Weight, Health, and Loving Your Body: A new series!

Hey guys!  It’s September now…and September always makes me think of new seasons, and fresh starts.  Well I’ve got exciting news for you!  We’ve been doing a lot of talking here about taking care of kids, and taking care of our marriage, but this one–It’s about taking care of YOU.  Specifically, taking care of your body, and your health.  Do you need a fresh start in that area?  Some of you might welcome some fresh motivation…Others might want a fresh overhaul.

And this is the best time for it.

Summer…is over.  Summer is that time where you run kids around, and put off your schedule, and your workout, and your diet to make everyone around you happy.  (amiright?)  Well, this is a new season and I want to talk about your goals, your weight, your health!…(and don’t even worry because  the positive results will only spill over to everyone else in your life.)

Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting about parenting, and marriage, and all of that, but every week or two, you’ll find me here sharing some topic or tip related to helping you be fit, healthy, and most of all–happy in your own skin.

My background is totally in this area (Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University,) and I’ve spent most of my life teaching group fitness and personal training.  To go with that, I will also tell you about my own journey to find a healthy relationship with food and exercise (it took me a long time!)  and how that gives me great passion to help others overcome struggles as well.   I’m currently not teaching fitness or training–so that inspired my crazy-fun idea is to do a little training….right here on my blog!

Finally:  My husband, (the one with the MD by his name,) is in on this too.  He has agreed to help balance me out with the medical side of things, and also provide the added bonus of a man’s perspective (score!)

So, to begin it all today, I am sharing below one of three posts I wrote a while back on my old site.  It’s fun and light, but it should give you an idea where I am coming from– which is not what you’ll find in a typical magazine or infomercial.   I don’t believe in “quick fix diets,” and I will never be feeding you the latest fads that are ALL.  OVER.  OUT.  THERE.  My approach is different.  And it is good.  I hope that each post leaves you inspired, and determined to become all that you can be:  Body, mind, and spirit.

Please please share this post with everyone you think might be looking for a fresh start in the area of their health, weight, or body image.  Since this is the first of a series–it would be great to get everyone in on it from Day ONE.

Here we go!


What got me thinking about all of this was actually a sort-of funny thing that happened recently. It all started when I stepped on my home scale. Now, I know we all have different relationships with the scale, but I’m the type to hop on it two or three times a year, just to be sure that I’m within a normal range for me. I shy away from weighing myself too often, as I don’t want to get obsessed with it. I know our weight can fluctuate a pound here or there, and I simply prefer to go by how my clothes are fitting, and how I generally feel. (It hasn’t always been this way, but that’s another story.)

Well, this time recently, when I got on that scale, it showed a weight about eight pounds LESS than my normal. Funny, it was just after the holidays, and I hadn’t noticed pants falling off of me or anything. I was really surprised! And of course–I was thrilled.  I had not been trying to lose weight, but seeing a lighter weight was like a little gift. Obviously, it felt great!

And you know what I noticed after that? For the next day or two, I had a THIN-PERSON mentality. I felt good, and I wanted to keep it that way. I think I nibbled a little less. I probably walked a little taller. I went light on dessert, and I was pretty sure that my skinny jeans made me look…skinny.

But hold on for chapter TWO:
One of my boys had a doctor’s appointment later that week. He happened to weigh himself at home just before we left, (my boys are always weighing in, HOPING to gain a few pounds.) Then as usual, the nurse weighed him when he first checked in at the doctor’s office. Seeing that the weight at the doctor’s office was HIGHER than the home scale, my boy was super excited. He yelled out–”Mom! Our scale is wrong at home! I’m more than FIVE pounds heavier than I thought I was!”

I was excited for him.  For about one second.
Until it hit me: That means…
I felt foolish. I had not LOST any weight, but was probably the same, or a little heavier than my usual.

Sure enough, as each family member weighed themselves later, it became very clear that our scale was at least five pounds on the light side.
The boys were stoked.
I was…

But this whole psych experience only served as a reminder of something I really already knew.

Something that I TRIED like crazy to communicate to my clients when I was personal trainer.

Something that if I could BOTTLE IT UP and hand it out, would be a great help to a whole lot of people in their own personal weight, and body image journey.

I was reminded that the greatest DIET TOOL we have is our own MIND.

Remember, when I thought I weighed less, I ATE like someone proud to weigh less who wanted to keep it that way.
When I felt GOOD about myself, you might say I wanted to keep the ball rolling in that direction, so I kept the positive behaviors going…which in turn creates a snowball effect.

Most of us respond to positive news the way I responded to my perceived weight loss. Most of will feel so good about a little success, that we are willing to go the extra mile to keep it that way–or even improve on it.

And sadly the reverse is also true: When we are feeling lousy about ourselves, we tend to “feed” the behavior that got us there. (excuse the pun.) Our human nature can get us feeling so negative that we don’t want to begin rolling that ball…up hill. It’s just too hard to get started. OR it might be an easy start, but it gets hard really fast. And then we buy into the belief that we are always going to be this way, and this is just WHO. WE. ARE.
(By the way, this same mentality can apply to a multitude of other areas of life.)

BUT NOW, I ask: What if you could see a weight of five…ten, or more pounds lighter on your scale right now?
Would it motivate you?
Would it give you the confidence you need to push the plate away a little sooner? To skip dessert? To workout?

It isn’t always about the weight, obviously–you can apply these principles to any area that you are working on…

What if you started to believe that underneath it all, YOU ACTUALLY ARE the person you WOULD LIKE TO be…What if you could BELIEVE That your TRUE SELF IS the IDEAL self that you have simply not yet achieved?  What if you chose to LIVE, EAT, and EXERCISE as if you were the size/shape of the IDEAL YOU that you want to become?

I  believe that our thought life plays a huge role in our behaviors…Diet, exercise, and far beyond.

How is your thought life?
Please join the conversation, and definitely let me know if this is something you’re interested in hearing more about, and if there is a specific area you would like addressed as we continue on this topic!

Also, I will be sharing some fun motivation through Facebook, so be sure to be following along there as well.



Aloha, Monica