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  1. Costa Rica! We went for my honeymoon and did a mix of beach, rainforest, and hot springs 🙂 The people are wonderful!

  2. Julie Cameron says:

    Come to Cape Town!

  3. International: explore Croatia!

    National: northeast in the fall would be beautiful!

  4. Being from Hawaii, I hesitate to suggest another beachy-vacation spot. Tulum, Mexico looks like a legit oasis.

    If you like Korean food, you and Dave should go to Korea! My parents went a couple years ago and they raved about the “cheap street food” and all the walking (maybe more semi-complained on that one haha).

    But, if art, architecture, food, and espresso are more your jam — my dream vacation would be a Mediterranean tour specifically hitting Italy.

  5. International—South West Coast path in England…. or anywhere in that area.
    National — Maine and the northeast is beautiful!!!

  6. This was one if my favorite episodes yet!

  7. Kristie Kimmel says:

    Omg! I love Liz’s enthusiasm! She was making me smile from ear to ear! Her joy is contagious!
    A place in the states that I would suggest is Pigeon Forge, TN. There’s soo much to do there and it’s beautiful!
    For overseas, I may be biased, but South Africa! My parents are missionaries there and I grew up there. The diversity is incredible when it comes to nature and also people!

  8. Haven’t gone too far from our home to give tons of advice for experience, but how about Pictured Rocks in the UP of Michigan? And Mackinaw Island. Nothing like easy Midwest fun.

  9. Samantha Brown says:

    My in laws took a cruise in Alaska, and they LOVED it! Since you live on an island, the chance of scenery could be such an amazing opportunity for you and your husband to bond and spend quality time together! Not to mention…you could totally book an excursion to pet the sled pups! Swoon!

  10. Gisele McDaniel says:

    South Africa!!! Come on Monica! Cape Town, safari, Durban – the dollar goes so far. Plus it’s beautiful, the culture is so warm and inviting, food is AMAZING!

  11. Anne-Marie Kelley says:

    I’ve got three ideas for you. My husband and I have left the four kids at home and done all of these on our anniversaries during our almost 25 years of marriage. First, a Greek Island cruise on the Sea Dream. It’s a very small boat with fantastic food and an incredible staff. While you are there, stop by the island where John wrote Revelations. Second, a safari to South Africa staying in the Earth Lodge at the Krueger Game Preserve. Lions and elephants will walk by your private plunge pool. It’s exquisite to drink cocktails with giraffes walking by. If you don’t want to go so far, the resort at Lanai is so relaxing and lovely. We had a great time golfing, playing tennis, hiking, etc.

  12. Maybe where you honey mooned? Some other ideas… Kayak in Alaska (you can get boated in to remote sites, so amazing), visit missionaries in Indonesia and have a quiet week at a tropical island resort, Macchu Pichu, and if you can go in our winter, New Zealand.

  13. Tania Kallish says:

    I would go to the mountains…really secluded. Have you heard of those “Getaway” mini-cabins you can rent? Sounds so amazing to me.

  14. I would recommend Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 🇧🇴 ❤️😃

  15. Christina says:

    Do something different – a train trip?! Europe still might be a little iffy this summer but what about the Canadian Rockies? What fun to eat meals in a dining car, sit in the glass viewing cars, or hang out in your own sleeper room. Relaxing but still getting to take in beautiful scenery in a new way. This is what I’m hoping to do for our 15 year anniversary!

  16. Kayla Colvin says:

    This was such a helpful and inspiring episode! I’m at the very beginning of our homeschooling adventure and moving to a new town every couple of years with the military, I think I’ll be coming back for these tools and resources often, thank you!

  17. Heather Johnson says:

    We are planning our 20th anniversary trip (2022) to Maui which is where we honeymooned. Your home state is sooo beautiful! When we were there, I asked one of the people working at the hotel where the locals go for vacation? His responded that he was going to Boston (where we live)! So I think that’s where you should go Monica! Boston is historical, romantic and tons of fun! We spent our 15th anniversary overnight in the city and ate out, went to a Red Sox game, and walked the beautiful Boston Common! Congrats on the upcoming 25th! 🎉