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  1. This looks like such an amazing trip! What a blessing for your parents to give y’all this gift. Beautiful pictures!

  2. This looks like one of those trips your kids will tell their kids about, wonderful memories. My 10 year old read this with me and thinks this was the coolest trip, specially that snake. Your parents look like the nicest people, thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

    1. Thank you Lucy! Yeah, the trip was a boy’s dream…and I am personally glad we don’t have snakes in Hawaii! 🙂
      Hope you’ve had an awesome summer so far. Aloha!

  3. Hello Monica,

    I really enjoy your blog.

    I am a mother of three home-schoolers (two boys and a girl). My sons are 11 (7th grade) and 9 (4th grade), and my daughter is turning 6 (1st grade) in a couple of days.

    We’ve been at home for 3 years. We used, Calvert, for the first two years, because it was structured and provided a strong education. However, the second year, schooling became very demanding, and we were finishing school around 5-6 p.m. Our days were too long and eventually, we became burnt out.

    I was looking at A Beka and Timberdoodle. I know you’ve experienced both of these. My gut is pulling me in two directions.

    A Beka: I am leaning towards A Beka because I want my children to get that structured curriculum. However, I’m worried that even with the dvds, A Beka, will make our days too long.

    Timberdoodle: Timberdoodle intrigues us because it seems fun, but I’m worried that it may not provide a thoroughly strong education.

    I do not wish to mix the two. We had an eclectic curriculum last year, and it did not work for us.

    Would you please tell me your opinion on Timberdoodle vs A Beka? I read your blog about A Beka. I’m torn. I want homeschooling to be fun, but at the same time, the curriculum needs to prepare them for college.

    Thank you so much, Monica.


    1. Thank you Maud!! It sounds like we are a lot alike in our homeschool style. 🙂
      I am going to send you an email with a more lengthy reply so as not to bore other readers, haha.
      Sounds like you’ve done really well so far. Way to go, Momma. 🙂 More from me soon—