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  1. Thank you Monica, love these ideas! I usually stick with the leftovers, celery, cheese and popcorn ideas, so this will blow his little 13 year old mind with all of these other options. haha

  2. Dear Monica
    This post is really awesome. Motivating as sometimes one is so short of snack ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh so glad, Himanchi! Thanks for commenting, and have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚ aloha-

  3. Hi mon! So I love healthy snack ideas, I have a couple favs.. one is actually pancakes , but so easy and carb free.. good for snacks too. And only 4 ingredients!
    3 bananas
    2 tbs almond butter
    1 tsp vanilla
    2 eggs

    Blend it all together , and cook it in a pan.
    ( and sometimes I throw in 1/4 almond or coconut flour to make them alittle fuller bodied)
    But you don’t have to
    Also , you can cut the recipe in half for only one or 2 people

    1. Hey my friend! Thanks for sharing that simple and yummy recipe. I’ve never tried the carb-free pancakes but always wanted to. I’ll whip those up for a snack today! Thank you!
      We are soooo very past due for a catch-up. Maybe we can plan a real coffee date soon!? Miss you– xo

  4. Love these ideas. I make a whole bunch of healthy muffins and put in the freezer. I also make baked oatmeal (see Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures) and cut into bars and freeze. Yogurt, cheese sticks, roasted almonds, popcorn and fruit leather (homemade) are what we eat. I also make up.a bunch of snack bags for emergency.

    1. Oh wow, you are good! (Snack bags for emergency? Genius!) I’ve never made homemade fruit leather–do you have a suggested recipe/site? Thanks for commenting, and much aloha! πŸ™‚

      1. So, we have a dehydrator and we mostly make our own recipe. There are so many combos- pear, plum, banana is one. The snack bags have a combo of dried fruit and a type of cracker, popcorn or non sugar cereal. I use it for 3pm snack attack!