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  1. I love being a mom! One of my favorite experiences, so far, with my kids is the humble privilege of teaching all 5 of them to read. My baby just caught on to reading in the last couple of months and now I can’t keep her little freckled nose out of books!

  2. Lacey Doescher says:

    I remember my mom always working so hard for our family. I now love seeing her play board games with my kiddos.

  3. Amy Archer says:

    I loved it when my mom would gently wake me up in the mornings by talking to me.

  4. My mom was the best when we were sick. So attentive, comforting, understanding. It sticks out to me because I’m not naturally that way. I always think, “What would mom have done?”

  5. I remember my mom’s steadiness and patience with us. It doesn’t come as naturally to my personality so it’s a constant lovely challenge for me. I’m so glad I have this model so I know it’s possible!

  6. Kayla Newby says:

    What a great resource! I love my mom because she is a prayer warrior for me and our family. She’s an awesome baker and loves to show love through a home cooked meal and yummy dessert!
    Thank you, Monica and Dear Mushka for this podcast!

  7. Jodye Cary says:

    Thank you for always being a place of encouragement and solid, biblical information! Growing up, my mom always had a home cooked, healthy dinner on the table for the whole family and it was such an important and precious time to connect with us all. I have continued that with my family and plan to until they are out of the home! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Monica!

  8. Great conversation! Thanks Monica! Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. I enjoyed this episode so much! Thank you for reminding me that motherhood is such a gift. Something I always remember about my own mom growing up was how she made every holiday so special. I also remember the joy I felt each time I came home from school to a yummy snack and her taking the time to listen as I told her about my day.
    Something I treasure about being a mom was the opportunity to stay home with them when they were little. Now we are slowly transitioning into everyone being in school and me joining the workforce. I feel privileged to always make it a priority to put my family first, work second. Thank you for being an inspiration to me!

  10. My mom loved to celebrate each birthday and holiday with us. And all these years later, she still does, especially with her grandkids. I love watching her be an awesome Nanny.
    One thing I love about motherhood is the end of day snuggles on the couch before bedtime.

  11. One of the things I loved about my mom growing up was that she always took time in the morning to read her Bible. She would be on the couch with her Bible and journal open and would always welcome me to sit by her. So thankful for his example of the importance of God’s Word.
    Loved this episode with two of my favorite friends from Instagram that I haven’t met yet. 🤗

  12. Alisha Goff says:

    What I love most about being a mom are the small moments with my kids, especially in the summer months….snow cones, park visits, swimming pool days, and dinners outside on the porch. My 3 all came to us through adoption, and the gratefulness I feel on Mother’s Day is abundant!

  13. JAMI WALKER says:

    I remember my mom always being there no matter what it was we had to do or go my mom was there (and still is for both my boys).
    I love being a boy mom to two of the most wild and fun boys (8&5)! They have taught me so much in such a short time, the biggest is getting out of my comfort zone when it comes down to getting dirty and handling creatures.
    I just purchased your book and am excited to learn more exciting tools for this adventure as a boy mama.

  14. Christina says:

    I loved my mom being there to talk to me when I was having a hard time.

    As a mom, I love making my boys smile and getting the biggest hugs!!🥰

  15. One of my favourite childhood memories of Mother’s Day, is going out for a special supper as a family with my grandparents. There was always flowers of course and my grandma was so classy in her dressing. We usually went to the greenhouse too because my mom absolutely loves growing flowers.

  16. Lauren Gonzalez says:

    My mother passed away over 2 years ago & one of my favorite memories of her is how much importance she placed on books and the love of reading she inspired in me. ❤️

    1. I love that Lauren! Sorry for your loss but hope the day is special with great memories. And books in memory! xo

  17. I love how my Mom encouraged our imagination! She was always coming up with surprises or new ideas to help us play pretend.

    Now as a mom myself, I find that I enjoy cuddles and conversations as well as watching my kids discover something new!

  18. Wendy Yoder says:

    What I appreciate most about my mom is that she is ALWAYS there for me! We don’t always see eye to eye, but she is always there to be an awesome listening ear. As a mom, I love to watch my kids become who God created them to be. It’s not always easy, but I love have that front row seat!

