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  1. “I found this article to be both informative and helpful. I have been struggling with my child’s behavior recently, and this article has given me a lot of good ideas for how to respond in the future. I also enjoyed reading some of the other articles on their site, as they are all well written.”

  2. Christine Hodge says:

    so much wisdom! my oldest son is almost 2 and I hope our home is one that has clear boundaries and expectations but also one of love

  3. This was really helpful thank you!

  4. I appreciate this post so much! I can error on the side of being too much of a friend to my sons, and I see how that makes them less respectful of me. I have to remind them over and over what is respectful, what to “put off” and what to “put on.” I like to use the phrase from Wendy Speake, “ Try again.” That signals to the boys that what they said was not quite right. They can usually figure out how to be more polite pretty fast with a gentle reminder 😅
    My boys are little though, so we are mostly working on respectful speech and manners. I’m sure I’ll need this blog post when they get into the teen years, but I pray a good foundation will help get us started!

  5. I love all your wisdom 🙌 boy mom to boy mom (I have three) it’s so hard raising kids but it’s reassuring to know I have Christian families (like you)who have done research and published it…. I love it most when you share Luc’s words 🥺😍🥺😍 He is such a solid young man.