Surf Contest: Luke’s Headed into the Finals! NSSA Nationals

Hi guys!

How has your week been?  It’s been a great week here.  While we’re here, most of our days look like this:  We start our mornings early on the chilly beach, and Luke surfs on and off all day until the sun busts out and we feel our skin turning to leather…We take breaks to run into town with friends for lunch or to shop–(for surf wax, or new fins–I know, does that even count as “shopping?”)  and then we usually wrap up our day with kids romping in our motel swimming pool, an easy dinner, showers, and really good sleep.

photo 4

*side note:  Please forgive any and all complaints in my last post about this motel.  Not only has it turned out to be an excellent location with a great pool for Luke and friends, offering perhaps the most peaceful sleep of my life…but when I discovered Trader Joes across the street–I was ashamed of any and all negativity.  As I’ve always said:  Any neighbor of Trader Joes is a friend of mine.  (if I didn’t say it before, I do now.)

Though we’ve snuck in a few little excursions (a morning bike ride along the Balboa Peninsula, a couple dinners with friends,) we have been diligent to focus on SURF. Surf, surf, surf.   Yes, Dave is oh-so-pleased with us.  So far I think I’m getting an A in GROM-Momming.

I have missed writing more, but I know this just isn’t the right time.  Regular writing, recipes, giveaways, and so on will resume when I’m back on my island.   Thanks for understanding.

Except today–Today I just have to give you a BIG surf contest update!

Because, finally:  LUKE’S NATIONAL CONTEST has begun!  And it is off to a really good start! 

Here’s how the contest went:
First heat of the day (six surfers per heat,) Luke took 1st place….Then an hour later, he went into the quarter-finals, (again, six surfers,)  placing second.  This advanced to the semi-final….And half an hour later, he went into the semi-final heat, and placed second!  Top three there go into the finals, SO…

Luke will be competing in the FINALS tomorrow! (Saturday.)
Finals!!   Let me just stare at those words for a minute longer.  Final six in the country!?  This was a dream when we headed to Cali.

Today was a day we will NEVER forget!
photo 5

Luke Semi-finals at Nationals NSSA

photo 6photo 1

We are so excited for Luke.  He has worked so hard, and had many ups and downs as you know if you’ve followed this blog for long.  He is still young for Nationals, so making it to the finals is truly huge.

A little more about the contest.  (only for those who like the details.)

Though Luke’s final heat is tomorrow, he won’t be finished with Nationals.  NSSA (“National Scholastic Surf Association”) offers two divisions for all of the surfers to compete in.  The division Luke just surfed in is called “Explorer,” and the other one which he will surf in beginning Sunday is called “Open.”  There is some history to why they have two divisions, but these days the same exact kids actually compete in both divisions.  This is really nice when we travel to outer islands or like here at Nationals, because if you have a rough heat, you have another chance to do well.

All of that to say, beginning Sunday, Luke will begin competition all over again, in the “Open” division.  Which mostly means I get more gray hairs.  Because:  Competition?  Dang!!

And now this–

Retrosoul hat/ t-shirt "No Worries"

As we celebrate the great news of today, I want to thank you all so much for the support.  Whether you have kept up with Luke’s surfing over time here, or followed on Instagram or Facebook, Luke and I feel the love.  My online community is so special to me, and I am so grateful for it!

In fact, a highlight of my day today was when Amy and Adrian–who I only know through social media–tracked me down on the beach.  They found me just as I was anxiously waiting for Luke’s semi-final to begin, and was neurotically peeling the gel off of my manicured nails.  This family started the brand Retrosoul, and they make the cutest-ever hats, t-shirts, stickers, and more.  We hugged, and they quickly handed me a bunch of the hats and t-shirts which I have admired online, then they left me in peace to finish picking my nails.  I adore them on so many levels:  For their willingness to track me down, give us these adorable shirts and hats, and then for knowing I needed that moment to be alone with my nerves.

Now I think you should all go to their site and buy a bunch of stuff ! (Be sure to read their story while you’re at the site.  I’m in love.  These are my people.)

And indeed–The “No worries” logo is exactly what we need for this contest, especially with “Luke 12:22” written on it.

Luke in Retrosoul "No worries"

Aloha to you all…Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook, and I’ll touch bases back here when I can! :)


grommom and Luke

Aloha, Monica

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  1. Melissa K says

    Congratulations Luke! And to you Monica. Luke couldn’t do it without your support!

    I can’t wait to talk to you and hear more about it.

  2. Teresa Eskew says

    It has been so much fun following Luke on this great adventure. Since it is Saturday night I know the results. Congrats to you Luke. You are amazing. My prayers go out to you during the open. And I will continue to pray for my fav. grom Mom. I can’t wait to see you in Hawaii when you get home.

  3. Wendy says

    Hooooooooray Luke!!!!!!!! And way to go, Monica and Dave for all the support you’ve given him!!!!!!!

  4. says

    Congrats to Luke! He sure is blessed to have such supportive parents! I hope I can have a bleach blonde surfer grom someday. But since we’re in Utah, sa skier/boarder grom is probably more realistic 😉