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  1. Hi Monica, I have found a couple of excellent resources for music scripture over the years. One is Seeds Family Worship, another is Scripture Snacks. I grew up with Steve Green on tape, so I wanted that for my kids too. Most of these are on Spotify but also on YouTube. Blessings!

  2. I went to a private Christian high-school and I always hated how much emphasis was put on what college we were going to get into and how many AP classes we needed to take to have a “good looking transcript”.
    Community College was looked down upon and the ultimate success was an Ivy League school.

    I never put all my thoughts together until now, to realize how ironic it was that a Christian school which taught the importance of a relationship with Jesus didn’t emphasize how important it really was to find Christian community in WHATEVER college was chosen. That the level of education was not the point, but simply getting one was.
    So I just wanted to say that
    I LOVED the dialogue between you and Josiah towards the end about “college not being that big of a deal”.
    I think the stress and pressure of high school students these days to choose the “best” colleges is so heavy, and it’s sad!
    Because in reality it’s just like Josiah said, “they’re gonna get an education” AND if they find good community they really will be okay!
    My oldest is only 7 but I’ll tuck this away in my pocket for when it’s time for this conversation.
    Love you guys!!

    1. Thank you so much! happy to hear you enjoyed that and I appreciate hearing your story! Big hugs-