  19. I remember My mom always taking us out (just one of us daughters) for ice cream after running errands… and she would always say “Don’t tell the others, this is are special treat!” This would make each of us feel so special… later on we caught on that she did this with all of us. I always wonder how many times my mom would go get ice cream each month between all three of us.
    My favorite thing about being a mom is having those special moments when you see your kid have those overcoming moments, when they have tried hard at something and it finally clicks. I remember when my son was struggling with math, and there were sooooo many tears when we would get to math homework. And then one day, it just clicked, and he had the biggest grin on his face… and of course, then I was the one crying tears of joy for him!
    Being a mom is so rewarding. though it takes consistent effort, work and planning (oh, so much planning) and sometimes not seeing the fruit of our labor in our kids for years, it is so much joy to watch them grow each and every step of the way over the years.

    1. I love ALL of this, Amy! Thank you so much. And happy Mother’s Day!

      1. See you Saturday too! So excited to have you speak at our church!! 🙌

  20. Every summer before school my mom would take my siblings and me shopping individually for school supplies and clothes. It was so fun being one-on-one since there are 4 of us. It was such a fun tradition that I’ve continued with my own kids.

  21. Erica Myers says:

    I love that my mom always had me help her fold clothes/towels, and it became a quiet, therapeutic time with her that made it become a peaceful chore even as an adult. With my teenage boys I have tried to make it the same for them growing up and (for the most part) they truly don’t mind folding their own clothes or talking to me while we do laundry.

  22. Christina Weiandt says:

    I love how my mom was always my biggest supporter. She always encouraged me to dream big and was always there at any sports/activities.

    What I love about being a mom is pouring into my “littles” and helping them to be the best they can be. Motherhood is full of ups and downs and while I’m trying to teach them, they teach me so much about myself!

  23. Hannah Lemmon says:

    I love that my mom always went above and beyond for family birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations! One thing I’m currently loving about being a mom is seeing the Sweet relationship build between my 5 year old son and my 9 month old son! 💙💙

  24. Taylor Peterson says:

    Hi Monica, I loved today’s podcast! Growing up I loved my mom’s fun-loving personality and her energy she brought to every day! She inspires me still! I’m a stay at home mom and one of my favorite things about raising kids is getting to witness first-hand their “aha!” moments. Both with subjects in homeschool and especially in their growing faith. It’s so beautiful!

  25. What I love about being a mom is fully understanding what unconditional love is, I thought I knew but when I had my first child I realized it on a whole new level. Now I’m the mom of 2 boys and I appreciate my mom so much more for all that she did for me as a kid and still does today!!

  26. Anna Rusk says:

    I love this idea of Scripture on jewelry to keep truths nearby throughout the day!
    My mom was always there for my sisters and I…there to bring our lunch when we forgot it, there to hug me when I cried, there to rub my back to help me sleep, there to teach me the Bible, and so much more!

  27. I love how my mom was so involved in my life, from seeing me matching outfits with my sister to dressing up to be the room mom for parties at school. She gave us so much.

  28. Juliana Gouveia says:

    I loved my mom was always so thoughtful and caring. I love being home with my kids, reading with them, cooking and baking for them and with them.

  29. I really loved being able to stay home with my children when they were young. I loved that I was there for them during their ups and downs.

  30. I loved working in the kitchen with my Mom. And now I get to do that with my girls (& boy).

  31. Andrea Rueter says:

    I love being a boy mom of two who are 11 and 14. I so miss the baby days and often get weepy at Facebook memories, but I love how fun this season is as they grown into young men full of personality.

  32. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so grateful for how God uses my little guy to remind me how much I need HIM, how to be flexible, how I am not in control, and how much HE loves ME! What a great sanctifying journey.

  33. Danita VanderKodde says:

    You ladies both have me smiles the whole ride home. Love my 3 boys and appreciate you stepping out in faith!

    1. Thank you so much, Danita!! Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

  34. One of my favorite memories is actually when I got chicken pox as a girl and had to miss my first/only dance recital and a Fun Day at school. My creative mother set up several little carnival type games with prizes for me to do at home! Happy Mother’s Day!

  35. What I love about about being a mom is being a safe place for my boys, and as they grow watching their unique personalities and gifts become more apparent 💕

  36. Samantha Brown says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to the ladies out there!! The thing I love most about my mom is her smile. She died of COVID in January 2021, and it is the vision that always replays in my head when I think about her! The thing I most love about being a mom to my 4-year-old son is the way he starting to learn to express his emotions lately — whether he is “super super mad” or “so so so so excited,” I love that he his gaining his emotional vocabulary!! It also doesn’t hurt when he tells me “I’m his best friend.”

