cottages. Great memories!

  14. Tina Karmout says:

    I remember summer trips to the lake for picnics and swimming. Lots of neighbors and friends would be there. Great family times.

  15. Dawn Mansour says:

    Growing up in Michigan, I have to say that it was going to Lake Michigan and enjoying the waves and the Sand Bar and the enormity of the lake. I also have great memories of going to specific festivals every year. My favorite was a blueberry festival in Indiana.

  16. Torie Grubb says:

    My favorite memories from childhood, especially from the summer, always are linked to the McKenzie River in Oregon, where I grew up. My dad and I would fish right off the bank below my house. My mom would drive us up river then we would hop in inter tubes and float down the river all the way home. It was a wild and free kind of living 🙂

  17. A family trip which included Yosemite Park and exploring Redwoods in CA!

  18. Growing up in NYC, we had a summer cottage in the Catskill Mountains where we spent many weekends enjoying nature and swimming in the lake!

  19. Summer nights in Chicago…sitting on the front porch catching lighting bugs! ☀️🌔

    1. So cool! (I’ve never been to Chicago!) Love it. 🙂

  20. Anne-Marie Kelley says:

    My family had a lake house when I was young. I loved spending the entire day outside with my family waterskiing, swimming and log rolling until we were exhausted. Then, we would all grab books and read until dinner time. It was awesome!

    1. I love imagining that! What areat childhood memories!!

  21. A favorite memory from childhood. Being at the beach in Lake Michigan digging a makeshift lounge chair out of sand and watching the fireworks. Seems like they were literally right above us.

  22. Fourth of July pig roast on our family farm and watching the fireworks laying in the field!