So Far…Super Good. California in Photos: Week 1

Hi Friends!  How’s your week been?

I anticipated a busy first week here, and it did not disappoint. I am hoping that things s-l-o-w down sometime before this month is over, but I’m not holding my breath for it. :)

Here’s what we’ve been up to, iPhoto edition…
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1.  Huntington Beach.  The second half of Luke’s surfing will be here.  It’s purdy.

photo 4

Trestles Beach in San Clemente.  Luke has been surfing “Lowers” break at least once, and usually twice a day.  He loves it!  I would love it too, except for the mile + hike there and back…Which, in between complaining about it, I remind myself is good for me.  (cool, foggy mornings, hot afternoons.)

photo 7 photo 5

Jake Davis…Just one of the Pros who has been so very cool to the groms on the water.  These guys were pushing Luke onto waves, and cheering him on by name.  I love to see the big guys be such great examples on the water.  (It kind of looks like a bigger version of Luke, right?)

Jake Davis

The MiniGrom and GromMom. :)  Enjoying San Clemente…and hanging with Hawaii friends…

photo 1 copy

photo 5 photo 6

photo 9

photo 7

My parents spent four days with us…They made sure we ate plenty of good pre-and-post-surf meals, and were willing to sit on the beach with me for hours on end while Luke surfed…He would come in for a break and I would tell him to get back out there.  Grandma constantly worried that Luke was hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or needed a snack.  Or hungry, or thirsty.  Or tired.

To which I say No wonder I didn’t get very far in sports growing up!  haha.

Love them with all of my heart (Happy Father’s Day, Dad!)photo 3

And look who I met IRL!  Luke and I met Shanna and family (from Pineapple and Coconut) for Hawaiian Poke and Sushi!  We shared good food and many laughs with their sweet family!  (and you know we felt like life-long friends when we both showed up straight off the beach, no fussing…)

photo 10

Me-time highlight:  I got to run the trails by the beach a couple of time.
I even did these stairs all the way to the top…
All of once.
(this is vacation.)

photo copy

Finally…Oh Happy Day!  Dave and Levi arrived Friday evening, and we are catching up on hugs, loves, and laughs.

He fell asleep last night petting my hair and holding my hand…

photo 2 copy

By the way**Thank you for the awesome comments and encouragement from my last post…Levi did amazingly well while I was away.  He reportedly cleaned his room, gave up his blankie (!!!) and ate vegetables.  (Maybe I should go away more often.)  Still strategizing on when to tell him about the last part of my time away, but much less stressed now.


Check it out:  As part of my writing job for Walking On Water, Bryan Jennings asked me to interview Pro Surfer Damien Hobgood about a new documentary he and his twin brother (and fellow pro-surfer,) CJ are doing. Conveniently, we met at Trestles Beach to chat, and I was more than impressed with what he shared with me about their plans for the movie.  You can learn more about it HERE.

What I loved most from what Damien shared was the film’s focus on the relationship between brothers, and the perspective these two now have, after growing up not only identical twins, but twins that shared the same dreams, goals, and passions in life.  The film will include many life lessons for kids and parents about the unique, sometimes difficult, and certainly powerful relationship between siblings.  I hope you can help them even in a small way to raise funds for this film which I am certain will be filled with great surfing, as well as inspirational, and humor.

ALSO:  Josiah’s finished his first “outside the family” surf-video job!
Watch it here:  Zoe McDougall spring surf video.  Zoe is certain to go far with her surfing.  She is also one of Josiah’s good friends, and cave diving partners.   I think the video turned out great!  (And he’s already been hired to do another one for someone else!)

Time to hit the beach, again…

I’ll stop back in soon.



Aloha, Monica

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