    1. Oh Samantha, so sorry for the hole you must feel at Mother’s Day. So hard… :(. But love your appreciation for your son and yes, there’s nothing better than being best buddies with your kids — and it only gets better and better! 🙂 hope you have a sweet Mother’s Day!

  37. One of the things I love most about being a mom is being there to cheer my boys on in whatever sport or activity they are currently involved in and watching how proud they are of themselves when they see their hard work pay off and achieve a goal they have been aiming towards!
    P.S. Love your podcast and listening to all of your guest speakers!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Love your heart for Motherhood! xo

  38. Jill jaramillo says:

    I love how much motherhood is teaching me! I am learning to be more present, patient, loving, and kind, but also carefree and disciplined. My littles love me regardless of how I behave or respond and I am so thankful for them! We have so much fun and I can’t imagine life without their sweet souls and kisses.

  39. JoAnn Hawthorne says:

    This will be my first Mother’s Day without my son. He passed away unexpectedly August 15,2022. I am grateful for my two daughters and 3 grandsons. However, this will be a difficult day.

    1. JoAnn…Oh my heart. I am so sorry to hear that. I am stopping to pray for your heart now! I am sure you have a treasure house of memories and I pray you are able to enjoy Mother’s Day despite the ache. Big love to you-

  40. What I loved most about being a mom to young kiddos was that feeling of being the most important person to them (at that time), the first one they came crying to with a hurt, the first one they came running to when something exciting happened, the one who knew them best from head to toe & the only one that could snuggle them close and sing while rocking them to sleep – nobody does that like mom!

    1. Oh so true Marci…making me tear up here!! :). Happy Mother’s Day and God bless you!

  41. Alexis Molenaar says:

    I love how Motherhood teaches me to give grace as it’s given to me almost daily.
    My favorite memory of my childhood with my mom is her reading to me.

    Thank you for your encouraging podcast.

    1. Thank you Alexis! I love that memory, especially as I am preparing an episode all about reading aloud to our kids which will air in a couple weeks!! Big hugs and Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. Kristin sparkman says:

    There is nothing better than being a mom. Losing my mom almost 4 years ago has been quite heartbreaking. She was the best mom always there for us and our kids. It is hard not having that person to call and have at your side when you need her.💕

    1. Oh so sorry Kristin. I dread that day…I am praying for your heart and hope you can savor the memories and enjoy your Mother’s Day despite missing your precious mom. xo

      1. Kristin Sparkman says:

        Yes we were so close and it is hard. However, I am so thankful for the time we had with her and are so thankful she knew Jesus. So we know we will see her again.

  43. What a great episode, thanks for the encouragement for moms!

  44. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Where do you enter for giveaway?

    1. I am so sorry the giveaway info was somehow initially hidden in the post but it’s back there now! 😜

  45. Cassandra Gegenheimer says:

    This is my first Mother’s Day with my son out of the womb! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me in this season.

    1. congratulations!! What a special Mother’s Day this will be!!

  46. Really enjoyed the Mother’s Day edition. Great ideas to include scripture with you daily. Thank you

  47. Loved this conversation! I’d like to be entered to win the gift box!

    1. Thank you! (And sorry the giveaway info was somehow not showing up in the post but it’s there now!) Either way, your comment enters you! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

  48. I enjoyed the episode so much this morning! Where do we enter the giveaway?

    1. Thank you and so glad! I’m sorry the giveaway info was somehow not showing in the show notes but it’s back there now! 😜 Happy Mother’s Day!

      1. Thanks Monica!
        Something that I’m forever grateful to my mom for is singing the old hymns with me ever since I was a baby. There was always music around!
        My favorite thing now about motherhood is waking up on a Saturday and both kids have made their way into our bed and I can just soak it in.
        Happy Mother’s Day!

        1. awww love that image, Paula! (both of them, actually! :))
          Blessings and happy Mother’s Day!

  49. Audrey Fleming says:

    Such an scoursgement! She had such joy!

    1. Isn’t she!? Thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day! xo

  50. I do see where to enter to win her lovely jewelry but I’d love to! Great podcast.

    1. Thank you and so glad! I’m sorry the giveaway info was somehow not showing in the show notes but it’s back there now! 😬 Happy Mother’s Day!

      1. Thanks! My favorite part of motherhood is helping guide my boys come to learn and and know our Lord.